Casey, also known as Zack (ザック Zakku?) in the Japanese version, is a character in the story mode of Razing Storm.


Casey has brown hair (the only S.C.A.R. member to have visible hair), brown facial hair and gray eyes.

Casey wears a gray uniform with silver plates on his pants and armor plates on the lower sleeves, and brown combat boots. There is a utility belt around his waist. As for equipment, he has a wearable on his lower left arm and a combat transmitter attached on his left ear.


Casey is the leader of the Delta team and is also in charge of the Assault teams. Initially sent by HQ along with Delta and Assault teams to ensure that the President is secured after Paulo Guerra has seized the capital, he is concerned when Hunt, leader of the Bravo team, tells him that his team is told to make preparations to send in the satellite path finder (implying that HQ is planning to use the satellite laser cannon).

After the President is found inside a building under construction, Casey notices that the President's iris has been copied. He reports to HQ that they have found the President but before he could say about the latter's status, HQ sends a transmission to him about Paulo Guerra plans. Since Paulo Guerra mentioned about the use of nuclear bombs supplied by the United States if his demands are not met, Casey inquires that part to HQ with concern but the latter merely says that the transmission is from Almada Penitentiary and the next mission is to take out Paulo Guerra. Casey complies and leads Delta and Assault teams to storm the Almada Penitentiary.

By the time Delta and Assault teams reached the spot where Paulo Guerra transmitted his message, Casey notes that Paulo Guerra is already gone. He transmits Paulo Guerra's message to HQ which replies that they have received reports implying that Paulo Guerra has entered the capital. When HQ states that Casey is to rendezvous with Bravo team, Casey argues with HQ about the use of the satellite laser cannon because of the danger to civilians. HQ responds by telling him that they have done everything in their power to limit the area of destruction and that S.C.A.R. members are not supposed to be concerned about civilians (this is seen in the arcade mode when the satellite laser cannon is fired at Guerra's base of operations which has hostages inside). Casey counters by telling HQ that Paulo Guerra could blackmail the U.S. about the attack being unprovoked. However, HQ interrupts him mid-sentence and orders him to regroup with Bravo team, causing Casey to condemn HQ as being idiots.

After meeting Hunt who briefs him about Bravo team's defense line, Casey assists Bravo team in defending the satellite path finder from two waves of enemy assault. After the second defense line is successfully set up, Casey and Hunt get a break from all the fighting. During the break, it is revealed that Casey is a widower who wants to join his wife in the afterlife. Soon after, another wave of enemy assault arrives. Casey and Hunt counterattack but while the outcome is not known (presumed to be successful), Casey is found by Alpha team after Bravo team is defeated by the enemy (with the satellite laser cannon been fired prior to that event). Alpha team's leader, King, tells Casey that Delta team has been ordered to retreat while his team handles in rescuing Hunt. After hearing that Hunt has been taken hostage in Girasol factory. Casey joins Alpha team in storming the factory. After defeating the enemies inside, they reached the lowermost section only to find Hunt being strapped to a missile and Guerra alive. After sniping the cellphone that Paulo Guerra tried to use to launch the nuclear missiles, Casey and Alpha team proceeded to defeat Paulo Guerra's giant robot that ended with a sniper bullet fired into the robot cockpit, killing Paulo Guerra.

After Paulo Guerra is killed, Hunt informs King and Casey that the enemy has rigged him by placing the launch device inside his body and that it is active as long as his heart is still beating. Casey contacts HQ for advice on disarming the launch device but is informed by King that there is no time remaining. When King tries to shoot Hunt, Casey is extremely concerned about King being serious in shooting their partner. In the end, the launch device is safely disarmed and that all three of them safely made out of the factory alive. Hunt encourages Casey to live on just as she wished.


Stage 1 (Mona Darta)

Japanese version English version Remarks
こんなの相手にやられるなよ Don't let scum like this take you down! Casey's motto
(司令官: こちらHQ 大統領の確保はまだか?)2キロ地点で車を吹っ飛ばされた(司令官: 報告を受けていないぞ?)だから今報告した(司令官: お前達はどいつもこいつも...いいか?大統領を確保したらすぐ連絡しろ すぐにだぞ!分かったな?)了解 (HQ: This is HQ. Have you secured the President's safety yet?) Our vehicles were destroyed two kilometers out. (HQ: Why didn't you report any of this earlier?) I just reported it to you now, sir. (HQ: Ugh, typical. Look! You tell me the minute you've secured the President! You got that?) Copy that. Over and out. Casey, when HQ first contacts him
(ハント: ハントだ 大統領は救出できたのか?)またかよ!今その最中だ 用が無いなら切るぜ(ハント: 俺達にパスファインダーの輸送準備命令が出た)まさか衛星ビーム砲を使うのか?(ハント: さあな 命令は準備だけだ 何にせよ戦闘の規模はでかくなりそうだ お互い無茶な指令が下りない様に祈ろうぜ)いつもだし 今もだけどな(ハント: はっはー!違いねえ! 後で生きてたら連絡しろよ!じゃあな!)相変わらずうるせえおっさんだな (Hunt: It's Hunt. Did you manage to save the President?) Again?! That's just what we're doing. If that's all you had to say, I'm tuning out. (Hunt: We've been ordered to make preparations for sending the Pathfinder.) Are they planning on using the Satellite Laser Cannon? (Hunt: Who knows? We were only given orders to prep. At any rate, this fight's only getting bigger. Let's just pray that we're not ordered to do anything too crazy.) Story of my life. (Hunt: Hah, no doubt! Call me later if you're still alive! Over and out!) Same old Hunt. Casey, when Hunt first contacts him

