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Robert Baxter


Griffon (Treasure Keeper)

Basic Information
46 (as of 2015)
1969 (Exact date unknown)
United States



United States

Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart


Killed in action due to treason


Navy Seal Team 7 (Formerly) V.S.S.E.
Wild Dogs


Major V.S.S.E. Operations Agent, codenamed Griffon
Thoughtful negotiator, turned traitor to Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart, becoming leader of the Wild Dogs (Time Crisis 5)

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis II
Time Crisis 5


HK Mk 23 (basic weapon) and "NDI" submachine gun (Time Crisis II)
HK 45, HK MP5K submachine gun, serrated gladius, knife, flashbang, multi-purpose touch screen PDA, Robot Mech, railgun and drug-infused missile (Time Crisis 5)

Voice actor(s)

Scott McCulloch (Time Crisis II)
Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹 Inada Tetsu?) (Time Crisis 5 Japanese)
Stuart O (Time Crisis 5 English)

Robert Baxter (ロバート・バクスター Robāto Bakusutā?) is the only character of the Time Crisis franchise to serve as both a protagonist (as Player 2 in Time Crisis II during the Neodyne Industries crisis (1998)) and the main antagonist (Time Crisis 5 and its True Mastermind Expansion (2015), serving as a villain with a hidden agenda).


Robert has short black hair, brown eyes and a slight goatee and sideburns.

In Time Crisis II, he wore a blue leather jacket with a white short sleeve undershirt, gray denim pants and blue and white striped sneakers with black linings.

In Time Crisis 5 and its True Mastermind Edition, he grows older and gains short facial hair and wears purple-tinted sunglasses.

He wears a gray and black snake-designed long sleeved collared button shirt with the sleeves are folded into cuffs and a white shoulder gun holsters on each side, white pants with a brown belt around his waist and black shoes. He also wears a matching gray watch on his left wrist. This is the outfit that he wears as a thoughtful negotiator later as a traitor towards the players and his old partner, Keith Martin.


Robert is of Native American descent.

He served in the United States Navy SEAL Team 7 during his pre-V.S.S.E. years. Upon his recruitment to the V.S.S.E. from the Navy SEALs, Robert is given the name of Griffon: Treasure Keeper to avoid surprise attacks and possible prosecution (which Keith was handled much longer). Among all teams in the V.S.S.E., Keith and Robert serves as the agency's senior team. As a civilian, Robert is a school bus driver. He does not appear as a playable character in Crisis Mission.

Time Crisis II

Main article: Time Crisis II

On October 31, 1998, Neodyne Industries announced Starline Network, a global network consisting of 64 space satellites with the intention of uniting the world. An external audit by Christy Ryan revealed that it was actually a front to launch a military satellite into space, tailored to inflict damage. Christy attempted to inform V.S.S.E. about her audit, but was kidnapped by Jakov Kinisky when her real identity was revealed.

Robert and his then-partner, Keith was dispatched to rescue Christy, shut down Neodyne, and prevent the launch of the military satellite.

Time Crisis 5

Main article: Time Crisis 5

Robert returns in Time Crisis 5 as an NPC. He serves as an officer for next-generation V.S.S.E. agents Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart. Robert, alongside O'Neil and Godart, are tasked with recovering a silver briefcase obtained by Wild Dog. The briefcase belonged to a V.S.S.E. interal auditor, who was investigating a possible traitor within the agency before abruptly being murdered. The rumored traitor was said to have been selling V.S.S.E. intel to enemy organizations. Robert also mentions that his old partner Keith Martin is suspected to be the traitor, though he strongly hopes this isn't the case.

After Wild Dog's mechanical hand then launches into the sky, flying off with the briefcase in tow, Robert tries to shoot the prosthetic hand but fails, the bullet striking the briefcase instead. After Wild Dog blows himself up for a fourth time, Luke, Marc, Catherine Ricci, and him make a trip to the jungle, in which the briefcase was spotted in Wild Dog's factory. Luke and Marc questioned Robert as to why he would shoot the briefcase en route to the jungle, in which Robert replied that "he wasn't shooting that thing for target practice".

After defeating the enemies inside the factory, Robert finds Keith inside and demands the briefcase be given to him. When Keith refuses, Robert fights him, questioning Keith about his betrayal and his teaming up with Wild Dog (even saying that he and Keith are fighting in Wild Dog's factory). After being exposed by Keith as the actual traitor (and the one who killed Christy) after the former is defeated, Robert attempted to kill Luke and Marc by throwing knives at them, but is foiled by Keith who fired his handgun at those knives. Having failed to kill the V.S.S.E. agents, Robert throws a Model 7290 flashbang grenade and escapes.

