Basic Information
1963 (Exact Date Unknown)


Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Keith Martin and Robert Baxter


Shot and then killed in cruiser explosion


Neodyne Industries

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Appears in

Time Crisis II


"NDI" submachine gun

Jakov Kinisky (ヤコフ・キニスキー Yakofu Kinisukī?) is one of the antagonists and the first boss in Time Crisis II.


Kinisky has short blonde hair and has brown eyes.

Kinisky wears shades, a suit which is a navy blue single-breasted notched lapel coat, and matching pants. There is a white collared button shirt with a red tie underneath the coat. He also wears a navy blue bowler hat and brown shoes. In the PS2 version, his shirt is orange and the tie is dark pink.


A former KGB operative, Kinisky defected to NDI after the collapse of the USSR. As an NDI operative, Kinisky is to prevent anyone from leaking information regarding about the Starline Network.

Role in Time Crisis II

Stopping the Leak

Kinisky is first seen at the satellite launch pad supervising it with other NDI private troops, when he sees Christy Ryan attempting to escape. Kinisky tries his best to stop her, but she kills most of his men and escapes to a town square.

Frantic to recover the stolen data that Christy had put upon her portable suitcase computer, and embarrassed that a woman had gotten the better of him, Kinisky and a sizable detachment of the NDI's troops went to Christy's apartment to silence her. At the apartment, Kinisky's temper got the better of him, and he punched her in the stomach. When Christy mocked him after his first attempt, Kinisky gave her a vicious blow to the head, and then ordered his agents to take her away.

Fleeing the VSSE Agents and Death

Unbeknownst to Kinisky, Christy had successfully attained help from the V.S.S.E., who sent agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter to Christy's apartment. Unfortunately for Kinisky, he happened to be in the apartment at the time, causing him to flee with the suitcase computer when they confronted him.

First, Kinisky attempted to flee the area via a rendezvous with a trailer truck, but loses control of it during a right hand turn and skids. Subsequently, Robert and Keith shot and killed many of the NDI troops that tried to fight them. After the fiasco in the plaza, Kinisky fled through back alleys and a side road to the docks where an armed cruiser was waiting. To his horror, Keith and Robert survived the APC carrier and the countless other troops that he threw at them. Fleeing in the armed cruiser made no difference, as the two V.S.S.E. agents were able to pursue him with some inflatable motor boats that his troops had carelessly left without bothering to make them unusable.

Kinisky did his best to kill them with such deadly traps as:

  • Twin Gatling guns mounted on the rear of the armed cruiser
  • Troops in inflatable motor boats like the ones the two agents were using to try and shoot them.
  • Enemy frogmen to impale them/slit their throats.
  • And Kinisky's submachine gun (a gun which is based on the Uzi, with the addition of a HK MP5A3 stock. It fires 10 mm ammunition, has an overall length of 535 mm of which the barrel measures 225 mm, and weighs 4,050 g), specially made to fire lots of "kill you" bullets.

However, nothing worked, and Kinisky soon found himself with injuries. He probably would have survived if he was not in an out of control armed cruiser that would soon end up crashing into a pier, and if had it not exploded, he would have survived that too. However, he died, and Keith and Robert were able to recover Christy's briefcase computer (which was apparently water proof and explosion proof) and get a lead on the satellite's location (which was a seemingly but not really abandoned train yard). As they leave, Kinisky's hat floated in the water behind them.


Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
やっと見つけたぞ、女スパイめ!おう、危ない危ない。この情報が漏れたらわが社の計画は...パァだ! Ha ha ha ha! Well well... It appears we have a guest! Looks like we caught you just in time. A leak like this would have been problematic, to say the... LEAST! Jakov Kinisky to Christy Ryan
うるさい!この計画の素晴しさも知らずに!連れていけ!な、なんだ! Silence! You have no idea how perfect our plan is. Now take her away! What the...? Jakov Kinisky, boasting about how he stopped the information leak by Christy Ryan before gunfire from the V.S.S.E. agents caused him to panic

Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
くそぅ、しつこい奴らだ!女はどうした?(NDI兵士: はっ!既にディアズ閣下の元に!)我々も出発だ!奴らは何としてもくい止めろ!(NDI兵士: はっ!) So who are those two? Where's the girl? (NDI soldier: They took her to General Diaz, sir!) We gotta stop them now! (NDI soldier: Yes sir!!) Jakov Kinisky, before escaping in the armored cruiser


  • It seems that he has an endless amount of hats. This is because if the player succeeds in performing a headshot at him, his hat will be blown away and he will not return to retrieve it, revealing his blonde hair. When he reappears again, he is already wearing another hat.
    • It is possible that the briefcase he carries with him could contain spares of his hat instead of the computer database as the main briefcase could have be already escorted to the armed cruiser by his troops when he is not on V.S.S.E. agents' sight.
  • His English voice in Time Crisis II appears to be sounded feminine to make his Russian accent into a gay manner when he physically beats Christy Ryan and taunting both agents before the boat chase. His voice is still done by a male voice actor.
    • His voice and demeanor is similar to Alfred Ashford in Resident Evil: CODE Veronica and its updates as both men are the ones to taunt two women (Christy Ryan and Claire Redfield respectively) in their first encounter. Alfred's voice is also changed into a feminine voice after both Claire and Steve Burnside noticed him from being a cross-dresser as his twin sister, Alexia Ashford. The difference between the two is their nationality which Jakov is Russian while Alfred is British.
    • Both men also shared the same hair color which is blonde.


Music Theme

Time Crisis 2 Music - Stage 1-3 EXTENDED

Time Crisis 2 Music - Stage 1-3 EXTENDED

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