Stage 3 (Lixeira)

Japanese version English version Remarks
ここだ くそ!民間人を盾にする気か This is it. God, he's planning on using civilians as shields! Casey, noting Paulo Guerra's whereabouts after the latter has escaped from Almada Penitentiary
ブラボー...衛星ビーム砲を使う気か!民間人を巻き込むぞ! Bravo... Are you using the Satellite Laser Cannon?! There are civilians down there! Casey, concerned about HQ's decision to use the satellite laser cannon
それがやつらの狙いなんだ!アメリアをそういう国に仕立て上げ...(司令官: 時間がない!ブラボーと合流しろ 以上!)くそ!馬鹿どもが! You're playing right into the enemy's hands! They want to blackmail the US to look like the kind of-- (HQ: We don't have time! Regroup with Bravo team. HQ out!) Damn it! Those idiots! Casey, attempting to counter the reason of HQ trying to limit the area of destruction
(ハント: ハントだ 第2波が外から来てるぞ)悪いニュースばっかりだな(ハント: お前達がそこで抑えてくれれば悪くない)(S.C.A.R.兵士: ハント!そりゃ厳しいぜ!)分かった ここは俺達が抑えよう(S.C.A.R.兵士: ザック!)今から二手に分かれるぞ アサルト2は俺と一緒にここで防衛だ 他はハントと合流してパスファインダーを守ってくれ(ハント: 期待して待ってるぜ)(S.C.A.R.兵士: どうかしてるぜ!)ああ いつも通りだろ? アサルト2以外は急いで進んでくれ! (Hunt: This is Hunt. They're sending in a second wave from outside.) How 'bout some good news once in a while? (Hunt: Hold them off and you might get some.) (S.C.A.R. soldier: That's a tall order, Hunt!) All right. We'll get things under control here. (S.C.A.R. soldier: Casey!) We're splitting up into two groups. Assault 2 will assist me in holding the line. The rest of you, join Hunt to guard the Pathfinder. (Hunt: We're counting on you!) (S.C.A.R. soldier: This is nuts!) Didn't you read the job description? Assault 2, hang back. The rest of you, fall out! Casey's instruction after the enemy sends a second wave

Stage 4 (Girasol Factory)

Japanese version English version Remarks
(ハント: まだ生きてたな)ああ なんとかな 一瞬死んだ女房が横切ったぜ(ハント: はは 他の男に取られてなかったか?)いい女だからやばいな 俺も早く行かねえと とうとう迎えが来たようだぜ(ハント: まだ死なれちゃ困るぜ アルファが衛星ビーム砲を撃つまではな)ああ (Hunt: Good to see you're still breathing.) Yeah, I manage. Almost saw my dead wife for a second there. (Hunt: Heh, was she with some other guy?) I wouldn't be surprised. She was quite the looker. I'd better hurry and see her. I'm on my way faster than I thought. (Hunt: I still need you here alive. At least 'til Alpha fires the Satellite Laser Cannon.) You got it. Casey, talking to Hunt while having a break from enemy engagement
くそ...まだ死なせてくれねえのか For cryin' out loud... Can't you let a man die in peace? Casey, after King, leader of the Alpha team, wakes him up
これでどうだ Still too late? Casey, after sniping the cellphone that Paulo Guerra tried to use to launch the nuclear missiles
手間かけやがって!...気味悪い 笑ってやがるぜ Face it Guerra, it's over! That's one creepy way to go. Casey, after Paulo Guerra is killed by a sniper bullet
あーあ これでまた 嫁さんの元へは行けなくなっちまった(ハント: ああ 生きろって事だよ)...そうだな Guess I won't be seeing my wife again for a while. (Hunt: Yeah, she's telling you to live.) I guess you're right. Casey, after the missile launch device is safely disarmed and walking out of Girasol factory with King and Hunt


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