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V.S.S.E. supporter

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Time Crisis 5

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Hiroko Ushida (牛田 裕子 Ushida Hiroko?) (Time Crisis 5 Japanese)
Soness Stevens (Time Crisis 5 English)

Catherine "Cathy" Ricci (キャサリン・リッチ Kyasarin Ricchi?) is a supporting character from Time Crisis 5.


Catherine has pinned brown hair and blue eyes.

Catherine wears a pink collared shirt opened on her upper chest only and covered with an army patterned 3/4 sleeved jumpsuit and dark brown short sleeved vest with a V.S.S.E. logo on her left arm. She also holds two small bags wrapped on her thighs and wears pastel blue boots with leg armors and kneepads (though only her upper body is visibly seen during cutscenes as she stays in her helicopter throughout the game and is also applicable in the final cutscene).


Catherine's main responsibility is providing air support for next-generation V.S.S.E. agents Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart (ala Elizabeth Conway from Time Crisis 4).

Notable Events

Main article: Time Crisis 5

Initially reporting to Robert Baxter (like Luke and Marc), after Keith Martin duped the next-generation agents, Luke and Marc informed Catherine about Robert's treachery in which she refused to believe. As Keith, Luke, and Marc fought drudges drugged by a narcotic stolen by Robert, Catherine could not find such mission Keith failed three years ago, resulting that Robert wants to erase V.S.S.E. entirely (including V.S.S.E. data).

During the final fight against Robert, Catherine attacks him by ramming the Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter against the missile containing the drug and lets her fall down while telling them to take Robert down. After Robert was killed, Catherine was thought to be killed as well, but she eventually survived by swimming out of sinking helicopter, joining Luke, Marc, and Keith to a nearby quiet island.


Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
時間よ ミッションはワイルドドッグが持っているシルバーのケースの奪取 交涉役ロバートのバックアップよ。わかってるわね? All right, vacation time's over. We're here to seize the silver case in Wild Dog's possession. Robert's our negotiator. You're his backup. Got it? Catherine Ricci, briefing the V.S.S.E. agents their mission

Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
無茶よ!まともに戦ったら勝ち目はないわ!弱点を探すわ!それまで耐えて! Are you insane? We can't win a straight-up battle! I'll find a weak point! Hang in there till then! Catherine Ricci, when the V.S.S.E. agents engage the quadruped armored vehicle in battle for the first time

Stage 2 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
左よ!/右よ! On your left!/On your right! Catherine Ricci, telling the V.S.S.E. agents to change positions upon encountering enemies in a helicopter battle
地上部隊が展開中!気をつけてください! Ground troops deploying! Please be careful! Catherine Ricci, upon encountering ground troops during a helicopter battle

Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
逃がさない! Where do you think you're going! Catherine Ricci, on dealing with an escaping Wild Dog at the sky bridge
地上部隊が展開中! Ground troops deploying! Catherine Ricci, upon encountering ground troops during a helicopter battle

Stage 5 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
は?何言ってるのあんたたち!?ルーク?マーク? Huh? What are you talking about?! Luke? Marc? Catherine Ricci, surprised when the V.S.S.E. agents tell her that Robert is the traitor

Stage 6

Japanese version English version Remarks
ロバーートーーー!(ロバート: はっ!)ロバートを倒してー! Robeeeeerrrrtt! (Robert: Hah!) Take Robert down! Catherine Ricci, attempting to prevent the missile launch by ramming the UH-60 helicopter against it
あんたたちのせいで散々だわ! This whole mess is because of you! Catherine Ricci, commenting about the entire mission of finding the traitor


  • During the mission, Luke is the one who always connected with her.
  • In the Japanese version, Catherine is always addressed in her full first name and never addressed as being Cathy. Though this is not the case with Elizabeth Conway from the previous game, who is still addressed as being Beth in the Japanese version.
  • Both Catherine and Rachel MacPherson are the franchise's female characters that wear pants instead of a skirt.
  • Catherine transports Luke and Marc, just like Alicia Winston transports Alan and Wesley in Time Crisis 3.


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