Marc Godart

Marc Godart (マーク・ゴダート, Māku Godāto) is one of the two main characters in Time Crisis 5. As a next-generation V.S.S.E. agent partnered with Luke O'Neil, Marc is supported in the air by Catherine Ricci.

Marc is voiced by Shin'ichi Tsunoda (角田 真一, Tsunoda Shin'ichi) in Japanese, and by Eric Kelso in English.


Marc has black semi-short wavy hair and blue eyes.

Marc wears a white collared button shirt that is opened around his chest covered by a blue full-sleeved coat. He wears white pants with bold dark gray stripes. The left pant leg houses gun magazines while the right pant leg houses a gun holster. There are two black belts with silver buckles around the waist and partially covered by the coat. He wears white shoes.


Luke and Marc are well-known in the V.S.S.E. for having superhuman speed. To ensure newer agents are capable of meeting more stringent challenges against tougher enemies, Luke and Marc are issued with gas-actuated pistols (a V.S.S.E.-modified IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX) carrying 9 .50 AE rounds per magazine in addition to the required battery and aptitude-oriented Crisis mission training.

Luke and Marc were at a hotel to help their direct officer, Robert Baxter retrieve a silver briefcase (under possession by Wild Dog) left behind by a murdered V.S.S.E. auditor three months prior to the events of the game. When Luke and Marc attacked the drudges, cover was blown, and the agents had to fight Wild Dog throughout the air and land with helicopters and motorcycles. Wild Dog ejected the briefcase out-of-range before blowing himself up for the fourth time.

The briefcase was retrieved by Keith Martin in a deserted island containing Wild Dog's factory as one of its facilities, and its contents are data revealing that their superior Robert is the traitor among the V.S.S.E.. With Keith taking over as the partners' direct officer, Luke and Marc eventually put a stop to the now treacherous Robert's madness as they send him falling off a cargo plane ready to fire a drug-filled missile, but not before Robert shoots the plane's engine to send it crashing down into the ocean. Before stopping Robert, Luke and Marc had to fight Wild Fang, who is armed with a modified right leg which can fire missiles and solar generators attached to his back which can create a solar energy orb, inside a cave.


As the second youngest protagonist of the franchise, Marc is a complex V.S.S.E. agent, with his personality being a combination of Wesley Lambert and Giorgio Bruno. He is more cautious in surprise situations than his own partner (Luke), warning him not to "count his chickens" after destroying the tactical missile that is about to be launched on the roof. Marc is also more calm than Luke, who's overly impatient and desperate as per Keith.


Japanese version English version Remarks
まだだ! Don't count your chickens... Marc Godart, when Wild Dog begins to escape in an armored vehicle
おとなしく出てこい! Show yourself! And no funny business! Marc Godart, ordering Wild Dog to surrender the briefcase after the latter is defeated
(ルーク: キャサリン 裏切り者はロバートだった)俺たちはこれからキースと一緒にロバートを追う (Luke: Cathy, Robert was the one behind all this!) We're following after him with Keith. Marc Godart, after learning that his negotiator Robert Baxter is the V.S.S.E. traitor


  • Marc resembles Jay from Rolling Thunder 3, a Time Crisis predecessor game also created by Namco.


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