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Lukano Liberation Army Special Trooper

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Time Crisis 3


SIG-Sauer P228, Ingram MAC-11, Remington 870, Webley No. 2 Mark 1* and Accuracy International Precision Marksman

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Melissa Hutchinson (uncredited)

Alicia Winston (アリシア・ウィンストン Arishia Winsuton?) is one of the playable characters in Time Crisis 3.


Alicia has pinned blonde hair with fringe and blue eyes.

Alicia wears a green short dress army suit that is brown color on the shoulder areas and has a red frame at the end on the collar. She also wears a black belt that has a silver buckle, a pair of brown gloves, and a black and red watch on her left wrist. She also wears green socks and brown boots. In her disguise, Alicia wears a red scarf, a white bikini covered with an opened cyan 3/4 sleeves shirt, and a brown miniskirt with a pair of Emperor-styled sandals.


Originally a medic in the Lukano Liberation Army, Alicia eventually displayed her prowess as a sharpshooter. Self-trained in the ways of stealth, Alicia became Lukano's final hope when the majority of the Lukano Liberation Army were captured by the Zagorias Federation Army.

Notable Events

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Alicia single-handedly infiltrated a Zagorian coastal battery turret in order to find out what the Zagorians were up to. Upon breaking in and clearing any enemy resistance, she learned that the Zagorians were hiding four missiles that could threaten the nearby area. Successfully downloading the information, she called the V.S.S.E.. The Head of V.S.S.E. thanked her for the crucial information and told her that they were sending in Alan and Wesley to land at Marano Beach at 0800 hours. Alicia attempted to make her way to the beach, but was spotted by Zagorian forces and battled through a large company.

She managed to find a jeep and saved Alan and Wesley before Victor could kill them. After killing Victor, Alicia introduced her to the V.S.S.E. agents and informed them about the situation on Lukano. In another town, Alicia informed them that the tactical missiles were hidden in the military facility located at the summit of a mountain and that the only route to get there was to use a transportation train located at the far side of the town. Shortly after, they were attacked by more Zagorians. Alicia informed them to arrive at the supply station by 1500 hours before they split up. After defeating more Zagorian soldiers and snipers, She eventually found Jake, though he revealed his true colors and attempted to bring her in. After a battle in the town which resulted in Jake being defeated, Alicia wanted answers from him but a jeep arrives, forcing her to dodge while Jake boards it. After firing a shot at the jeep which destroyed its right side mirror, Alicia knew that she had to get to the supply station.

The three boarded the train, where Randy and his men ambushed them. Alicia fended off the attacks of a Clawman before repelling Zagorian forces, including an armored assault train. While Alan and Wesley fought Randy, Alicia dealt with multiple snipers that tried to kill them. They later made their way to the instillation on foot after Randy was killed.

Arriving at the exterior of the military facility, Alicia saw Giorgio Zott torture her brother which prompted Alan and Wesley to storm the area to defeat the Zagorian soldiers while she rescued her brother. When Giorgio pointed his gun at Daniel with the V.S.S.E. agents hesitant on dropping their weapons, Alicia landed a well-timed shot on the Zagorian general's handgun, causing him to flinch. As the V.S.S.E. agents pursued Giorgio, Alicia was happy to reunite with her brother again. Daniel told her that he would catch up after taking a breather, and told Alicia to free the rest of the men. Alicia freed the remaining prisoners and saved Alan and Wesley from being killed after they fell into a trap. The Lukano Liberation Army soldiers later saw Jake attempting to flee the area but a main battle tank crashed in and aimed at them. Daniel told Alicia to pursue Jake while he dealt with the tank.

Alicia dealt with all of Jake's soldiers, and killed him before he could detonate the warhead. By this time, Alan and Wesley had killed Giorgio and stopped the missiles. Alicia said farewell to the V.S.S.E. agents and alongside her brother and fellow comrades, drove the Zagorias Federation Army remnants off Astigos Island.


