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Basic Information
1977 (Exact date unknown)



Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status





V.S.S.E. Special Operations Agent

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis 4


STI's M1911, HK G36C assault carbine, Mossberg 590 compact cruiser and M79 grenade launcher (basic weapons)
Browning M3 heavy machine gun, Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher, Mk 12 SPR and M249-E1 SAW

Voice actor(s)

Hiroaki Miura (三浦 祥朗 Miura Hiroaki?) (Time Crisis 4 Japanese)
David Vincent (Time Crisis 4 English)

Giorgio Bruno (ジョルジョ・ブルーノ Jorujo Burūno?) is one of the playable characters throughout Time Crisis 4, regardless of the edition.


Giorgio has a brown medium long wavy hair, brown mustache, brown goatee and hazel eyes.

Giorgio wears a white collared shirt covered with opened paisley patterned red coat and brown pants and snakeskin patterned shoes with holster on his left thigh. He also wears one earring on his left ear.


Giorgio was born into a powerful Italian Mafia whom for some reason had feelings of discontent of living a life of organized crime, Justice came in his mind. When the Italian Authorities wiped out his family (when he was 10 years of age), he was adopted by one of the officers who treated him like he was their son. Vowing to live a righteous life like he wanted, he served as a member of Italy's Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza (NOCS) SWAT Team prior to his service as a V.S.S.E. agent. While not in service by the V.S.S.E., Giorgio serves as a chef for a high-end Milano restaurant, famous for his lasagna.

Giorgio can be quiet due to his past, but can be passionate and beauty but sarcastic at times.

Crisis Missions

Due to Giorgio and Evan Bernard fighting Wild Dog (like all V.S.S.E. agents before them), the International Intelligence Agency has had enough. Although Giorgio and Evan were partners only for 1 year, they're a trustworthy pair. Newer agents would have to fight Giorgio and Evan before getting into a simulated fight against Wild Dog, who's in really Richard Miller. The Ace of V.S.S.E. in disguise, upon the recruit passing the final drill, assures newer agents upon passing those drills, are ready to fight Wild Dog in the real world, for which the V.S.S.E. required of.


Chapter 5/Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
こっちの奴らもみんなそうだ こいつら、テロリストなんかじゃない(ラッシュ: 馬鹿な...敵は...俺と同じアメリカ軍だっていうのかっ!?)更なる調査が必要だな And all these guys over here. They're not terrorists. (Rush: I can't believe it... You mean... We were fighting against our own men?) Looks like we're gonna have to do some more investigation. Giorgio Bruno, when he along with his partner and Captain Rush realized that their enemies were not terrorists

Chapter 9/Stage 2 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
(エヴァン: 男三人でピクニックかよ)...退屈しないで済みそうだぞ (Evan: What is this? A picnic?) At least it won't be boring. Giorgio Bruno, when he, his partner and Captain Rush are walking at the Wyoming National Park to the military research facility

Chapter 10/Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
...止めろ。もうこいつに何を聞いても無駄だ Enough already. There's no use asking him anything else. Giorgio Bruno, when the defeated Jack Mathers did not answer Captain Rush's question

Chapter 12

Japanese version English version Remarks
(エヴァン: 奴を追うぞ!)(ベス: 各員、基地の地下施設の侵入、地下格納庫の入口へと進んでください。地下最深部に、無人爆撃機のカタパルトがあります。)大尉、先に突入する 施設内で合流しよう (Evan: He's getting away!) (Beth: Everyone, enter the base's underground facility and make your way to the silo's entrance. You'll find the UCAV catapult in the lowest section of the facility.) We'll go in first, Captain. We'll meet up with you inside the facility. Giorgio Bruno, before he and his partner began chasing Wild Dog. In stage 3-2 of the arcade mode, Beth's dialogue is not present.
(エヴァン: 助かったぜ、大尉)この借りは必ず返す (Evan: Thanks for the help, Captain.) We owe you one. Giorgio Bruno, after Captain Rush opened a locked security door that blocked their path
(エヴァン: どこ行っちまったんだ?ワイルド・ドッグめ!)奴は放っておくわけにはいかない 厄介なことになるぞ (Evan: Where'd that old man go?) If we don't find him there's no telling what he'll do. Giorgio Bruno, when he and his partner continued pursuing Wild Dog

Chapter 13/Stage 3 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
(エヴァン:探したぜ!爺さん)あいつの相手は俺達の仕事だ 大尉、あんた達は別のルートから進んでくれ (Evan: We've been lookin' for you, old man.) Captain, we'll take care of him. You guys go on ahead and take a different route. Giorgio Bruno, after Elizabeth Conway brought him, his partner and Captain Rush awareness of Wild Dog's involvement

Chapter 15/Stage 3 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
豪華なお出迎えだな This is quite a welcome party. Giorgio Bruno, when he and his partner were surrounded by Hamelin Battalion soldiers in the lowest section of the Colorado Air Force Base where the UCAV catapults are located


  • As of 2006, Giorgio has the same age as Alan Dunaway from Time Crisis 3. Both of them are first players and their color code is red.
  • He's the first V.S.S.E. agent with facial hairs addition.
  • Despite being Italian, he speaks English with American accent, respectively.
  • As a boss character in the final Crisis Mission, Giorgio has 7 lifebars.


Music Theme

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 5-1 - Arcade - Stage 1-3

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 5-1 - Arcade - Stage 1-3

Crisis Mission music theme

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