The Biological Weapons Special Operations Unit (陸軍・生物兵器部隊 Rikugun-Seibutsuheiki-Butai?), also known as the Hamlin Battalion (ハーメルン大隊 Hāmerun-Daitai?) [sometimes spelled as Hamelin Battalion], is a top secret U.S. military unit in Time Crisis 4.

The unit went rogue by helping the enemies of the free world. Their leader is Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Barrows. The climax is fought in an air force base at Colorado as they tried to launch UCAVs to cause mass destruction in all major U.S. cities.

Their namesake stems from the Pied Piper of Hamelin as the Terror Bites are designed to follow orders via sound waves.


Japanese version English version Remarks
(ガーフィールド: ...その歴史は古い。先の大戦の頃より、地雷処理、拳句は爆弾を括りつけての体当たりなど訓練された動物を、兵器として扱う秘密部隊が存在した。)(マクスウェル: 公式な存在さえも抹消された、非人道的な部隊だ。その後も研究は水面下で継続され、90年代以降は遺伝子を改良した生物で敵を直接攻撃する方向に、シフトしていった。だが実用化は難航し、実験中に多数の兵士が犧牲となる事態が頻発した。また、実験室から逃げ出した個体が自然環境を破壊し始めるという問題まで発生し、一度は島一つを消す羽目にまでなった。...新型爆弾実験の名目でな。他にも公には出来ない問題が数多く発生した、日く付きの部隊だ。) (Garfield: This goes back a long way. After World War II, a top-secret unit that specialized in training animals for military use was established. The animals were mainly used for mine cleaning.) (Maxwell: Due to its inhumane nature, the unit's existence was never made public. Even so, the unit continued its research in secret, and in the 1990s began to shift its focus to the manipulation of genetically-enhanced creatures for use in battle. However, practical application of the research was difficult, and several soldiers died while conducting experiments. One subject even managed to escape the research facility, and in the end an entire island had to be destroyed to take care of it. Of course, this was covered up as a "missile test". Needless to say, there were numerous other incidents that were not made public.) History of the Hamlin Battalion as mentioned in the FPS mode

Comprising of the best U.S. soldiers from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, and under the command of the Army, the Hamlin Battalion was formed after the Second World War as a top secret unit which specialized in the training of animals for military use. However, knowledge of its existence was limited amongst the chain of command and never made public because of its inhumane nature.

Initially, the trained animals were mainly used for mine clearing, but in the 1990s, the Hamlin Battalion began to shift its focus to the manipulation of genetically enhanced creatures for use in battle while continuing its research in secret. However, practical application of the research was difficult and several soldiers died while conducting experiments. In fact, there were numerous incidents which were either not made public or were covered up such as an incident which a research subject managed to escape the facility, requiring the destruction of an entire island to take care of it, and the incident being covered up as a missile test.

After the destruction of Dam #18 in California which resulted in Lieutenant General Larry Garfield approving the V.S.S.E. involvement to assist Captain William Rush, the details of the Hamlin Battalion are made public, eventually labeling this unit as a terrorist organization.


Gregory Barrows

Status: Deceased

The leader-in-chief of the Hamlin Battalion, Barrows had the entire unit go rogue due to his poor treatment in the military. He attempted to terrorize the country by using Terror Bites his men have stolen. In an attempt to destroy the cities before he is stopped, he launched numerous UCAVs to fire nuclear cruise missiles at major cities in the U.S.. When the U.S. military and the V.S.S.E. agents counterattack the AFB he has occupied, he launches the UCAVs and destroys the stairs leading to the missile self-destruct controls. He is killed by the V.S.S.E. agents who managed to destroy the missiles in time.

Jack Mathers

Status: Presumed deceased

A member of the Hamlin Battalion and leader of the second company, Jack is sent by Barrows to steal more Terror Bites in a research facility in Wyoming for their cause. He encounters Rush and the V.S.S.E. agents at the facility and engages them in combat. He battles the trio, especially Rush who attacks him constantly and asks him why he is betraying his country. Mathers tells him that "his" orders are absolute and severely beats up Rush, but is defeated after the latter launches a devastating uppercut punch on him. He is believed to have bled out after receiving the uppercut so hard on the jaw, sending him flying to the inside of the storage, not before telling the trio that they are too late.

