Jared Hunter


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Eye Color


Hair Color

Light brown (mostly bald)

Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Claude McGarren


Gunned down




Second-in-command of the U.R.D.A. (taking over as leader-in-chief after Derrick Lynch's death)

Misc. Information
Appears in

Crisis Zone


AR-15 style assault rifle and modified HK PSG-1 sniper rifle

Jared Hunter (ジャレッド・ハンター Jareddo Hantā?) is the second-in-command of U.R.D.A..


Hunter has light brown hair that is shaved to almost bald and brown eyes. There are tattoos on his right shoulder, upper right arm and right side face.

Hunter is naked from waist up, wears green pants folded in military style with a green belt that has a silver buckle around his waist and green combat boots. He also wears green fingerless gloves. During combat at Belforte Hotel, he wears a jetpack and is armed with an AR-15 style assault rifle. When pursued by Claude McGarren while escaping via military cruiser, he is armed with a modified HK PSG-1 sniper rifle.


Hunter took over the U.R.D.A. after the death of Derrick Lynch. To exact his revenge on the S.T.F., he gathered the remnants of the U.R.D.A. and occupied Grassmarket Street and Belforte Hotel six months after Garland Square is recaptured by the S.T.F.. As an insurance policy, he kidnapped Melissa Kessler, the daughter of the S.T.F. commander and demanded the release of all U.R.D.A. soldiers imprisoned by the British authorities. After the S.T.F. secured Grassmarket Street and stormed in the hotel, he appears in a jetpack, armed with an AR-15 style assault rifle and is with two "Paratroopers". He tells the S.T.F. that he could not believe that they have made it that far but warns them that their luck has run out and that he is going the score once and for all. After a battle at the hotel, he is defeated and tricks the S.T.F. by jumping off the hotel. Of course, there is a military cruiser at the bottom receiving him and it speeds away, prompting Claude McGarren to pursue him via helicopter. After a battle off Crimson Beach, Hunter let out one final scream of rage before the military cruiser explodes, killing him and signalling the end of the U.R.D.A.


Stage 1 (Grassmarket Street)

I repeat! Release all our comrades immediately! If you do not comply, this woman (Melissa Kessler)...the S.T.F. Commander's daughter, will be in jeopardy!
~ Jared Hunter, demanding the release of his troops in exchange for Melissa Kessler's life
Come on S.T.F. fools... it's time to settle the score! With your demise, the U.R.D.A will rise triumphantly once again!
~ Jared Hunter, after occupying Grassmarket Street and Belforte Hotel

Stage 2 (Belforte Hotel)

I didn't think you'd make it this far. But your luck has run out! I'm going to settle this once and for all!
~ Jared Hunter, before battling Claude McGarren

Stage 3 (Crimson Beach)

Damn, you're annoying! I'm taking you down!
~ Jared Hunter, making his escape via a military cruiser with the S.T.F. in pursuit


Music Themes

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Belforte Hotel Boss

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Belforte Hotel Boss

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Crimson Beach

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Crimson Beach

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