Marisa Soleil
Basic Information
21 (when Time Crisis: Project Titan occured)




Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Blonde

Personal Status



Caruban lawyer,
V.S.S.E. International Affairs Agent (as Abacus)

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis: Project Titan

Marisa Soleil (マリッサ・ソレイル Marissa Soreiru?), codenamed "Abacus", is a supporting character in Time Crisis: Project Titan. She is a double-crossing V.S.S.E. agent who helped clear the name of agent Richard Miller, who was framed for the assassination of Caruban president Xavier Serrano.


Marisa has dark blonde hair tied into a bun and green eyes.

Marisa wears a low-cut white dress with a red single-breasted notched lapel coat over it. She also wears purple leggings and red high-heels.


Posing as Abacus, Marisa claims to know the identity of Serano's killer that will help Miller clear his name. Abacus is also one of the few V.S.S.E. female agents but to protect Marisa's standing as a V.S.S.E. agent, the agency christened her as Abacus. Marisa is a graduate from a university located at the United States of America. After being involved with the R&D of a corporation dealing with the black market, Marisa resolved to live more responsibly ever since. Marisa is being held captive within the Kantaris limits from the organization's suspictions that Marisa is attempting to leak information to Miller.


Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
ミラー?...誰の事? Miller? Who's that? Marisa Soleil, when Kantaris began interrogating her

Stage 1 Area 4

Japanese version English version Remarks
リチャード!私はマリッサ・ソレイル。アバカスの名でVSSEに情報を送ったのは私です。セラノ大統領の本当の暗殺犯はリカルド・ブランコというカルバの傭兵です。あなたの標的は彼よ。彼を見つけ出して。ああ、でも今はこの船から逃げないと!船を自爆させるつもりよ!! Richard? My name is Marisa Soleil. I'm the one who sent to V.S.S.E. as Abacus. A mercenary in Caruba named Ricardo Blanco is the real assassin of president Serrano. You should go there and find him. He's your man. But right now we have to get out of the ship. She's going to blow! Marisa Soleil, giving Richard Miller the information on who actually killed president Xavier Serrano


Japanese version English version Remarks
(セラノ: ソレイル君、ミラー君はどこへいった?1時間前、受賞式のためにここに来たと思ったのだが...)何か「急な仕事」を片付けて来ると言っていました。大統領閣下。ただ...戻って来ると思っていたのですが...。きっと、何か思うところがあるのでしょう...。 (Serrano: Senorita Soleil, where's Senor Miller? He supposed to be here hour ago for the award ceremony.) Mr. President, Richard mentioned that he had to take care of some urgent business. I thought he'd come, but I guess he changed his mind. Marisa Soleil, informing Xavier Serrano that Richard Miller would always be busy


  • Marisa Soleil is the third oldest female character in Time Crisis Franchise. The first is Kantaris.
  • Unlike the actual game where her hair is dark blonde, Marisa's hair in render version is natural blonde.


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