Frank Mathers

Status: Deceased

A member of the Hamlin Battalion, Frank is the brother of Jack Mathers sent to occupy Dam #18 in California to distract the main unit which is trying to steal more Terror Bites in a research facility in Wyoming for their cause. Unlike his brother who is loyal to Gregory Barrows, he is loyal to the Hamlin Battalion. He encounters Rush in the power facility and when Rush said that the Hamlin Battalion is only stealing Terror Bites for the purpose of making money, he counters by telling Rush to not compare him to the backstabbing traitor (Marcus Black) and instead telling that he's going to tear his country apart which made him feel good. After a battle, he triggers a detonator which destroys the outer walls of the dam in an attempt to take down Rush with him. He is last said having completed a mission for his brother before dying due to the dam being destroyed.

Marcus Black

Status: Deceased

A member of the Hamlin Battalion and leader of the third company. Black held a low position in the U.S. military due to their harsh treatment for special operations units. In addition, he is unhappy for receiving payment cuts for the front line missions he frequently undertakes. Hence, he is strongly disappointed with the U.S. military and the government. To fulfill his interest of money, he broke apart from the battalion and attempted to sell a truck shipment of Terror Bites to the terrorists at an agreeable price. The truck is intercepted by the V.S.S.E. agents and Rush, resulting in a battle in the city. Despite his use of a custom-made Barrett M107 anti-tank rifle in one hand, a compact grappling hook to swing from high places and hurl heavy objects, infantry soldiers, and Terror Bites, he is killed by Rush, who then reveals that Black's men were from the U.S. military and not terrorists. Rush refuses to believe that "he was fighting against his own men" all along, prompting the V.S.S.E. agents to "do some more investigation".

Types of Infantry

  • "Normal" class soldiers: They are dressed in white digital urban city camouflage uniforms and Advanced Combat Helmets, equipped with radios and devices which prevent the Terror Bites from attacking them, and are armed with HK Mark 23 handguns. Their shots have low accuracy and they carry battle axes if thrown or used as the melee weapon, are always lethal and can damage barricades. However, the thrown battle axes can be shot down. They can use semi-transparent bullet proof shields. There are a few other variants of the normal class soldiers: some wear half-face masks without helmets and goggles (revealing their spiky black hair), while some wear helmets without goggles on. In the third screen battle, they do not allow chase shots and each is worth 200 points regardless of shot placement. In the FPS mode, killing them drop handgun rounds for Captain Rush. Also, they can use sniper rifles and mounted machine guns.
  • "Leader" class soldiers: They are dressed in black digital urban city camouflage uniforms and have higher accuracy than the normal soldiers. They may be often the cost the loss of their lives if not for the battle axe or the "Red" Soldiers. They, along with the yellow suited soldiers, are the only enemy soldier types in Stage 3 Area 3. In the FPS mode, they can use semi-transparent bulletproof shields and submachine guns. Killing those drop machine gun rounds for Captain Rush.
  • Yellow suited soldiers: They have ammunition which will give them for the player's machine gun, shotgun or grenade when killed. Like the previous game, one shot will kill soldiers of this class, but three shots are recommended to get as much ammo from them as possible. Unlike the previous game, the ammunition is shared for both players in two-player mode. There are at least 50 of these soldiers in the arcade mode with 5 in the Prologue, 9 to 11 in Stage 1 Area 1 (2 in the first screen battle drop shotgun shells only, and 2 to 4 in the second screen battle with the first 2 drop machine gun rounds and the next 2 drop shotgun shells), 1 in Stage 1 Area 3 (2 if players fail the third screen battle, the second drops shotgun shells only), 5 in Stage 2 Area 1, 9 in Stage 2 Area 2 (11 in link play), 3 in Stage 2 Area 3, 11 in Stage 3 Area 2 and 6 in Stage 3 Area 3. Other than the first two screen battles, one of them in Stage 3 Area 3 uses a battle axe that could also chop a life. In the FPS mode, there are fewer yellow soldiers that drop shotgun shells only for Captain Rush. The obtained ammunition are varied like previous game, such as:
    • Machine Gun: 30, 20 and 10 rounds respectively. If player got 3 machine gun the ammo gained is capped to 60 rounds
    • Shotgun: 4, 2, 1 shells respectively. If player got 3 shotgun the ammo gained is capped to 7 shells. The one who appears after the Mite Bites are destroyed drops 8 and 4 shells respectively, the one who appears after Jack Mathers' final third (x3) lifebar is depleted drops 8 shells, and the one who appears in front of the stairs on Gregory Barrows' third (x7) lifebar drops 8 shells
    • Grenade: 1 round per hit
  • Red suited soldiers: They are the marksmen armed with the same weapon as those of the normal soldiers but frequently fire critical shots with high accuracy. In addition, their first shot is always a critical shot like the other Red-suited soldiers in Time Crisis series. One of them in Stage 2 Area 2 uses a battle axe that could also chop a life. In the FPS mode, killing them drop a lot of handgun rounds for Captain Rush and a small number of them use semi-transparent bullet proof shields.
  • Green suited soldiers: They are armed with Mk 2 hand grenades and Pansarskott m/86 missile launchers. They each requires 2 handgun shots or 4 machine gun shots to kill. While the hand grenades they throw and the missiles they fire are highly accurate, they can be shot down. In the FPS mode, killing them drop hand grenades only for Captain Rush.
  • Terror bite operators: They are the normal class soldiers equipped with body armor, red googles, semi-transparent bulletproof shields and backpacks which allow control of Terror Bites, and are armed with submachine guns. They direct the Terror Bites via a joystick on their right knee. They have high accuracy if they use their submachine guns. Like the green soldiers, they each requires 2 handgun shots or 4 machine gun shots to kill. However, the one in Crisis Mission Day 5 Mission 4 has boss invulnerability. In the arcade mode, four of them appear in cinematics and cutscenes especially the first one who makes the debut of the troop type. In the FPS mode, killing them will cause the Terror Bites they operate to be destroyed and drop machine gun rounds for Captain Rush.
  • High-tech reinforced armor soldiers: They are protected by exoskeletons and armed with modified M249 para machine guns which are used as melee weapons when they are up close. They have more health than the normal soldiers (34 handgun shots, 100 machine gun shots, 36 shotgun hits or 2 grenade shots to kill one). If the shotgun is fired at close range, they will be temporarily stunned as they often fall down and try to get back on their feet again. If the machine gun is continuously used after the armor is sufficiently damaged from continuous fire, they will be stunned and not be able to fire back, but not to the point of falling down. Their helmets and goggles can be destroyed if continuously fired at the head, revealing half-face masks and spiky black hair. When killed, they will give ammunition for the player's machine gun [they each drop 99 machine gun rounds found in their ammunition drum (arcade mode) or a maximum of 70 machine gun rounds for Captain Rush (FPS mode)]. There are 4 (solo play) or 5 (link play) of these soldiers in the arcade mode (2 in Stage 1 Area 1, 1 in Stage 2 Area 1 and 1 in Stage 2 Area 2 [2 in link play]) but many in the FPS mode. The best weapon to deal with them from afar is the machine gun with the shotgun being an alternative if they get too close.

