Personal Info

  • Hometown: Lukano
  • Rank: Leader of the Lukano Liberation Army
  • Known relatives: Alicia Winston, younger sister
  • Status: Alive


Daniel Winston (ダニエル・ウィンストン, Danieru Winsuton). Hard-working and devoted to the cause of his country, Daniel led a mission to the Zagorias-occupied Astigos Island, but was captured due to a double-cross by Jake Hernandez. Winston was eventually rescued by Alan, Wesley, and Alicia.


Japanese version English version Remarks
急いで仲間を救出して俺たちも戦うんだ(アリシア: ええ!)俺も後から行く Get the others and we'll all fight together! (Alicia: OK!) I'll catch up later. Daniel Winston, telling his sister to free the other captive Lukano soldiers
(アリシア: ジェイク!!)あの、裏切り者め!!ここは俺が何とかする。お前はジェイクを追え!(アリシア: わかったわ!!) (Alicia: Jake!) That double-crossing bastard! You go after Jake! I'll deal with the tank! (Alicia: OK!) Daniel Winston, after he and his sister spotted Jake in the fight and having to deal with a main battle tank
さあ、これから島に残っているザゴリアス軍を掃討するぞ(アリシア: ええ!) Now we've gotta mop up the remaining Zagorian force. (Alicia: Yes!) Daniel Winston to his sister Alicia, after the V.S.S.E. agents killed Giorgio Zott, neutralized the threat of the tactical missiles and left Astigos island


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