The Chateau du Luc Hotel was a classy establishment located by a lake. It is the setting for the duration of Special Mode, an exclusive game-play mode featured in the PlayStation port of Time Crisis. After Richard Miller successfully rescued Rachel MacPherson from the North West Island, data was found in the grounds of the destroyed castle which elucidated the Hotel's location and also revealed its true purpose: a front for the illegal weapons manufacture operation being carried out by Kantaris, an organized crime syndicate known to supply Wild Dogs with munitions.

With the aim of ending this terrorist threat and with the possibility of finding out more information about Wild Dogs' operations, Richard Miller was dispatched to the Hotel by V.S.S.E..


The part of the hotel traversed by the player appears to be laid out over only 3 floors (although the photograph of the hotel in the briefing implies it has an excess of 10 floors, suggesting that the residential floors are not explored in favor of digging as deep into the hidden illegal operations as quickly as possible).

Entrance (1F)

As soon as Miller arrives in his car the hotel staff - from porters to managers - appear to be perfectly aware of his intentions, and quickly draw small arms in an effort to deter his intrusion. After a fierce shootout in the entrance hall, Richard finds himself in the elevator hall. If the player was quick enough to clear the area, one elevator will still be open and he will travel to the next floor up, arriving in the corridors leading to the Ballroom. If the player is too slow, hotel security will lock down the elevators and Richard will have to take the stairs to the Shopping Mall.

Shopping Mall (2F)

A short respite from gunfire, and straight into the waiting gunbarrels of the security team throughout the expensive-looking shopping mall. After dealing with the relentless security, Richard takes a look behind the scenes, and ends up in a waste dump, with a malicious crane operator in the cab above! If Miller takes out the offending operator, the crane will smash through the wall, revealing a path to a weapon manufacture plant! If Richard waits it out, however, he will be forced to proceed to the Parking Lot.

Ballroom (2F)

Out of the elevator doors and... dodging bullets! The security team are desperate to gun Miller down, but the One Man Army soldiers on, through the casino to the Ballroom, where an irate Kantaris, the presumed female leader of the organization, introduces him to her pet cyborg ninja, Web Spinner, who keeps Richard busy with a show of martial arts and sharp electric boomerangs. If Richard defeats him too slowly, Kantaris becomes bored and mysteriously disappears, meaning Richard must carry on to the Arms Factory. If Richard is quick on the trigger, Kantaris will angrily flee through a secret door, and Richard follows her to the rooftop Swimming Pool.

Arms Factory (3F)

A shocking find indeed! Huge explosive warheads line the room, as well as some rather delicate reactors. After clearing the operations room, Richard progresses to the munitions manufacture plant. If Richard doesn't take care with his shots, the damage to the reactors causes an explosion, making further access via the stairs impossible, meaning Richard must take the freight elevator down to the parking lot. If he is careful, he can progress to the hotel Lounge via the stairs.

Lounge (4F)

Angry at his meddling, Kantaris has a surprise in store for Richard! Something big and scary...

Swimming Pool (Rooftop)

Richard is still chasing down Kantaris all the way to the pool all while gunning down several armed guards. He later comes across the factory area and makes his way to the top of the factory all while killing more men. If Richard manages to kill all the orange guards before they run down the stairs, Kantaris will appear and get mad and you get to chase her to the helipad. But should Richard let at least one orange guard run down the stairs, Richard will chase them down and head to the lounge.

Heliport (Rooftop)

Richard has Kantaris cornered and would be easy to take care of, if she doesn't have any tricks up her sleeves...

Parking Lot

Richard has to find Kantaris and prevent her from escaping through the parking lot, but there's something lurking in the parking lot that wants Richard dead...

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