The Elite Soldiers are special enemies in Time Crisis 5.

Bestiary Overview

The Elite Soldiers are the normal-class drudges but dressed in full military uniforms instead of T-shirts and pants (except red and dark blue type soldiers), combat helmets instead of caps or tuques (except dark blue type soldiers), having minor changes (red type soldiers do not wear half-face masks and wear green visors instead of shades. Yellow type soldiers wear yellow visors instead of shades) and are equipped with a jump assist tool attached on their back and are wired to their arms and legs. This allows them to perform rolling jumps similar to what Keith Martin can do, and can do that in rapid succession which make them hard to hit (Keith Martin describes the Elite Soldiers as not being the normal drudges the next generation V.S.S.E. agents have encountered). However, the tool only gives the soldier a number of jumps before it runs out of power. Like the normal-class drudges, they are armed with the AK-12 assault rifle (based on the cancelled prototype model derived from the AK-200).


Except for the dark blue soldiers, the Elite Soldiers are more bulletproof than the normal-class drudges in that they are able to resist more hits from special weapons (requiring at least 3 shots with the machine gun for non head shots) while using the handgun or shooting their heads (regardless of weapon used) will kill them instantly. The dark blue soldiers require 3 handgun shots or 8 machine gun shots to kill.


Each Elite Soldier is worth 200 points for each non-kill shot. Scoring for kill shots is the same as the normal-class drudges.

In-Game Appearance

They appear in Stage 5 Areas 2 and 3 (first half of Wild Fang's fight and yellow type Elite Soldiers do not appear there), and in Stage 6 (Robert's fight).


There were four categories of Elite Soldiers:

  • Greenish-blue soldiers are like the normal-class drudges that have low accuracy.
  • Dark blue soldiers are like the leader-class drudges that have better accuracy than the normal-class soldiers. Like the leader-class drudges, it takes 3 handgun rounds or 8 machine gun rounds to waste a dark blue soldier.
  • Yellow soldiers are the armorer-class soldiers and the probability rate of hitting the players is low. There are two of these soldiers and each of them drops 20 machine gun rounds, 5 shotgun shells and 1 grenade respectively. They only appear in Stage 5 Area 2 and Stage 6.
  • Red soldiers are the marksmen that frequently fire critical shots with high accuracy especially the one in Stage 5 Area 3 when aimed at player two (almost immediately firing a critical shot once the action starts). They do not immediately fire critical shots after performing rolling jumps.


Japanese version English version Remarks
敵だ!今までの奴らと違うぞ! Enemy incoming! This isn't your normal drudge! When Elite Soldiers first appeared
止まった瞬間を狙え! Wait for 'em to stop! Keith Martin's advice on dealing the Elite Soldiers


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