Basic Information
1981 (Exact date unknown)
United States



Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status



U.S. Joint Intelligence Division


First Lieutenant, United States Army, U.S. Joint Intelligence Division operative

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis 4

Voice actor(s)

Mariko Suzuki (鈴木 麻里子, Suzuki Mariko) (Time Crisis 4 Japanese)
Megan Hollingshead, credited as Karen Thompson (Time Crisis 4 English)

First Lieutenant Elizabeth Conway (エリザベス・コンウェイ特務中尉, Erizabesu Konwei-chūi) is a talented U.S. Joint Intelligence Division operative and a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Beth is a dispatcher for a state-of-the-art air control system called the XSWAC-12.


Beth has a pinned blonde shoulder length hair and pinned long fringe that never pinned on her left side and has green eyes.

Beth wears a military uniform that contains a white collared shirt with blue line addition with dark blue military coat and knee-length skirt, and black shoes. She also wears a dark blue lieutenant hat.


As a dispatcher, Beth's main responsibility is providing air support for Captain William Rush and V.S.S.E. agents Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard from above the skies.


Chapter 1

[Maxwell: Captain, that's why we need you to investigate warehouses to find the W.O.L.F. hideout. We'll assign you a surveillance aircraft and one of our best information analysts. First Lieutenant Elizabeth Conway. She's an expert when it comes to processing information.] I look forward to working with you, Captain.
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Lieutenant General Larry Garfield and Brigadier General David Maxwell assigned her to work with Captain Rush
[Rush: I'm going in! First Lieutenant Conway, keep me updated.] Yes, sir. You can call me Beth, Captain. [Rush: Okay... Beth. I copy.]
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush began investigating the warehouses
The enemy is spreading out over a large area. (Bell UH-1D transport helicopters arrive and attack Rush, forcing him to take cover behind a forklift) [Rush: These guys look pretty well-trained.] They look like terrorist reinforcements. But details are unknown.
~ Elizabeth Conway, when UH-1N Twin Huey transport helicopters arrived to bring men that were thought to be reinforcements for the terrorists
I'm getting multiple readings! Captain! What's going on? Is it... some sort of organism ...?
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush faced off the "sample" that the W.O.L.F. members released
Captain, those unidentified organisms... [Rush: They used the word "sample". Those things couldn't be a secret weapon, could they?] That's unthinkable. I can't find any information related to those organisms in the military's database. I don't even have any basic biological data on them. [Rush: Have Intelligence look into it. I'm going to continue the investigation here. From the looks of things, I'm guessing those guys from earlier were just grunts.]
~ Elizabeth Conway, after Captain Rush exterminated the "sample"
A man who appears to be the leader is escaping to the roof. Catch the leader!
~ Elizabeth Conway, informing Captain Rush that the W.O.L.F. leader was escaping
What in the world is it? That organism is different from the other one! That type appears to fly in groups.
~ Elizabeth Conway, informing Captain Rush about another type of "sample" that the W.O.L.F. members released
That's another new type of organism! I can't identify their weakness. Try each of your weapons. Defeat them before they explode or you'll take damage.
~ Elizabeth Conway, informing Captain Rush about the type of "sample" that the W.O.L.F. leader released
[Rush: Those things... It's like they're from another planet. Could they be the "top secret weapon" the terrorists are after?] I've searched the database over and over, but I can't find any records of a weapon like that. The "weapon" in question must be something else... [Garfield: No, that's the top secret weapon, all right.]
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush pondered about the "samples" he fought earlier
Captain, I've finished analyzing the data from the handset. It looks like the weapon trade-off is going to take place this afternoon in San Francisco.
~ Elizabeth Conway, making out what she could from the data taken from the W.O.L.F. leader's handset device
Captain? I'm afraid I've got some bad news. The terrorists know about the VSSE's involvement. They're planning an attack on the airport where the agents will arrive. [Rush: They know about the VSSE, too? We're heading to the airport! Get a helicopter ready!]
~ Elizabeth Conway, telling Captain Rush that somehow the "terrorists" became aware of the VSSE's involvement

