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V.S.S.E. Special Operations Agent

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Time Crisis 3


Smith & Wesson SW99, Ingram MAC-11, Remington 870 and Webley No. 2 Mark 1*

Alan Dunaway (アラン・ダナウェイ Aran Danawei?) is one of the playable characters in Time Crisis 3, regardless of the edition. Alan takes control as Player 1.


Alan has a shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes.

He wears a black tanktop covered by white jacket with few red colors and a black pants also wears red and white sneakers with black stripes. Alan also wears green sunglasses that hangs above and never uses it to cover his eyes.


Alan joined the V.S.S.E. at the same time as Wesley Lambert, and was a good friend of Wesley's even before they joined the agency. He has been an operative for 4 years. Alan has a talent for mastering new skills quickly, and is best known for his reputation for unparalleled fearlessness in the face of incredible odds. While cool and attractive, he's a natural team player. He used to pull pranks on the other agents (allies or friends), but almost never gives up on his mission as a V.S.S.E. agent. Alan's proven record in only 4 years earned him the respect of many other seniors before him.

Crisis Missions

Although Alan and Wesley were V.S.S.E. agents only for 4 years, they were already far and away trustworthy, as they were qualified to act as officers in a simulation fight for newer agents based on the Astigos Island Crisis. Both served as the final test newer agents (up until the Hamlin Battalion incident) must surpass as a part of the undeniably high amount of battery and aptitude of training agents must undergo before becoming fully-pledged V.S.S.E. agents.


Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
おいでなすったな...五人くらいか?(ウェズリー: いや、七人だ。) Here they come. Five, maybe? (Wesley: No, I'd say seven.) Alan Dunaway, upon seeing the Zagorias patrol boats moving in to intercept their "fishing" vessel

Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
君ひとりで行動しているのか?無茶するな。 Are you working alone? You're out of your mind! Alan Dunaway upon seeing Alicia Winston alone

Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
アリシア...間に合わなかったか... Alicia... she didn't make it! Alan Dunaway, when Alicia Winston did not show up in the train station

Stage 3 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
一丁派手にいくか?(ウェズリー: おう!) Ready to make some noise? (Wesley: Oh yeah!) Alan Dunaway, before attacking the Zagorias soldiers to save Daniel Winston


Japanese version English version Remarks
俺たちができるのはここまでだな。(ウェズリー: ああ, 彼らなら大丈夫さ。) Well, the rest is up to them. (Wesley: They'll be fine.) Alan Dunaway, when he and Wesley were leaving Astigos Island after killing Giorgio Zott and neutralizing the threat of the tactical missiles


  • His appearance is similar to Hwoarang from the Tekken series which Hwoarang is auburn and Alan is dark brown. However, his hairstyle based on Hwoarang's appearance in his biker attire where Hwoarang wears his rider goggles on his head while in Alan's case his purple sunglasses.
  • His appearance and personality are similar to Reno from Final Fantasy VII.
  • His right hand shooting the handgun during the Attract mode tutorial appeared on Time Crisis 3 and Time Crisis 4 arcade version.
  • As a boss character in the final Crisis Mission, Alan has 11 visible lifebars.


Music Theme

Time Crisis 3 Music - Crisis Mission - Final Test 1080p HD

Time Crisis 3 Music - Crisis Mission - Final Test 1080p HD

Crisis Mission music theme

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