Keith Martin


Cherub (Eden's Guardian)

Basic Information
44 (as of 2015)
August 12, 1971




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Senior V.S.S.E. Operations Agent, codenamed Cherub
Thoughtful traitor, turned officer to Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart (Time Crisis 5)

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis II
Time Crisis 5


HK Mk 23 (basic weapon) and "NDI" submachine gun (Time Crisis II)
HK 45, katana, shurikens, smoke grenades, fragmentation hand grenades, and Pansarskott m/86 missile launcher (Time Crisis 5)

Voice actor(s)

Hideo Ishikawa (石川 英郎 Ishikawa Hideo?) (Time Crisis 5 Japanese)
Charles Glover (Time Crisis 5 English)

Keith Martin (キース・マーティン Kīsu Mātin?) was one of the playable characters in Time Crisis II. He takes control as Player 1 and teamed up with Robert Baxter (Player 2) during the Neodyne Industries Incident (1998). Keith returned in the True Mastermind Edition of Time Crisis 5 mistaken as a traitor to the V.S.S.E. as he was fought as a boss in one of the three expansion stages.


Keith has short blonde hair with a full fringe and blue eyes.

In Time Crisis II, He wore a red jacket with a dark red collar under a pale yellow long sleeved v-neck shirt, light brown khaki pants and red shoes. In his in-game appearance in the PS2 version, his jacket was reddish brown.

In the True Mastermind Edition of Time Crisis 5, Keith becomes older and his hair grows into shoulder length and wears a black eye patch on his left eye due to his serious injuries in his failed missions and a prosthetic lower left arm.

He now wears a gray and black bulletproof combat vest with jungle camouflage designs, and a black and blue short sleeved fitted shirt underneath, khaki pants folded in military style with a black belt that has a silver buckle around his waist and black combat boots. He also wears black gloves. On the front of the vest, there is a sheath containing a knife on the upper right side of the vest and a radio on the upper left side. On the back of the vest, there is a scabbard containing a katana which he uses to attack Robert in a sword fight. It is removed after his katana is broken. There are shurikens and smoke grenades on his belt. His left thigh houses a black gun holster which he keeps his HK 45 handgun while his right thigh houses a case box.


TC2 Cherub Logo

Living a confidential life, Keith served in the British Special Air Service (SAS) prior to being recruited to the V.S.S.E.. To protect Keith from surprise attacks and possible prosecution, the V.S.S.E. addresses Martin as Cherub: Eden's Guardian (the same way the SAS protected Martin's existence). As a civilian Keith is a special effects technician and a stunt double for the Hollywood film industry.

Time Crisis II

Main article: Time Crisis II

On October 31, 1998, Neodyne Industries announced Starline Network, a global network consisting of 64 space satellites with the intention of uniting the world. An external audit by Christy Ryan revealed that it was actually a front to launch a military satellite into space, tailored to inflict damage. Christy attempted to inform V.S.S.E. about her audit, but was kidnapped by Jakov Kinisky when her real identity was revealed.

Keith and his then-partner, Robert Baxter was dispatched to rescue Christy, shut down Neodyne, and prevent the launch of the military satellite.

Time Crisis II Crisis Missions

A month after the Neodyne Industries Incident, the V.S.S.E., alarmed by the unexpected military strength of Neodyne Industries, decided that it was immediately necessary to conduct training drills to improve the combat skills of its future agents. Keith was chosen as the first agent to undergo Crisis Mission training which lasted 6 days to put him up to par with the one-man army. As a part of his final test to ensure that he was a trustworthy agent, Keith had to fight Richard Miller in a one-on-one drill in which he had to defeat Richard to finish his Crisis Mission obligation. Keith successfully finished his Crisis Mission obligation, which Richard was proud of.

Time Crisis 5

Main article: Time Crisis 5

Keith returns in Time Crisis 5 and "True Mastermind" mortally wounded from the failed missions throughout his life which he was sent by Robert on a mission 3 years ago. He sustained eye injuries and wears a prosthetic hand on his left arm. It is during the fight against him that both he and Robert were trained in using katanas in addition to using hand guns. He was seen ambushing three armed men with his katana who are attempting to get Christy's briefcase after Wild Dog sends it before he explodes himself for the fourth time after been defeated by Luke O'Neil, Marc Godart and Robert.