Chapter 3

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Conway. I'll be assisting you from the Air Surveillance Center. [Rush: She uses a wide range of hi-tech equipment to guide and support us.] In the event of an emergency, this aircraft is capable of coordinating and commanding all of the armed forces.
~ Elizabeth Conway, introducing herself to the two V.S.S.E. agents

Chapter 4

[Rush: What are terrorists doing with equipment like this?] According to these analysis results, their military strength is equivalent to one company of the U.S. military. That...that's impossible!
~ Elizabeth Conway, surprised that the terrorist strength is much more than expected

Chapter 6

Excuse me, sir! There's an urgent matter I need to bring to your attention! Dam #18 in California has been occupied by an unidentified group. It appears to be the work of the Hamelin Battalion. At the moment, we are the only ones who know about this.
~ Elizabeth Conway, informing Captain Rush and his superiors that the Hamelin Battalion occupied a dam
Captain, I've detected EM waves that appear to be an antiaircraft radar. There are several antiaircraft weapons in the vicinity. It's too dangerous to approach by air this time. [Rush: Gotcha. Guess we'll have to approach by land. I'll be counting on you for navigation.]
~ Elizabeth Conway, telling Captain Rush about the dangers posed by the ground while he is traveling by helicopter
If you pass through that forest, you should arrive at the dam. However, you'll need to destroy all of the antiaircraft weapons first. I'll display the locations of the antiaircraft weapons I've detected, via radar on your map.
~ Elizabeth Conway, giving Captain Rush his instruction after he landed from the helicopter
Set a detonation device on the antiaircraft weapons and destroy them. Take cover quickly after setting the detonation device, you don't want to get caught in the explosion.
~ Elizabeth Conway's advice on dealing the antiaircraft weapons

Chapter 7

Captain Rush, the sensor you've got equipped has detected a bomb! The closer the bomb, the faster the sensor will beep. Avoid the bombs, or shoot and destroy them from a distance. If the alarm goes off again, be sure to watch out for bombs.
~ Elizabeth Conway's advice on dealing the bombs which the enemy has planted inside the dam
Captain, are you okay? Captain, can you hear me? Please respond! [Rush: ...Yeah, I'm okay. What's the situation?] A helicopter crash damaged a section of the dam. It looks like the interior has already begun to flood. [Rush: Gotcha.]
~ Elizabeth Conway, after a helicopter Captain Rush shot down crashed into the dam
I'll send a request to evacuate the civilians living downstream just in case. Can you hear me? This is the Joint Intelligence Division. Please issue an emergency evacuation order to the civilians immediately.
~ Elizabeth Conway, requesting an urgent order to evacuate the civilians living downstream
That apparatus attached to his (Frank Mathers) leg is that an acceleration device? It allows him to move at several times his normal speed for a short period of time. I heard it wasn't suitable for practical use due to the large amount of power it consumes... That device consumes a large amount of energy, so he can only use it for short periods of time.
~ Elizabeth Conway, giving information about the apparatus attached to Frank Mathers' leg and advice on dealing it
Explosions on exterior wall, confirmed! They're trying to destroy the dam! [Rush: And these guys call themselves soldiers?] You've got to get out of there! If you don't get out, you'll be caught in the explosion! [Rush: Okay, Send the helicopter for me!] I'm sending one right away!
~ Elizabeth Conway, after Frank Mathers clicked the button on the detonator to destroy the dam
The civilians living downstream have already been evacuated. Fortunately, the storage capacity of the dam was comparatively low, so the flooding has been contained. I can't help but wonder why they would target a dam with such low storage capacity? [Rush: Your guess is as good as mine. What are these guys up to? Beth, I've got my hands on a hard disk. I need you to run a quick check on it.] It's in pretty bad condition. It may take a while to salvage the data. [Rush: I see... I'm going to head back and report on the situation.]
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush handed her the hard drive he took from the satellite communications device earlier

Chapter 10

Oh, no! The Hamelin Battalion is attacking an air force base in Colorado! [Rush: What?]
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush and the VSSE agents got nothing from the defeated Jack Mathers