After the V.S.S.E. agents and Keith find him in the underground base, he sends them to a long plunge down, saying that "he is parting ways and that he is not the only person they have to face". Hence, the V.S.S.E. agents and Keith have to battle Wild Fang before finding Robert inside an aircraft cargo hold. After saying that "he can pick up where he had last left off", Robert summons a robot mech and himself brings out a railgun to try to kill the V.S.S.E. agents and Keith. It is also where he reveals to Keith about his plan on resetting the world with the drug that negates pain and fear, and turns people into zombies. Since the V.S.S.E. knew about its effects and the calamities should it be used, Robert, against V.S.S.E. regulations, had Keith protect the pharmacy that housed the drug, but winded to be a failure after Robert attacked and stole from the pharmacy, erasing the mission to prevent V.S.S.E. from knowing anything about the drug's theft.

With the aircraft taking off, the V.S.S.E. agents and Keith had to defeat elite soldiers inside another cargo compartment before arriving at the rear of the aircraft and combat Robert on a towering robot mech as the traitor readied the missile to strike New York with the evil intention of reducing the city to complete chaos with the drug. After the robot is destroyed, Robert prepares to launch his missile at New York, but Catherine attempted to launch herself at Robert in her V.S.S.E. chopper. In addition to destroying the remains of Robert's machine, Catherine also knocked his missile out of commission forcing Robert to attack his former allies in a last ditch effort. Robert is then shot out of the main carrier by the agents, most presumably dying, with his scheme to undermine the heart of his former organisation brought down by his deceived comrades.


Time Crisis II

Japanese version English version Remarks
(キース: やはり...軍事衛星だったか 奴ら、この軍事衛星を列車で運び出すらしい!)今すぐ行けばまだ間に合うな... (Keith: I knew it! These maniacs have got the military satellite! And they're moving it by train.) We better get goin'... There's no time to lose! Robert Baxter, after his partner learning about NDI's move about the satellite

Time Crisis 5

Stage 1 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
H.A.C.S.! 背後の赤いボンベを撃て! 回り込んで背中を撃つんだ! H.A.C.S.! Shoot the red tank behind him! Go around and shoot at its back! Robert Baxter, when H.A.C.S. appeared for the first time

Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
3ヶ月前にVSSEのエージェントが殺され、極秘情報の入ったケースを奪われた そのエージェントはVSSEの内部監查官だ Three months ago, a V.S.S.E. agent was murdered. Her briefcase was never found. That agent was an internal auditor. Her case was full of classified intel. Robert Baxter, replying to Catherine Ricci about the contents of the briefcase that the V.S.S.E. wants it back
やはり一筋縄ではいかないようだな We may have underestimated this guy. Robert Baxter, when Wild Dog used his detonator to trigger a jetpack instead of blowing himself as he had done in Time Crisis II

Stage 2 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
左だ!/右だ! On your left!/On your right! Robert Baxter, telling the V.S.S.E. agents to change positions upon encountering enemies in a helicopter battle (first quote)
左から敵機接近!/右から敵機接近! Enemy forces coming from the left!/Enemy forces coming from the right! Robert Baxter, telling the V.S.S.E. agents to change positions upon encountering enemies in a helicopter battle (second quote)
地上部隊に気をつけろ!トリガーを引き続けるんだ! Watch out for ground troops! Keep that trigger squeezed! Robert Baxter, upon encountering ground troops during a helicopter battle
ひるむな!撃ちまくれ! Don't be shy, let 'em have it! Robert Baxter's usual tip during helicopter battles

Stage 2 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
VSSE内に裏切り者がいる証拠データだ(キャサリン: でも何でワイルドドッグが......)VSSEからの情報は金になるんだろう あるいはワイルドドッグも裏切り者が誰なのか知らないのかもな Data proving there's a traitor within V.S.S.E. (Cathy: But why would Wild Dog......?). Information from V.S.S.E. is worth serious coin. Or maybe even Wild Dog doesn't know who the traitor is. Robert Baxter, replying to Catherine Ricci on why Wild Dog is interested about the briefcase

Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
徹底的に追い詰めろ! Run him down like the Wild Dog he is! Robert Baxter, on dealing with an escaping Wild Dog at the sky bridge
ロケットランチャーへ切り替える!敵車両を一掃しろ! Switching to rocket launchers! Take out their wheels! Robert Baxter, on dealing with the last batch of enemies during a helicopter battle
建物ごとぶっ壊せ! Level the whole building! Robert Baxter's advice on dealing with enemies on the roof of a fragile building
何をしている!ひるむな!撃ちまくれ! What are you doing? Don't be shy, let 'em have it! Robert Baxter, when the V.S.S.E. agents take too long during the penultimate helicopter battle
ミサイルを爆破して敵を全滅させろ! Take out the missile and wipe those bastards out! Robert Baxter, on dealing with a ballistic missile ready for launch

