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It's finally here! Here is a Time Crisis 4 / タイムクライシス4 video No Damage All Clear, while scoring over 7 million!

Thanks for watching, if you like to see more, I've also made videos for the rest of the Time Crisis series here - and also the Point Blank series here - and all of my light-gun game videos are here too -

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Please please enjoy it. This is done on the PS3 original release version, and it is not the Playstation Move version, which is coming out rather soon.

Player: SMRAEDIS Date Recorded: 08 September 2010

Time Crisis 4 is currently the newest game in the Time Crisis series (if you don't count the offshoot Razing Storm), released in 2006, where 2 more VSSE agents battle through 10 areas in attempt to save the day.

Time Crisis 4 lets you use the same 4 gun types, as in TC3, which you can change when hiding. This game gives you a lot more machine-gun ammo than TC3, but you have to use it at specific parts in the game to get the most points.

Time Crisis 4 added a Multi-Screen Battle feature, where you have either 2 or 3 screens to battle, with enemies coming from all directions. These require a lot of memorization, and failing the Battle will result in one life lost AND all of your time bonus for the area to be taken away.

To move screens in Time Crisis 4 you have to point the gun outside of the screen, of the direction you want to move, or in the PS3 version, you can use one of the analogue sticks to change direction. Either way is rather fiddly, and it can easily go all wrong. (Also it likes to advise you to change direction at the wrong time, so you get hit just as you turn, wrecking your run. I see people falling for this all the time.)

The scoring system has changed quite a bit from TC3, the No Miss Hit bonus (as in a 100% accuracy combo) bonus is removed! and in place is a combo Hit bonus, where you get a bonus for every 10 hits on the counter in the top left corner of the screen. This means I try my best to maximise this bonus, so I do randomly shoot to keep this bonus running. The combo also shows how long until it runs out, it is the red and blue lines around my score that keeps on going up and down (it is a bit like DoDonPachi!), but in Time Crisis 4, it grows throughout your credit, making combos much easier in the later part of the game. If you continue, it starts all over again!

As you can see, there are now these "Terror Bites" in the game, which require certain shot types to destroy. This can make the game hard, if you use all of your ammo up, so you have to save up at times. Also the PS3 version of Time Crisis 4 is much harder on these enemies.. it says to use the shotgun, when you need about 20 shots to beat one pattern.. or just 1 grenade.

(oh yeah, No Miss means no damage, before anyone comments on that!)

I also play arcade racing games, and shmups too If you want to see more then feel free to watch these, and you can always message for requests too! Thanks! -SM

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