HACS (ハックス Hakkusu?) is a cybernetic enemy in the Time Crisis series. It appears in two games, making its debut in Razing Storm then reappearing (with an albeit completely different appearance) in Time Crisis 5.


Razing Storm

The original HACS is a powered exoskeleton operated by a soldier, equipped with a rapid-firing machine gun, a miniature missile launcher, and even a chainsaw for close-range attack. They move and react quickly, can take a lot of shots before going down. Although not so common as enemy infantries (even rarer in First-Person Shooting Story Mode), but accumulating up all characteristics, they can be considered as shock troopers in enemy's arsenal. In addition to that, infantry covering for the HACS are much more likely to hit due to the suppression fire giving openings.

Weak Points

Its weak points are the facial area and rear tank in which constantly shooting those will cause an explosion which blows its armor off and reveal its human operator, making it vulnerable. Also, shooting its weapon on the right hand itself deals more damage once the other two weak points are shot.


Each HACS is worth 10 points for each shot with an additional 3,000 point bonus for each destroyed.


The meaning of "HACS" is still shrouded in mystery, it may stand for "High-Tech Armored Combat System", "Humanoid Assault Combat System" or "Heavily-Armored Combat Suit". In Time Crisis 4, similar-purposed "High-Tech Reinforced Armor" units are presented which move slowly and lack dexterity.

Time Crisis 5

This variant is completely different from the Razing Storm HACS; standing about three times taller than a human, armed with a modified Denel NTW-20 anti-tank rifle, and equipped with two small jet boosters attached to its upper back. It's build is far more resilient to gunfire than the Razing Storm HACS, being able to withstand 0.50 caliber machinegun rounds. It is possible that this HACS may be just an AI robot opposed to an exosuit with a human controller inside, judging by the shutdown sound it makes when defeated.

Weak Point

Its only weak point being the fuel tank on its back which requires 19 handgun shots, or 8 heavy machine gun shots in Stage 2 Area 3, to destroy. However, it also has other weakness such as its slow movement partially due to the huge amount of armor which in turn makes it easier to maneuver around it and attack its weak point, and low firing speed at semi-auto instead of full-auto reducing the number of critial shots. Overall, this variant is arguably more cumbersome and less threatening despite being more physically imposing and mostly immune to gunfire.


Each HACS destroyed in Stage 1 Area 2, Stage 2 Area 1 and Stage 4 Area 2 rewards the player 3,500 points as a destruction bonus. The HACS destroyed in Stage 2 Area 3 rewards the player 4,000 points as a destruction bonus.

In-Game Appearance

HACS makes four appearances for a total of eight units in the whole Time Crisis 5 arcade series: in Stage 1 Area 2 (2 units), in Stage 2 Areas 1 (3 units) and 3 (1 unit), and in Stage 4 Area 2 (2 units). During its first appearance in Stage 1 Area 2, HACS is relatively easy to handle, as it reacts slowly when players switch cover and attack its back. In Stage 2 Areas 1 and 3, they are not a threat because they do not fire missiles unlike Wild Dog or the normal-class drudges (bullets in Stage 2 do not generate critical shots. In Stage 2 Area 1, they can be destroyed by shooting background objects). However, in Stage 4 Area 2, players must face a more responsive and much faster version of HACS, turning around each time it notices players change direction. Thus, players need to stun it first by blowing a fuel tank on an overhead conveyor, causing it to fall down and temporarily give players more time to shoot its weakpoint.


Razing Storm

Japanese version English version Remarks
H.A.C.S.!? こんな兵裝まで持ってやがるのか! H.A.C.S.?! Where'd they get equipment like that? King, when the H.A.C.S. appeared for the first time
裝備だけで勝てるかよ! They'll need more than those suits to stop us! Shin, mocking the technology of the H.A.C.S.

Time Crisis 5

Japanese version English version Remarks
H.A.C.S.! 背後の赤いボンベを撃て! 回り込んで背中を撃つんだ! H.A.C.S.! Shoot the red tank behind him! Go around and shoot at its back! Robert Baxter's advice when H.A.C.S. appeared for the first time
Don't stand right in front of him! Robert Baxter's alternate advice against the first batch of H.A.C.S. (first quote)
Move! You're too vulnerable there! Robert Baxter's alternate advice against the first batch of H.A.C.S. (second quote)
背後の赤いボンベを撃て! Shoot the red tank behind him! Robert Baxter's alternate advice against the first batch of H.A.C.S. (third quote)
上の燃料タンクを爆発させてひるみせろ! Blow up the fuel tank above to spook them! Robert Baxter's advice when fighting a more responsive H.A.C.S. in the factory
正面に立つとやられるぞ! You won't last standing there! Robert Baxter's alternate advice when fighting a more responsive H.A.C.S. in the factory


Razing Storm
Time Crisis 5

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