Derrick Lynch (デリック・リンチ, Derikku Rinchi) is the chief antagonist of Crisis Zone.


Arcade version

Lynch has brown hair that is shaved to almost bald and black eyes.

Lynch wears a green dress uniform with red collar and silver epaulettes, and gray combat boots. He also wears a red beret.

PS2 version

Lynch has gray hair which is of shoulder length and red eyes. He also has gray facial hair and a earring on his left ear.

Lynch wears a light brown dress uniform with a black-brown collared shirt and brown tie underneath, a brown belt that has a gold buckle on the waist area, brown elbow gloves and black combat boots. The pants are folded in military style. He also wears a navy-green beret.


Lynch is an American.

He is the leader of a terrorist organization called the U.R.D.A., which is responsible for occupying Garland Square on 16 October 2000. Lynch invaded the complex with no demands and no hostages, causing a string of confusion within intelligence officials from around the world, including but not limited to the United Nations, the British SAS, and the V.S.S.E.. What is known is that Lynch intended to blockade and occupy the complex with a hidden agenda. He has two bodyguards named Tiger and Edge. In the game, Lynch planned to overload an experimental nuclear reactor at the complex's test site, Geyser 1. S.T.F. members were able to shut down the machine, killing Lynch in the process. After Lynch's death, Jared Hunter becomes second-in-command. In combat, he uses a strange-looking high-gauge semi-automatic shotgun and RGD-33 stick grenades.


So you will understand and fear...your own foolish mistakes!
~ Derrick Lynch, upon occupying Geyser 1
I have been waiting for you. My S.T.F. friends. The atomic reactor is on overdrive! Soon London will be nothing more than a memory and then my wrath shall spread. It won't matter for you. You'll instantly die here anyway!
~ Derrick Lynch, before battling the S.T.F. inside Geyser 1 control room


Derrick Lynch was named after an employee of Namco who created Time Crisis II.


Arcade version
PS2 version

Music Theme

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Geyser 1 EXTENDED

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Geyser 1 EXTENDED

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