The Clawmen are a type of enemy in the Time Crisis series. They debuted in Time Crisis and reappeared in Time Crisis 3 with some changes.


In Time Crisis, the clawmen wear dark blue half-sleeved hooded jumpsuits with a silver armor over it, silver half-face masks, red visors, a black fingerless glove on their left hand, and silver combat boots. They are armed with a red-taloned mitt, which has three silver claw-like blades on their right hand.

In Time Crisis 3, the clawmen are dressed in blue and oily gray fatigues and are armed with double wolverine-style melee blades attached to their wrists. Those guarding Randy Garrett are armed with the same weapon but are dressed in yellow and brown fatigues.


Clawmen first appear in the first boss area of the original Time Crisis, when Richard Miller reaches Rachel MacPherson in the entrance to an old castle on the Northwest Island only to find that she's been tied to a trap. They were initially led by Moz, until his defeat at the hands of Richard. They reappear in the castle's computer room leading to the throne room, only to fall once again at the hands of the One-Man Army.

Clawmen return in Time Crisis 3 where they first pop up from under the sand at Marano beach. Another group appears on jeeps with one more from the VTOL plane to keep the V.S.S.E. agents at bay so as to make sure their boss Victor Zahn makes it to Lukano to oversee the launch of the tactical missiles aimed for Astigos Island. They also appear at the market area of Lukano's metropolis and the riverbank leading to the train station where they were led by Randy Garrett, who in turn have two more of his major clawmen, all while sharing the same goal: Overseeing the launch of the tactical missiles targeted for Lukano. In order to further this goal, Randy destroys the bridge leading to a military facility, which houses the tactical missile control room, controlled by Giorgio Zott. The last group appears in the military facility where they were led by Zott. Their goal here is the same as before: to oversee the launch of the tactical missiles meant for Lukano. All of them are killed while their boss Zott was killed as well. A number of clawmen had also aided Jake Hernandez against Alicia Winston twice both in town and in the military facility where he attempted to escape with a warhead that he intended to sell.


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