In the underground factory, while attempting to crack the case lock of the auditor's laptop, Keith is found by the V.S.S.E. agents, causing him to comment that they are earlier than he expected. When Robert appears as well, Keith thought that "the Dog's drudges weren't enough" to keep Robert waiting for the case, as Robert impatiently demands the case in his hands. Soon, he is forced to fight against Robert and the V.S.S.E. rookie agents whom he has nothing against the latter. Despite his speed paring that to the V.S.S.E. agents, the use of his katana which also has the ability to throw a flame slash per swing, shurikens, and handgun, he is defeated with his katana broken in half. Fearing his life and reputation, Keith rushed to the briefcase, opening it for Luke and Marc to see the contents Christy wanted the rookies to look at. Luke and Marc were stunned, but Keith fired two shots barely missing the agents, nullifying the knives and exposing Robert as the true mastermind behind Time Crisis 5, hence revealing Robert as the traitor to the V.S.S.E..

Keith reluctantly agreed to act as the direct officer for Luke and Marc after Luke waltzed forward. Keith and the rookies had to put up with drugged soldiers made from a drug that negates fear and pain--in which the V.S.S.E. felt was too dangerous to distribute. As Keith trailed Robert correctly, he and the rookies were forced to fight Wild Fang--equipped with demonic powers beyond the agents' imagination. Luke and Marc managed to down Wild Fang to fight Robert, utilizing a droid. The youngsters bested against Robert in spite of the difficulty Keith sensed in the fight, but before Robert died, he intended to destroy the V.S.S.E. and hit New York with a missile filled with the drug Keith was forcibly asked to protect in failure three years ago.

To this day, Keith sought to redeem himself from the many missions he failed for the V.S.S.E., thought he could move on to see the brighter future.


Time Crisis II

Japanese version English version Remarks
やはり...軍事衛星だったか 奴ら、この軍事衛星を列車で運び出すらしい!(ロバート: 今すぐ行けばまだ間に合うな...) I knew it! These maniacs have got the military satellite! And they're moving it by train. (Robert: We better get goin'... There's no time to lose!) Keith Martin, after analysing the data from Jakov Kinisky's briefcase

Time Crisis 5

Stage 3 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
ふっ。狂犬が役に立つ事もあるんだな How about that! Wild Dog is good for something after all. Keith Martin, taking the briefcase after ambushing three armed men

Stage 4 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
意外と早かったな(ロバート: キース)犬の手下相手じゃ役不足だったか(ロバート: ケースをよこせ)まだ渡せないな(ロバート: 3秒待ってやる ケースを渡せ 3 2)相変わらずせっかちだな You're earlier than I expected. (Robert: Keith!) The dog's drudges weren't enough? (Robert: Hand over the case.) Don't get hasty. (Robert: I'll give you to the count of 3. Hand over the case. 3. 2.) You never were patient. Keith Martin, before beginning to clash blades with Robert Baxter
新人のお前たちに恨みはないが......俺はまだ死ねない! I've nothing against you rookies.... But it's not my day to die! Keith Martin, battling Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart
裏切り者の狙いを探る必要があった 犬の手下どもが勝手に時間を稼いでくれるしな I needed to investigate the traitor's intentions. The Dog's drudges bought me time. Keith Martin, explaining to Robert Baxter why he needed the case stolen from Wild Dog
あと少しで全てわかる あと少しでケースの暗号解除が終わる!時間をくれ! It'll all be over soon. Just a bit more and I'll have the case's lock cracked. Please, just this! Keith Martin, close to finding out who the real V.S.S.E. traitor is within the stolen briefcase
殺された内部監查官のクリスティーは俺の恋人だった 真相は俺の手で突き止める! The internal auditor, Christy, we were in love. I need to find out what really happened! Keith Martin, during the final phase of the battle

Stage 5 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
俺の元相棒だ 俺一人でカタをつける He used to be my partner. I've gotta take him down myself. Keith Martin, now forced to fight his old partner Robert
なに!?痛みを感じないのか!?頭を狙って倒せ! What?! Do they not feel pain?! Go for headshots and take 'em down! Keith Martin's advice on dealing the Drugged Soldiers
ただの噂だと思っていたが......痛みと恐怖を消し去る薬があるらしい どうやら人間性まで消えるようだがな I never thought anything of it, but....... word is there's a drug that negates both pain and fear. It's like they're not even human. Keith Martin, speaking of a drug that the Drugged Soldiers are created from
キャサリン(キャサリン: キース?)3年前に俺が最後に担当したミッションを調べてくれ(キャサリン: 初めての言葉がそれ!?)頼んだぞ! Catherine. (Cathy: Keith?) The last mission I headed 3 years ago, look into it. (Cathy: That's all you have to say?!) I'm counting on you! Keith Martin, asking Catherine Ricci to look into the mission he went on 3 years ago.

