The Civilian Militia is a type of enemy in Razing Storm.


The Civilian Militia have tattoos on their arms, wear caps or tuques and armed with AK style rifles. Some wear masks.

They appear in large groups which makes them relatively dangerous. However, they use their weapons for melee attacks or fire wildly. They also do not have much endurance compared to the soldiers or machines.

They appear in all stages except stage 3 in the arcade mode. In story mode, their first appearance have them storming Almada Penitentiary where they successfully overcome the prison guards and freed Paulo Guerra. Subsequently, they appear in Mona Darta and in the Almada Penitentiary cell house (causing a S.C.A.R. soldier to mistake them as prisoners). Their final appearance is outside Girasol Factory.


Japanese version English version Remarks
We've got company! And there's a lot of 'em! They're above us, too! Here they come! Stop, you freaks! (Casey: Fire at will!) Casey! Who the hell are they?! (Casey: I don't know, but they're definitely not friendly!) They keep coming even when they take fire! Back off! (Casey: Use your sub machine gun!) Ugh, they just don't stop! What the hell is wrong with them?! Keep shooting! They don't even try to take cover! They've gotta be out of their minds! Reaction of the S.C.A.R. soldiers about the Civilian Militia when they first appear
カスが調子にのりやがって!素人に俺らが殺れるかよ! Who do they think they are? These amateurs don't know who they're messing with. Shin, mocking the Civilian Militia for the first time
(オニール: かなりの数いるぞ!)かんけーねーよ。ザコはザコだ (Fortune: There are a lot of enemies.) Ah, who cares? These clowns are nothing. Shin, mocking the Civilian Militia for the second time
Ha! Look at 'em crawling out like the roaches they are! Shin, mocking the Civilian Militia for the final time when they appear outside Girasol Factory


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