Stage 3 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
殺された内部監查官はキースを追っていた 知っていると思うがキースは俺の元相棒だ 信じたくはないが、キースが金のために情報を流していた噂がある(キャサリン: そんな......)あのケースを取り戻せばわかる事だ That internal auditor was watching Keith. You probably already know this, but Keith used to be my partner. I've heard rumors that he sells intel, I don't want to believe them, but...... (Cathy: Surely not......) Once we get that case back, we'll know for sure. Robert Baxter, suspicious that Keith was selling traitorous intel to Wild Dog

Stage 4 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
I expected more from you. Robert Baxter, if players fail the sniping event
さすがだな Nicely done. Robert Baxter, if players succeed the sniping event

Stage 4 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
なんとなくだが......奥にキースがいる気がする I can't say why... but I get the feeling Keith if up ahead... Robert Baxter, feeling suspicious of Keith Martin's presence in the factory
お前たちを見ていると昔を思い出す 俺もキースも目の前の任務を必死にこなしてきた Watching you guys reminds me of my days. Me and Keith gave our all to complete the task at hand. Robert Baxter, telling the V.S.S.E. agents about how committed they are in retrieving the briefcase is similar to the time he was in stopping Neodyne Industries
正面に立つとやられるぞ! You won't last standing there! Robert Baxter, when fighting a more responsive H.A.C.S. in the factory (first quote)
上の燃料タンクを爆発させてひるみせろ! Blow up the fuel tank above to spook them! Robert Baxter, when fighting a more responsive H.A.C.S. in the factory (second quote)

Stage 4 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
俺たちを待っているみたいだな(キャサリン: えっ?)おそらく奥にいるのはキースだ 俺にはわかる(キャサリン: だとしたら何か伝えたい事があるのかも......)手加減できる相手じゃない 倒した時、生きてたら吐かせればいい Looks like he's waiting for us... (Cathy: Huh?) It's gotta be Keith back there! I just know it! (Cathy: Maybe he's trying to tell us something...) We can't go easy on him. He can say what he wants after we take him down. Robert Baxter, feeling suspicious of the case being in possession by Keith Martin
なぜ裏切った!(キース: 俺じゃない!)お前以外に誰がいる!(キース: それを知るためにケースが必要だった!) Why did you betray us?! (Keith: It wasn't me!) Who else is there?! (Keith: I took the case to find out!) Robert Baxter, demanding the reason for Keith's betrayal
ワイルドドッグと組んだ奴を信用できるか!(キース: 俺は奴と組んでいない)ここはワイルドドッグの工場だろうが! You think we'd believe anyone allied with Wild Dog? (Keith: I didn't team up with him!) This whole factory is his! Robert Baxter, to Keith Martin, on how he (Keith) used Wild Dog as bait to keep the V.S.S.E. in check, thinking that he (Keith) worked together with Wild Dog against the V.S.S.E.
そんな話を誰が信じる! You think we'll buy that?! Robert Baxter, to Keith Martin, denying the fact that Wild Dog was only giving him (Keith) time to decipher the stolen briefcase
黙れ!裏切った相棒は自分で片付ける! Enough! I'm here to take you down, old comrade! Robert Baxter, frustrated that Keith is not returning the briefcase to him
お前が死ねば全て計画通りだったのにな If you had just died this would have all gone according to plan. Robert Baxter, upon revealing his true colors as the V.S.S.E. traitor to Luke O'Neil, Marc Godart, and Keith Martin

Stage 5 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
ここでお別れだ(キース: は!)お前たちの相手は俺じゃない(キース: ロバーートーーー!) Here's where we part ways. (Keith: What?) I'm not the one you're facing here. (Keith: Robeeeeerrrrtt!) Robert Baxter, trapping the V.S.S.E. agents into some cave

