Basic Information
1965 (Exact Date Unknown)
United States


Eye Color


Hair Color

None (bald)

Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Keith Martin and Robert Baxter


Shot and then killed in helicopter explosion


Neodyne Industries

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis II


Gatling gun

Voice actor(s)

Dean Harrington

Buff Bryant (バフ・ブライアント Bafu Buraianto?) is one of the antagonists and the second boss in Time Crisis II.


Bryant is bald and has black eyes.

He wears sunglasses, a white half-sleeved collared shirt which has yellow bands on the lower sleeves, a light pink tie, purple suspenders, purple pants and brown shoes.


No one knows much about Buff Bryant, since he spends time with no one except for his boss, Ernesto Diaz. All that is known about him is that he was in the military before coming to work for Neodyne Industries. His role in the industry appears to be that of "defender." If you want to harm the thing he has been hired to "defend" then he will try to kill you with his signature Gatling gun (a six-barreled gun which fires 20 mm ammunition, has an overall length of 1,350 mm of which the barrel measures 775 mm, and weighs 8.55 kg) and brute strength. He has a low tolerance for failure (especially from Jakov Kinisky) and a very short temper, but is smart enough to know when to call in the cavalry.

Physically speaking, he was not named "Buff" for nothing. Bryant has been known to have an immense amount of stamina so great that he can ignore damage from bullets. He has also been known to use immensely heavy objects to kill people with when his Gatling wasn't available.

Role in Time Crisis II

Guarding the Satellite

Bryant is first seen at the not-so-abandoned train yard loading the satellite onto the train when a communication comes in warning him about the V.S.S.E. agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter, who have located his position due to Kinisky's failure in stopping the leak. An angered Bryant crushes the phone before telling his men to hurry up and put the satellite on the train. As a precaution, Bryant sends a majority of the troops into the part of the yard where Wild Dog's scouts say the agents will be arriving.

Bryant's fears are proven to be true, as Keith and Robert arrive and simply plow through all the obstacles Bryant put into place to stop them. Even pulling the train out of the station doesn't stop them, as they manage to board it anyway and overcome all the troops in between them and the satellite. Bryant, however, was planning on this very outcome in order to stall for time to get the emergency satellite retrieval helicopter to the train in just in case the V.S.S.E. agents would come. Sure enough, the helicopters removed the satellite and took it to the Neodyne Island headquarters, while Bryant provided cover fire with his Gatling gun.

Battle with the VSSE and Death

It was here that Bryant let his suicidal overconfidence take the place of common sense, as he proceeded to take on the two men who had destroyed an armed cruiser and two military vehicles as well as killing countless enemy troops. First, he tried shooting them with his Gatling gun, which was modified to fire 100% accurate red "kill you" bullets, of which he had a very big stash. However, Keith and Robert successfully caused it to temporarily jam, which caused Bryant to use a new strategy. Said strategy involved picking up a nearby ICBM to use as a battering ram, which he would use to either:

  • Whack them when they came out of cover just like in a game of Whack-A-Mole, or
  • Spinning around with it in an attempt to break their necks.

Sadly, this did not work either, and Bryant was forced to board a nearby helicopter gunship to get a safe distance away. Not that this meant he was leaving; in fact, he still tried to kill them with his now fixed Gatling gun. Unfortunately, he had lost most of his stash of red "kill you" bullets, and was forced to use mostly normal ones. Also, his aim was thrown off by the fact that he tried firing it while hanging out of a moving helicopter gunship, although it was still pretty good.

Despite this, the agents persevered, and one of them fired a lucky shot that hit Bryant's center point of balance, causing him to fall backwards. As he did so, he foolishly neglected to stop firing his Gatling gun, which ended up hitting the helicopter gunship engine block, causing the flying vehicle to explode and kill him.


Japanese version English version Remarks
くそう...ヤコフめ!しくじりやがったか!急げよ!(NDI兵士: はっ!) That fool Jakov! How dare he fail! Hurry it up! (NDI soldier: Yes sir!!) Buff Bryant, after receiving information that the V.S.S.E. agents have the attache case that Jakov Kinisky failed to retrieve and that they are heading to the train station where the satellite is. This dialogue is only available in the PS2 version.
わざわざご苦労だったな。だが大切な衛星なんでね。お前らはここで死ね! Gwahahahaha! Nice try boys, but my job's to protect this satellite. It's time for you to say goodbye! Buff Bryant to agents Keith and Robert


Music Theme

Time Crisis 2 Music - Stage 2-3 EXTENDED

Time Crisis 2 Music - Stage 2-3 EXTENDED

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