ロングレッグ (rear top)

The Kraken [named Long Leg (ロングレッグ Rongu Reggu?) in the Japanese version] is a colossal boss robot in Razing Storm.


It has four robotic tentacles each equipped with an anti tank cannon, and a long robotic body equipped with numerous weapons, including rocket launchers, laser turrets, laser irradiator "segments" (most of them fire pulse lasers while the top most segment fires a sweeping laser), and an even more powerful main laser cannon. In the arcade mode, the main laser cannon appears after the Kraken has taken sufficient damage and does so by extending the cannon barrel. In the story mode, the main laser cannon is used to ambush the player, is retracted when the Kraken's weak point is hit and is extended after the Kraken gets up. While a powerful weapon, the main laser cannon requires time to charge for an attack.


Its weakpoint is the joint on one of its leg, which can be shot by a rocket or missile to immobolize for a while. However, to effectively destroy it, the main laser cannon must be destroyed.


Destroying the main laser cannon is worth 5,000 points with an additional 10,000 point bonus.

In-Game Appearance

The Kraken appears in Stages 1 and 2 of Razing Storm arcade mode, one each in Stages 1 and 2 of the story mode. One of its kind is first seen in the prologue, with this same one shooting down the player's helicopter. Then it appeared in the hallways using its robotic tentacles releasing two Raptors. In the story mode, one appears in Stage 1 but cannot be damaged by the player. Another appears in Stage 2 which guns down Mark when he got exposed by its searchlights and cannot be damaged by the player. Subsequently, the same one ambushes the player just before the S.C.A.R. soldiers reach the tower, forcing them to destroy it.


Music Theme

Time Crisis Razing Storm OST - Kraken Boss (Stage 1)

Time Crisis Razing Storm OST - Kraken Boss (Stage 1)

Time Crisis Razing Storm OST - Kraken Boss (Stage 2)

Time Crisis Razing Storm OST - Kraken Boss (Stage 2)

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