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Zagorias Federation

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Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert


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Zagorias Federation Army


General (also Commander-in-Chief), Zagorias Federation Army, leader of the Zagorian forces

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Time Crisis 3


HK MP5A3 submachine gun, sword and two M202 FLASH rocket launchers

Voice actor(s)

Kevin Blackton

General Giorgio Zott (ジオルジョ・ゾット将軍 Jiorujo Zotto-shougun?) is the chief antagonist of Time Crisis 3.


Zott has brown hair, brown mustache and blue eyes.

Zott wears a navy blue dress uniform with red collar, red cuffs and red epaulettes. The epaulettes have yellow extensions past the upper shoulders. He also wears a brown harness on his chest and brown combat boots. There are turquoise armor plates over the front of the combat boots and extend to his knees. As for weapons, he is armed with a HK MP5A3 submachine gun which the magazines are secured in jungle style, and a sword. On his final lifebar, he uses two M202 FLASH rocket launchers.


The leader of the Zagorias Federation Army, Zott sent out his army to invade Astigos Island. Despite protests from several nations and heavy resistance from the Lukano Liberation Army, the Zagorias Federation managed to seize 80% of Astigos Island three months after the start of the invasion thanks to his strategy. First, the Lukano Liberation Army discovered Zott's plan to launch four tactical missiles from Astigos to destroy Lukano. Then the V.S.S.E. learned that the tactical missiles' potency could also be a threat to the surrounding nations as well. Unbeknownst to the public good and the Lukano Liberation Force, Zott teamed up with Wild Dog.

In the final battle, Zott utilized a wide variety of weapons in combat, including an H&K MP5A3, two M202 FLASH rocket launchers, tesla vehicles for support, and even a sword for close combat. Alan and Wesley, in spite of a difficult fight, managed to kill Zott and destroy the tactical missiles before it left the silo, removing the threat to Lukano.

With Zott's death, his plan began to crumble and the Zagorias Federation Army began losing ground to the Lukano Liberation Army.


Stage 10/Arcade Stage 3 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
独立軍の奴らは一向に降伏しようとせん。見せしめが必要だ(ダニエル: そんな事をしても無駄だ...)そのときはあれを使うまでさ The rebels are still refusing to surrender. Maybe your death will teach them a lesson. (Daniel: It won't do you any good!) Don't worry. If they don't surrender, I have another option in mind. Giorgio Zott, before executing Daniel Winston, the "other option" in question being the tactical missiles

Stage 11/Arcade Stage 3 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
そこまでだ!!こいつがどうなってもいいのか?銃を捨てろ!! Hold it right there! Looking for him? Drop your weapons. Giorgio Zott, as he prepares to execute Daniel Winston

Stage 3 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
このミサイルは既にルカノ全土を攻撃すべく発射準備されている(アラン: 何!!)あのような小国、最初からこうしておけばよかったのよ Too late, my friends! These missiles are all targeted for Lukano and ready for launch. (Alan: What?!) I should've gotten rid of that pesky country a long time ago! Giorgio Zott, ready to launch tactical missiles targeted for Lukano
もう止められん。お前達はここで死ぬのだからな! And now... time to get rid of you both! Giorgio Zott, before battling the V.S.S.E. agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert
よくも...しかしもう手遅れだ。ミサイルはもはや誰にも止められん... It's......too...late....... No one......can stop......the Giorgio Zott's last words


  • He is the first villain to have facial hair.
  • He is the first boss to have boss invulnerability. This is seen on his final lifebar which decreasing half of it while he is on the platform will cause it to disappear (the player can still land hits on him and those are registered towards chase shot combo and no-miss combo) and will reappear once he jumps off and lands on solid ground.
  • His last words in the final battle is shared by Carla Radames, the antagonist of Resident Evil 6, when she was shot from one of the members of The Family after she told Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans about launching the missile to globally spread the C-Virus as she tells them before she falls into the edge below. "You got me... Well played... one can stop!".
    • The main difference between them is Giorgio's plans to launch the missile are thwarted by both agents while Carla succeeded in launching the missile to spread the virus globally as both agents failed to stop it.


Music Theme

Time Crisis 3 Music - Final Mission - Arcade - Stage 3 - Area 3 Boss 1080p HD

Time Crisis 3 Music - Final Mission - Arcade - Stage 3 - Area 3 Boss 1080p HD

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