Chapter 11

[Rush: What's that? Backup from the National Guard?] It's no good! They're no match for them!
~ Elizabeth Conway, when the National Guard troops were going to be overwhelmed by Terror Bites
[Rush: I can't believe they occupied a base like this so easily...] The base's defense system is completely powerless against the Terror Bites. They didn't expect this kind of attack.
~ Elizabeth Conway, explaining why the Hamelin Battalion occupied the Air Force Base without difficulty
I have visual confirmation of the UCAVs! [Rush: They've started.] They're impossible to track by radar because of their stealth technology!
~ Elizabeth Conway, upon getting visual confirmation of the XA-60-Ex UCAVs after their launch
He's going to bring the chopper down! Wild Dog! He's the guy from the VSSE files! The helicopter's out of control! If you don't stop him, you'll crash into that tower!
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Wild Dog used a grappling hook to snare onto the chopper

Chapter 12

Everyone, enter the base's underground facility and make your way to the silo's entrance. You'll find the UCAV catapult in the lowest section of the facility. [Giorgio: We'll go in first, Captain. We'll meet up with you inside the facility.] That also appears to be where the UCAVs are being controlled.
~ Elizabeth Conway, giving the V.S.S.E agents and Captain Rush their next instruction
A sentry gun! It fires automatically when it detects an intruder. It's usually part of the facility's defense system, but it appears the enemy has control of it now. Captain, you'll need to destroy the sentry gun.
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush saw a sentry gun firing at the National Guard troops and him
The fire shutters have been activated! You'll have to fight off the enemy with your knife. Flammable gas is leaking! Captain! You'll need to find a valve to shut off the gas. The fire shutters are preventing the National Guard from entering.
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush reached an area where flammable gas was leaking
You need to reach the silo in the lowest level of the facility. First head for the Security Room and then head to the lower levels from there.
~ Elizabeth Conway, giving Captain Rush the next instruction after he shuts off the flammable gas supply
That entrance is locked. I may be able to deactivate the lock from here.
~ Elizabeth Conway, before unlocking the door to the Security Room
A locked security door is blocking the path of the two V.S.S.E. agents. Use the button on the control panel to unlock the door.
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush entered the Security Room after she deactivated the lock
A sentry gun! It looks like you'll have to destroy the sentry guns to release the lock to the lower levels.
~ Elizabeth Conway, after Captain Rush pressed the button to unlock the door blocking the V.S.S.E. agents

Chapter 13

Up ahead you'll find the underground silo. Hold on... It looks like Wild Dog is inside!
~ Elizabeth Conway, bringing the V.S.S.E. agents and Captain Rush awareness of Wild Dog's involvement
Accessing the emergency shutdown system! Why is this so complicated?!
~ Elizabeth Conway, attempting to shutdown the trap that the V.S.S.E. agents have to destroy after Wild Dog activated it
System shutdown complete.
~ Elizabeth Conway, if players fail the fifth screen battle
Nice work. Use the elevator in front of you to head underground.
~ Elizabeth Conway, if players succeed the fifth screen battle
A tractor beam? It's actually been put into use?
~ Elizabeth Conway, surprised when Wild Dog uses his tractor beam weapon arm to hurl objects
He's using the objects around him as weapons! Their movement is erratic! Be careful!
~ Elizabeth Conway's advice on dealing the tractor beam

Chapter 14

I've found a match in the VSSE database! Codename Wild Fang!
~ Elizabeth Conway, when Captain Rush engages Wild Fang in battle
A tractor beam is equipped on his leg! He's using the beam to pull objects toward himself.
~ Elizabeth Conway's advice on dealing the tractor beam
He's pulling objects towards himself, then spinning them around at high speeds! You'll get caught up in the rotation if you approach him!
~ Elizabeth Conway's advice on dealing Wild Fang's tornado attack

Chapter 15

[Rush: We've got to stop the UCAVs! Beth, can't you stop it?] They're controlled by a separate system! I can't access them!
~ Elizabeth Conway, revealing that she cannot access the UCAVs' controls
All missiles have self-destructed!!
~ Elizabeth Conway, after the V.S.S.E agents stopped the UCAVs


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