The Renegade Soldiers are a type of enemy in Razing Storm.

Bestiary Overview

There are two variants of Renegade Soldiers.

The first variant which is the most common is soldiers dressed in green color full military uniforms, have body armor and combat helmets, and are armed with compact version of the HK XM8 assault rifle fitted with a HK UMP stock. Some wear visors, have the shirt sleeves folded up to half-length, throw Mk 2 hand grenades and can operate HACS. In Stage 3 of the arcade mode, those at the roof of Paulo Guerra's base of operations have the shirt sleeves folded up to half-length and are armed with sniper rifles (there are at least 9 of them). In the story mode, they can also use machine gun turrets and operate Piston Pods.

The second variant which only appears in story mode is soldiers dressed in full military uniforms of urban camouflage, have body armor and combat helmets fitted with retractable headlights, and are armed with laser rifles. Some are armed with sniper rifles similar to the one used by the first variant Renegade Soldiers. They can also use missile launchers and machine gun turrets.


Each assault rifle armed Renegade Soldier is worth 10 points for each shot with an additional 500 point bonus for each kill. Each sniper rifle armed Renegade Soldier is worth 10 points for each shot with an additional 2,450 point bonus for each kill.


First variant
Second variant
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