Caruba (カルバ Karuba?) is a fictional Caribbean nation in Time Crisis: Project Titan.


Caruba was previously ruled by a military regime many years prior to the events of Project Titan. Discontent of the military rule led to a revolution led by Xavier Serrano, eventually foreseeing the overthrow of the military dictatorship of Caruba. To ensure people are given a voice in the new nation, free elections were held. Although not a president initially, Serrano contributed to the democracy of Caruba, making him an important person in the structuring of Caruba's democratic republic.

Notable Events

Caruba made high demands with the V.S.S.E. after Xavier, currently president, was assassinated by someone posing as Richard Miller. V.S.S.E. thinks that Richard is a victim of circumstances, so the international intelligence agency gives him 48 hours to rectify the anomaly at the cost of being arrested by the Caruban authorities as failure. Richard succeeded by making contact with Abacus (Marisa Soleil), who revealed the assassin to be Ricardo Blanco. Ricardo admitted to the crime, but was betrayed by Wild Dog. With no evidence of his innocence, Richard had to follow Ricardo's dying lead to the Rio Oro mine, in which he found Xavier taken hostage by the Wild Dogs.

Xavier revealed that Wild Dog was planning a robotic army to hold the world hostage. Knowing that Richard had no evidence of innocence in spite of him seeing Xavier, the president opted to contact the V.S.S.E. (since President Serrano had eyes-only clearance) to clear his name and to make good with the Caruban government.

Richard eventually thwarted the Titan disaster and restored peace with Caruba. The nation was only hoping that Richard was present for Caruba to issue an apology to him although Marisa told President Serrano that the One-Man Army will always be busy with something.

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