Stage 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
こんなものを配備していたなんて... So this is what they were hiding... Alicia Winston, learning that the Zagorias army brought tactical missiles to Astigos Island

Stage 4

Japanese version English version Remarks
飛んで!早く!説明は後で!早く! Jump! Hurry! There's no time, come on! Alicia Winston, before a twin-rotor plane attempted to kill Alan and Wesley

Stage 5

Japanese version English version Remarks
VSSEのアランさんとウェズリーさんですね。私はルカノ解放軍のアリシアです。 My name is Alicia. I'm with the Lukano Liberation Army, and you two must be... Alan and Wesley from the V.S.S.E. Alicia Winston, introducing herself to the two V.S.S.E. agents
兄が...戦術ミサイルの破壊に向かった部隊が敵に囚われてしまったのです。 My brother... I mean our men were captured by the Zagorias army... while carrying out a mission to destroy the tactical missiles. Alicia Winston, explaining to Alan that she is not working alone to destroy the tactical missiles
戦術ミサイルは山頂の古い軍事施設跡に隠されています。この街の先にある物資輸送用の貨物リフトがそこに行くための唯一の手段です。(ウェズリー: このままでは全員やられてしまう。この先の駅で落ち合おう。)15:00には発車します。遅れないで! The tactical missiles are hidden in the military facility located at the summit of this mountain. We'll need to use the railway on the far side of this town. It's been used for supply transportation and it will be our only route to the facility. (Wesley: We'd better split up! We'll meet up at the station up ahead!) The train leaves at 15:00. Don't be late! Alicia Winston, giving the V.S.S.E. agents the location of the tactical missiles before the attack from the Zagorian forces separated her from her two allies

Stage 7

Japanese version English version Remarks
(ジェイク: アリシア!こっちだ!)ジェイク!無事だったのね...(ジェイク: ああ)兄さんは?兄さんは一緒じゃないの?(ジェイク: んー、いや...その後、俺だけは運良く逃げ出すことが出来た。)じゃあ、兄さん達はまで...(ジェイク: あの山頂に捕えられているはずだ。俺もそこから逃げてきたんだ。)そう...、やはりあの山頂なのね。(ジェイク: ああ) (Jake: Alicia! Over here!) Jake! You're alive! (Jake: Yeah.) Where's Daniel? Isn't he with you? (Jake: No, we were... I was the only one managed to escape.) So Daniel is... (Jake: He's being held captive at that mountaintop.) He's still up there... (Jake: Yeah...) Alicia Winston, when seeing Jake Hernandez alive before learning his true colors

Stage 8

Japanese version English version Remarks
兄さん達は無事なの? 答えなさい!!(ジェイク: 出せ!)時間だわ。リフト駅に急がないと... Is my brother alive? Answer me! (Jake: Go!) It's time... I have to get to the station. Alicia Winston, after defeating Jake Hernandez the first time before he escaped on a jeep


  • Despite Alan and Wesley were disguise in beach-patterned shirt, In Rescue Mission Mode, we can see that Alicia wears a white bikini covered with opened cyan 3/4 sleeves shirt and brown miniskirt and red scarf with a pair of Emperor-styled sandals as her disguise or maybe her daily outfit.
  • Although Alicia performs martial arts in cutscenes, the player never uses those moves due to the premise of Time Crisis 3.
  • Her pinned hairstyle also similar like Samantha Montgomery from the movie "A Cinderella Story" and Holly Hamilton from the movie "The Perfect Man". Those characters were portrayed by the same actress, Hilary Duff.
  • In the same part of when Alan and Wesley are battling Victor Zahn, she also participates but both of them are never seen during the Boss fight while at Alan and Wesley's point of view she appears driving and doing her best effort to avoid crossfire.
  • Alicia's role is similar to Richard Miller as "one-man army" agent where he fought Wild Dog Organization alone and Alicia also fought Zagorias Army alone.
  • Alicia is voiced by Melissa Hutchison, who later went on to voice Katie Forester from the Yo-kai Watch anime series and Clementine from TellTale's The Walking Dead.


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