Claude McGarren PS2 version

Croad Macgalain arcade



Basic Information
United Kingdom



United Kingdom

Eye Color

Unknown (Arcade version)
Gray (PS2 version)

Hair Color

Unknown (Arcade version)
Black (PS2 version)

Personal Status





Leader of the S.T.F. First Platoon

Misc. Information
Appears in

Crisis Zone


Steyr Mannlicher TMP (basic weapon in all modes)
Beretta 8045 Cougar and Remington 870 (Special Mode basic weapons)
Flamethrower, M202 FLASH, laser rifle, M134 Gatling gun and M79 grenade launcher

Voice actor(s)

Kenichirou Tamayori (Arcade)
Rob Tinkler (PS2)

Claude McGarren (クロード・マクガレン Kurōdo Makugaren?) (Also known as Croad Macgalain in The Arcade Version) is the protagonist of Crisis Zone. In both the British SAS and the S.T.F. fronts, Claude is seen and perceived as a loyal, selfless trooper who seeks to retain the peace, and seeks to nullify terrorism at its earliest possible stages. Claude, like Keith Martin, served in the British SAS prior to his coronation to the S.T.F..


Arcade version

Claude wears a purple uniform with body armor over the shirt, elbow and knee pads, and gray combat boots. He also wears a combat helmet and orange visor. As for equipment, there are ammunition pouches, a case box and a radio pouch on the body armor, and gun holsters strapped on each pant leg.

PS2 version

Unlike the other S.T.F. members, Claude does not wear the combat helmet and blue visor, revealing his short black hair and gray eyes.

He wears a dark gray uniform with body armor over the shirt, elbow and knee pads, and dark gray combat boots. The pants are folded in military style. As for equipment, there is a radio pouch on his left shoulder, and case boxes strapped on each pant leg. There is a radio earpiece on his left ear.


Story Mode

Japanese version English version Remarks
全施設を制圧。しかし事件の首謀者デリック・リンチの姿はありません We've secured the area, but there is no sign of the ring leader Derrick Lynch. Claude McGarren, after securing Garland Square and finding no trace of U.R.D.A. Derrick Lynch
こちら第1小隊。任務完了!!これより帰還します!! This is Squad 1. Mission accomplished. We're going home!! Claude McGarren, reporting to his commander of securing the Geyser 1 nuclear reactor

Story Mode Special

We'll save your daughter. You have my word!
~ Claude McGarren, promising that he will save the commander's daughter after the U.R.D.A. remnants occupied Grassmarket Street and Belforte Hotel
Mission accomplished, Commander. All hostages have been rescued! (Commander: Roger. Well done!)
~ Claude McGarren, reporting that the commander's daughter has been rescued


Arcade version
PS2 version
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