Astigos Island (アスティゴス島 Asutigosu-Tou?) is a fictitious island in the Mediterranean coast. It is the primary setting of Time Crisis 3.

Astigos Island lies several miles from the shores of Lukano and has been seeking independence from that nation. The Zagorias Federation Army invaded the island, and by the events of the game, 80% of the island was occupied. Giorgio Zott, leader of the Zagorias Federation, set up a missile base on Astigos Island to destroy Lukano.

To eliminate this threat, VSSE Agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert were deployed to destroy the missiles by whatever means necessary. In their effort, they allied with Lukano Liberation Army officer Alicia Winston, who was on a personal mission to rescue her captive brother who was threatened with execution by Zott. The two agents and their allies successfully compromised Zagorias' defenses all throughout the island, eventually rescuing Daniel Winston and confronting General Zott. They succeeded in killing the general and destroying the missiles before they could launch.

With the Zagorias Federation Army in disarray and their strategic advantage destroyed, the Lukano Liberation Army was left to deal with the remaining forces, and it is assumed that Astigos Island was freed after these events.

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