Basic Information
1968 (Exact date unknown)



United States (exact locale unknown)

Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard




Hamlin Battalion


Captain, United States Army, leader of the Hamlin Battalion 3nd company

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis 4


Custom-made Barrett M107 anti-tank rifle and Terror Bites

Voice actor(s)

Hisao Egawa (江川 央生 Egawa Hisao?) (Time Crisis 4 Japanese)
Sam Riegel, credited as Jack Ringo (Time Crisis 4 English)

Captain Marcus Black (マーカス・ブラック大尉 Mākasu Burakku-tai'i?) is the leader of the Hamlin Battalion 3rd company and is thought to be an arms dealer for a European terrorist group called W.O.L.F. (Western Order Liberation Front).


Black has turquoise eyes. It is not known whether he has hair or is bald because of the hood covering most of his head.

Black wears a raincoat of dark colored tigerstripe pattern and black half-sleeves. Said raincoat also has a pull-up mask covering his mouth and is unzipped when he is killed. He also wears pants of regular Hamlin Battalion soldiers design but with only one knee pad on his left knee, black combat boots and green gloves. As for equipment, he has a wrist-mounted wire winch gun attached on his lower left arm to swing from high places and hurl heavy objects. He has a device which prevents the Terror Bites from attacking him on his waist. As for weapons, he is armed with a custom-made Barrett M107 anti-tank rifle which he fires in one hand. Said weapon also has a charging ability to fire a single guaranteed shot but leaves Black vulnerable while charging the shot. He also uses two different types of Terror Bites, which is dependent on the player's outcome in the third screen battle. The mite bites is used if the player succeeds or the mosquito bites is used if the player fails.


Black held a low position in the U.S. military due to their harsh treatment for special operations units. In addition, he is unhappy for receiving payment cuts for the front line missions he frequently undertakes. Hence, he is extremely disappointed with the U.S. military and the government. To fulfill his interest of money, he broke apart from the battalion and attempted to sell a truck shipment of Terror Bites to the terrorists at an agreeable price (this action will cause Frank Mathers to call him a backstabbing traitor). The truck shipment was stopped as Black was forced to defend himself until the moment he was killed. The moment Giorgio Bruno, Evan Bernard, and Captain Rush inspected the corpse of the paramilitary members, including Black, it appeared that Black, like all Hamlin Battalion members, betrayed the United States. Players must play the PlayStation 3 version of the game to find out if "W.O.L.F." was an organizational disguise of the Hamlin Battalion (to avoid prosecution) or if Hamlin simply betrayed the U.S. and allied themselves with "W.O.L.F.".


Japanese version English version Remarks
こいつを渡してたまるかぁぁ!! You want it? Then come over here and take it! Marcus Black's first words before battling the V.S.S.E. agents and Captain Rush
こうなったら、お前らごとブツを始末してやる!! You guys are finished! Marcus Black, before the screen battle
しつこいヤツラだ。 You don't know when to quit, do you? Marcus Black, if players fail the third screen battle
...アメリア軍の兵だと!? He was from the U.S. Military? Captain Rush, upon learning that Marcus Black was once a member of the U.S. Military


  • His blood type is AB.
  • He is the only boss that the player has to battle in a screen battle (Wild Dog does not count because he does not engage them in the fifth screen battle).
    • In the third screen battle, he houses 40% of Enemies conditions (x5 Lifebar holds 10%, x4 Lifebar holds 10% and x3 Lifebar holds 20%).


Music Theme

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 5-1 - Arcade - Stage 1-3

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 5-1 - Arcade - Stage 1-3

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