Stage 6

Japanese version English version Remarks
よく来たな お前たちとさっきの続きをやってもいいんだが.......今回は確実にお前たちを殺す必要があるからな So you made it. We can pick up where we last left off. But this time, I'll have to kill you. Robert Baxter, now a traitor, as he gets ready to kill the V.S.S.E. agents
ちょっとしたオモチャを使わせてもらおう(キース: なっ.......)さあ 始めようか! I've got a little toy to share with you. (Keith: What.......) Now then, shall we begin?! Robert Baxter, when the mech appeared and armed with the railgun
さすがのVSSEもこいつには勝てないだろう?(キース: こんな物まで用意しているとは.......) Even V.S.S.E. can't beat this, right? (Keith: He definitely came prepared...) Robert Baxter, when the final battle begins
(キース: ロバート!あの狂った兵士を作り出す試験薬をどうするつもりだ!)VSSEは試験薬の效果を知っていた だからこそ3年前にお前を護衛につけて守ろうとしたんだ ミッションは失敗したようだがな ふっ(キース: やはり貴様が!)質問に答えてやろう 世界を一度リセットするんだよ! (Keith: Robert! What are you planning to do with a drug that makes monsters like that?!) The V.S.S.E. knew about its effects. That's why I sent you on that mission 3 years ago, to protect it. The mission was a failure though, hmph. (Keith: So it WAS you!) I'll answer your question for you. To reset the whole world! Robert Baxter, answering Keith's question on what he plans to do with the drug which turns people into zombies
離陸時刻になっただけだ It's time for take off, that's all. Robert Baxter, as his cargo plane starts to take off
(キース: 何をする気だ!)試験薬をたっぷり積んだミサイルだ こいつがニューヨークに降り注いだらどうなると思う?(キース: させるものか!)お前たちに止められるかな?こいつの真の姿を見せてやる(キース: くそっ、化け物め!) (Keith: What are you trying to pull?) It's a missile all nice and filled with that drug. What do you think'll happen if I drop this on New York? (Keith: You think I'd let you do that?) Do you think you can stop me? It's time to show you this thing's true form! (Keith: Gah, you monster!) Robert Baxter, piloting the robot, before battling the V.S.S.E. agents as the robots transforms into its true form
ふっ、結局ミサイルの阻止は失敗だ(マーク: くっ)(ルーク: くそ!)正義面した奴らが作った薬で世界は一度終わる Hmph. You still weren't able to stop the missile. (Marc: Gah!) (Luke: Dang it!) The world will meet its end with a drug from the hands pretending to save it! The now-treacherous Robert Baxter, intent on launching a missile containing a zombie drug
お前たちがここまでやるとはな だが、いつかわかる時が来る 正義は一つではないと I didn't expect you to come this far. But you'll learn the truth soon enough. There is more than just one right in the world! Robert Baxter's final words


  • In Time Crisis II, he and Keith, unlike most of the V.S.S.E. teams, worked together without supporters, making them the army of two.
  • The purpose of Time Crisis 5's True Mastermind update kit is to throw arcade goers off--to have the players thought Keith betrayed the V.S.S.E. but revealed that Robert duped the players and been used them all along.
  • Robert is killed by Keith and company, making him one of the two V.S.S.E. agents to be deceased (next to Christy Ryan), but his death is due to treason.
  • Robert is the second villain in the Time Crisis franchise to use a huge mech. The first is Paulo Guerra from Razing Storm.
  • Despite getting older, he is the second V.S.S.E. agent who gains facial hair. The first is Giorgio Bruno from Time Crisis 4.
    • He is also the third villain to have facial hair, the first being Giorgio Zott and the second being Wild Dog.
  • In Time Crisis II, Robert speaks in a rougher and deeper voice. But in Time Crisis 5 and its True Mastermind Edition, he speaks in a slight different accent but in a deeper pitch.
  • His overall appearance in Time Crisis 5 and the True Mastermind edition is based on the real life actor, Robert Downey Jr. who is best known for portraying Tony Stark, known as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic saga.
    • Interestingly, Iron Man becomes an antagonist in the movie, Captain America: Civil War where he and his team are against Captain America and his own team. In the case of Robert, he finally shows his true colors as an antagonist after Keith exposes to the rookies that he is a traitor to the V.S.S.E. when he dupes on both of them.
    • In the final battle against his deceived comrades and his old partner, Keith, after his plans are thwarted by Catherine Ricci, Robert becomes mad at them for thwarting his plans. This mirrors Tony's actions as Iron Man who is mad at both of them for not telling the whole truth about the assassination of his parents which it was seen from Helmut Zemo's betamax tape as Winter Soldier was responsible for assassinating them both.


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Time crisis 5 arcade game soundtrack stage 6 final stage final boss Robert baxter part 1

Time crisis 5 arcade game soundtrack stage 6 final stage final boss Robert baxter part 1

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Time crisis 5 arcade game soundtrack stage 6 final stage final boss Robert baxter part 2

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Time Crisis 5 OST - GoodNight Theme from Sunrise Sunset

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