Other Weapons

  • Anti-aircraft vehicles resembling modified Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks appear in Stages 1 Area 2/Chapter 4 (17 units) and Stage 3 Area 1/Chapter 11 (7 units) where they attack the UH-1D helicopter the main characters are on. They are either armed with twin 35 mm Oerlikon KDA autocannons (8 units in Stages 1 Area 2/Chapter 4 and 7 units in Stage 3 Area 1/Chapter 11) or 2 quad FIM-92 Stinger missiles (9 units). In addition, those armed with missiles do not appear in Stage 3 Area 1/Chapter 11. Each anti-aircraft vehicle destroyed rewards the player 1,000 points as a destruction bonus.
  • Modified Strykers appear in Stage 3 Area 1/Chapter 11 (11 units of which 1 cannot be shot) and Chapters 6 and 7 in the FPS mode. They are armed with two quad FIM-92 Stinger missiles. There is one which appear in a Stage 3 Area 1/Chapter 11 WAIT sequence but is armed with a Mk 19 grenade launcher mounted on a Protector Remote Weapon Station. Each Stryker destroyed rewards the player 3,000 points as a destruction bonus.
  • Modified Bell UH-1N Twin Huey transport helicopters appear in Chapter 1 in the FPS mode where they first shoot at Captain Rush before offloading soldiers. Later, two of these need to be destroyed. They are armed with a M3P .50 cal machine gun.
  • Modified Bell OH-58C Kiowa attack helicopters appear in Stages 1 Area 2/Chapter 4 (20 units) and Stage 3 Area 1/Chapter 11 (8 units), and Chapters 6 and 7 in the FPS mode. They are armed with a M3P .50 cal machine gun and 2 M261 launchers with Hydra 70 rockets. Each helicopter destroyed rewards the player 1,000 points as a destruction bonus.
  • Jeeps resembling modified Humvee appear in Stage 2 Area 2/Chapter 9 (8 units of which 1 is immediately hit by the geyser) and Chapters 1, 6 and 7 in the FPS mode. They are armed with a Browning M2 machine gun. Each jeep destroyed rewards the player 5,000 points as a destruction bonus.
  • Anti-aircraft weapons appear in Chapters 6 (5 units) and 7 (2 units) in the FPS mode. While they are stationary and do not attack, they need to be destroyed by detonation devices before Captain Rush can proceed.


Infantry types
Other Weapons
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