Stage 5 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
ふっ トラップが裏目に出たな Whew. Looks like the trap backfired. Keith Martin, after the Drugged Soldiers fell into Robert's trap intended for the V.S.S.E. agents
敵だ!今までの奴らと違うぞ! Enemy incoming! This isn't your normal drudge! Keith Martin, when Elite Soldiers first appeared
止まった瞬間を狙え! Wait for 'em to stop! Keith Martin's advice on dealing the Elite Soldiers
やはりな VSSEもなかった事にしたいらしい I thought as much. He wants to erase VSSE entirely. Keith Martin, after Catherine Ricci replied that there was no details of a mission he had headed three years ago
機銃の正面に立つな! Don't stand in front of the machine gun! Keith Martin's advice on dealing with enemies manning a machine gun turret
機銃を撃っている奴から狙え! Aim for the guy manning the machine gun! Keith Martin's alternate advice on dealing with enemies manning a machine gun turret

Stage 5 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
エネルギーがたまる前に奴を倒すんだ!あれが爆発したら避けられないぞ! Take him down before he charges up again! If that thing explodes, we're all done for! Keith Martin's advice on dealing Wild Fang's solar generators

Stage 6

Japanese version English version Remarks
ロバートに攻撃を集中しろ!/ロバートを狙え!/ロバートを撃て! Focus on Robert!/Aim for Robert!/Shoot Robert! Keith Martin's frequent tip in the final battle
あのデカいメカは攻撃が效かない! Your attacks don't do anything to that huge mech! Keith Martin, if Luke and Marc hit the robotic droid
あのデカブツに攻撃してもムダだ! You're wasting ammo on that huge thing! Keith Martin, if Luke and Marc hit the mech again
装甲は撃ってもムダだ! Don't waste bullets on the armor! Keith Martin, when fighting Robert who was piloting the mech in its true form


Japanese version English version Remarks
付き合うしかねえよな No choice but to stick with us, eh? Keith Martin, telling Catherine Ricci that with the aircraft and helicopter destroyed, they have no option but to swim to the island that Luke saw


  • In Time Crisis II, he and Robert, unlike most of the V.S.S.E. teams, worked together without supporters, making them the army of two.
  • He appears as the only playable character in Crisis Mission.
  • His name is only mentioned by Robert Baxter, but does not appear in Time Crisis 5 until the True Mastermind Edition is released and revealed.
  • His full name is based on the real life African-American singer, Keith Martin.
  • He was programmed to help the players out as the rookie agents' direct officer, gameplay wise. He will sometimes tell the player to pick up the pace, aim for the head, not get too close, and focus on certain targets, just to name a few. However, in the final battle against Robert, he can only tell them to focus on shooting Robert and not the robot because shooting at it does no damage.
  • He, Robert and Christy were similar to SNK's Art of Fighting protagonists, particularly Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Yuri Sakazaki respectively. But after Robert's treason, Keith and Christy remained the Ryo and Yuri while Robert eventually became the Fatal Fury Geese Howard of Time Crisis. This also makes Keith a Terry Bogard/Rock Howard of Time Crisis, while Christy is a female Jeff Bogard of Time Crisis.
  • His hairstyle in Time Crisis 5 resembles Ken Masters in his previous appearance in the Street Fighter main game series. Also, his appearance in said game resembles Raiden, a character from the Metal Gear Solid series and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence. This is because they have blonde hair and blue eyes, started as shooters (Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2) but became ninjas in later installations (Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence), lost their left eye in one of the games (Raiden lost his during the prologue in Metal Gear Rising: Revengence) and their katanas are broken at some point in their game (Keith after he is defeated, Raiden during his fight against Senator Armstrong).
  • As a boss character in Time Crisis 5, Keith's fighting style is Ninjutsu where he clashes with Robert in a sword fight using his katana and throwing shurikens to his opponents along with a smoke grenade. He also utilizes Kenjutsu where he slashes his opponent with a single katana in flames and Taijutsu when he knocks Robert with a roundhouse kick.
    • His boss battle between the V.S.S.E. rookie agents is similar to the one-on-one battle between him and Richard Miller in the Time Crisis II final crisis mission. The way he shoots his gun and runs in a quick pace is similar to Richard's movements during the Crisis Mission. In Keith's case, he can also threw shurikens or smoke grenades as well as slashing his opponent with his katana. When he is defeated by the rookie agents, it is also the same as how he defeated Richard in the Crisis Mission with both men alive.


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