Neodyne Industries offshore base

The offshore base for Neodyne Industries.

Neodyne Industries (ネオダイン・インダストリー Neodain Indasutorī?) was a data communications company and the main antagonistic faction in Time Crisis II. Ostensibly founded to install a global satellite network, Neodyne plotted to launch a nuclear satellite into space, endangering the world.


Neodyne Industries was founded by Ernesto Diaz and was supposedly a data communications company whose big achievement, Starline Network, would unite the world through a global network of 64 satellites.

In truth, Diaz's goals were much more sinister: the Starline Network was a mere front for a nuclear satellite that would put the world at its mercy. V.S.S.E. reconnaissance agent Christy Ryan was sent in order to investigate the network. She found out about the satellite, but Jakov Kinisky was sent to stop her.

Kinisky caught her, but by then it was too late: The V.S.S.E. had sent its second best agents to the scene: Keith Martin and Robert Baxter to aid Ryan. Kinisky was killed in the ensuing chase, but Ryan was taken to the super secret marine base.

However, Kinisky failed to keep Ryan's computer out of the agent's hands, and they were able to find the railway that the satellite was being transported on. The two made it to the train, but Buff Bryant stopped them from destroying it, allowing Diaz's men to recover the satellite and take it to the marine base. Afterwards, Bryant tried to kill them, but instead he was the one killed.

The two agents then made it to Diaz's base, where Wild Dog awaited them. Wild Dog fought them, and then blew himself up upon defeat. Diaz tried fighting them with a prototype satellite, but Keith and Robert overcame him, and he fell to his death. As he fell, the prototype satellite destroyed the real one, blowing up the launch pad and destroying Neodyne Industries for good.

Notable Members

Types of Infantry

To ensure that Diaz's goals were fulfilled, Neodyne Industries had a private army to destroy any opposition.

  • "Normal" class soldiers: They are dressed in blue full military uniforms, wear black ski masks, equipped with black loading bearing vests and knee-pads, and are armed with 2nd generation Glock 17 handguns. Their shots have low accuracy. There is a variant who wear grey gas masks with goggles on in addition to the ski masks, and another variant wear black ski masks and grey gas masks with goggles not on.
  • "Leader" class soldiers: They are dressed in white urban city camouflage uniforms and combat helmets, wear black shades and have telecommunication tools carried on their backs. Even though they are armed with the same weapon as those of the normal soldiers, they have higher accuracy. They may be often the cost of the loss of lives if not for the "Sharpshooter" soldiers. There is a variant dressed in dark blue and purple uniforms who replace the white-suited version in all areas of Stage 3. In the PS2 version, they have the same type of uniform as the "Normal" soldiers (losing the combat helmets and shades) wearing black ski masks and grey gas masks with goggles not on.
  • Red suited soldiers: They are the marksmen armed with the same weapon as those of the normal soldiers but frequently fire critical shots with high accuracy. In addition, their first shot is always a critical shot.
  • Orange suited soldiers: They are identical to the "Normal" soldiers but always appear in pairs. In single player mode, killing them in a specific order determines the route characters take. For Keith's route, players must shoot the left-side soldier first except for the first encounter in Stage 1 Area 1 which the right-side soldier has to be shot first. The reverse must be done for Robert's route.
  • Yellow suited soldiers: They normally do not participate in fights. Killing them give the players 5,000 point bonus or 6,000 points if they are hit in the bodies three times. There are fifteen of these soldiers in total with one in Stage 1 Area 1, two in Stage 1 Area 3, one in Stage 2 Area 1, seven in Stage 2 Area 2, one in Stage 2 Area 3, and three in Stage 3 Area 1. In Stage 1 Area 2, there are nine of them if the first shot removes Jakov Kinisky's hat in all 4 encounters during single player mode. In Stage 2 Area 2, the ones which appear when the right side train first appears determine the route characters take in single player mode. Killing both of them causes the player to go to the right side train and have an additional eight of these soldiers. Killing only one or none of them causes the player to remain on the left side train. In Stage 3 Area 1, there is an additional three of these soldiers if a minimum of 25 hits are delivered on Wild Dog during the last two action sequences.
  • Machine gunners: They are dressed in green uniforms of jungle camouflage and caps. They are armed with FAMAS assault rifles. While they do not immediately fire critical shots like the "Red" soldiers, multiple critical shots can be fired at the same time. Those who appear just before the second armored vehicle fight in Stage 2 Area 1 are armed with the "NDI" submachine gun which is based on the Uzi, with the addition of a HK MP5A3 stock.
  • Missile soldiers: They are dressed in the same uniforms as the machine gunners. They are armed with M202 FLASH rocket launchers which have high accuracy. However, they have low maneuverability due to the weight of the rocket launchers. There is a variant in the arcade version dressed in dark blue and purple uniforms who only appear in Stage 1 Area 1 after the trailer truck skided. Those require two hits each to kill. Said variant in the PS2 version is the same as the white suited soldiers but still require two hits each to kill.
  • Grenadiers: They are dressed in the same uniforms as the machine gunners and missile soldiers. They throw M67 hand grenades which are guaranteed hits but can be shot down. There are six of these soldiers in total with two each in Stage 1 Areas 1 and 2, one in Stage 2 Area 1, and one in Stage 3 Area 1.
  • "Knife Men": They are dressed in jungle camouflage uniforms and caps, wear black shades and are armed with survival knives. They are agile and will throw their knives at range or slash when up close. Both methods of attacks are guaranteed hits.
  • "Frogmen": They are dressed in white-black colored diving suits which have ski masks (only seen in the attract mode) underneath their breathing helmets and have water jets attached on their backs. Their weapon is a gauntlet on both arms. They will slash when up close which is a guaranteed hit. There are six of these soldiers and they only appear in Stage 1 Area 3 especially the first two who are seen using the water jets to propel themselves before jumping up and dashing mid-air in an attempt to slash.

Other Weapons

  • 6x6 wheeled armored vehicles resembling the VAB appear in Stages 1 Area 2 and Stage 2 Area 1. They are 5.8 m long, weigh 12.2 tons, and are armed with a BGM-71 TOW missile launcher at the front and a Browning M2 machine gun at the rear. The one in Stage 1 Area 2 also has two missile soldiers inside the passenger compartment.
  • An armed cruiser is used by Jakov Kinisky as a means of escape from the V.S.S.E. agents. It is 9.25 m long, weighs 8 tons when loaded with equipment, powered by two 420 horsepower engines, capable of travelling at over 48 knots, and is armed with two M61 Vulcan Gatling cannons.
  • Helicopter gunships resembling the MD 520N appear in Stage 2 Area 3 and Stage 3 Area 2. They are armed with two M202 FLASH rocket launchers which are used in Stage 3 Area 2.
  • A prototype satellite is used by Ernesto Diaz to attack the V.S.S.E agents. It is armed with two laser cannons firing slashing lasers and four triple missile launchers.


Notable Members
Infantry types
Other Weapons
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