Randy Garrett


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Zagorias Federation

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Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert


By falling


Zagorias Federation

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Time Crisis 3


Claws, wrist mounted rocket launcher

Randy Garrett (ランディー・ギャレット Randī Gyaretto?) is the boss of Stage 2 in Time Crisis 3.


Randy has orange-brown hair over his right eye, and brown eyes.

Randy wears a black jumpsuit, red knee pads and gray combat boots. As for equipment, there is red armor on his chest, upper shoulder joints and groin area. As for weapons, he is armed with double wolverine-style melee blades attached to each wrist and a wrist mounted rocket launcher on the right arm.


Randy is first seen on top of a bridge, chuckling as he unleashed numerous Clawmen upon the three heroes. He is subsequently encountered in person during the later parts stage, just as the train approaches the bridge and stops there, engaging in battle with Alan and Wesley. After a short while, he destroys one end of the bridge, causing Alan and Wesley to ignore him while they clamber back up to safe ground, where they continue fighting with the deadly opponent. Finally, after a drawn out fight, Randy is shot off the container he was standing on, causing him to fall to his death.


Randy is among the ranks of the most agile enemies in the game, his speed rivaling and potentially surpassing the speed of the Clawmen and the later bosses. His impressive agility allows him to perform spectacular feats, such as leaping from the train to the supports of the bridge high above, making him a relatively difficult target. He has two main forms of attack, his claws and his wrist mounted rocket launcher, both attacks have 100% accuracy (as melee attacks are a guaranteed hit) and are relatively difficult to dodge, although they can both be dodged with ease if the pattern is recognised quickly.

Apart from Garrett's own abilities, he is accompanied by two Elite Clawmen, who are dressed in yellow and brown fatigues, and constantly attack agents Alan and Wesley in unison while Randy is in the distance or is retreating. They do not differ much from the normal Clawmen enemies in terms of attacks, but are much more durable (10 handgun shots compared to 3 for the regular blue Clawmen).


  • Randy, along with Wild Dog and Wild Fang, are the only bosses that Alicia has no interaction with in the main Time Crisis 3 campaign.


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