Jake Hernandez


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Killed by

Alicia Winston


Headshot and Explosion


Lukano Liberation Army (former)
Zagorias Federation Army


Second-in-command (Lukano Liberation Army)
Zagorias Federation Army

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis 3


M1911/Beretta M92 hybrid handgun and knives

Jake Hernandez (ジェイク・ヘルナンデス Jeiku Herunandesu?) is one of the antagonists in Time Crisis 3.


Jake has shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

Jake wears a collared green vest that is opened around his chest, khaki pants folded in military style with a brown belt that has a silver buckle around his waist and black combat boots. He also wears brown gloves. As for equipment, the left pant leg houses a case box while the right pant leg houses sheaths containing knives.


Jake Hernandez was originally a member of the Lukano Liberation Army, being Daniel Winston's second-in-command. However, Jake was selfish and greedy, so he betrayed the group to Giorgio Zott in return for a large payment. Upon hearing that Alicia Winston had managed to escape, he set out to capture her too so he could collect the bounty on her.

In an Astigos Island town, Jake finds Alicia and tells her that he was the only one who managed to escape. While she was distracted, he pulled a gun on her and revealed his true affiliations, wanting to capture her for even more money. However, he was unaware of her combat capabilities and had to flee after a short battle.

At the Zagorian military facility, Jake realized that the V.S.S.E. would defeat the Zagorias Federation Army and managed to persuade several soldiers to separate a missile warhead and load it into a VTOL so he could sell it for the highest bidder. As he made his way to the VTOL, he accidentally ran into his former Lukano comrades. Alicia pursued Jake into the aircraft hangar where he and his men attempted to stop her but failed. With the VTOL taking too much damage, he armed the warhead and threatened to explode it, but Alicia managed to pull a well-timed headshot, destroying the detonator and killing Jake. Subsequently, the VTOL he was on crashed down the cliff and exploded, further confirming his death.


Stage 7

Japanese version English version Remarks
お前を連れて行けばいい金になりそうなんでね If I take you to them, I might get an extra bonus. Jake Hernandez reveals his true colors as a Zagorian after pointing his gun to Alicia
夢とか理想だけじゃ世の中渡っていけねぇンだよ お前の兄貴は高く売れたよ A man can't live on just dreams and ideals. Your brother was worth a lot of money. Jake Hernandez, as he gets ready to fight Alicia

Stage 13

Japanese version English version Remarks
今そっちに向かっている。核弾頭の方は盗み出せたか?(ザゴリアス兵士: ハッ!ミサイルからの分離作業を終え現在積み込みにかかっています)おっと...フンッ。せいぜいガンバレよ もらうものをもらったら、こんな島に長居は無用だぜ I'm on my way! Did you get the warhead? (Zagorian soldier: Yes, sir. Missile separation is complete. We're currently moving them into the cargo.) Heh. Keep it up, guys. Once I get my money, I'm outta here. Jake Hernandez, only concerned about getting money from selling the tactical missile while ignoring the Zagorias Federation Army's deteriorating situation
出せるか?(ザゴリアス兵士: ハッ!)(アリシア: ジェイク!!)アリシア。しつこい女は嫌われるぜ(アリシア: あなただけは逃がさないわ!)これだけ土産があれば、俺は一生遊んで暮らせるんでね Is everything ready? (Zagorian soldier: Yes, sir!) (Alicia: Jake!) Alicia... Don't ever quit, do you? (Alicia: You're not going anywhere!) Ha! With the money I'll make with this. I can go wherever I want! Jake Hernandez, as he prepares to escape in a VTOL aircraft loaded with a stolen missile warhead

Stage 14

Japanese version English version Remarks
くそ!!こうなったら貴様たちも道連れだ!! Damn you all! You're going down with me! Jake Hernandez's last words


  • Jake Hernandez is the first of the villains in the Time Crisis franchise to be killed by a bullet fired by a sniper rifle of a non-VSSE protagonist.


Music Theme

Time Crisis 3 Music - Dead End - Rescue Mission - Stage 7 & Stage 13 1080p HD

Time Crisis 3 Music - Dead End - Rescue Mission - Stage 7 & Stage 13 1080p HD

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