The S.C.A.R. (Strategic Combat and Rescue) is an organization in Razing Storm that is tasked to capture or kill Paulo Guerra.


The standard weapons vary according to team.

Alpha team's standard weapon is the machine gun which is a modified IMI Tavor TAR-21 with IWI X95 trigger guard and futuristic holographic sight. It is chambered for the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO and loaded with 60 rounds per magazine. For small armored enemies such as HACS and Raptor, Alpha team uses the cluster shot which fires small cluster missiles over a wide arc. It is loaded with 12 missiles per launcher. For large enemies such as the Kraken, Alpha team uses the M202 FLASH rocket launcher which fires high-powered rockets. It is loaded with 10 rockets per launcher. For long range precision, Alpha team uses the sniper rifle which is a modified Walther WA 2000 with synthetic furniture and a futuristic optical scope. It has an infinite magazine capacity but requires time between shots.

Bravo team's standard weapon is the laser rifle which the beam is fired from a orb located at the front. It is fitted with a holographic sight.

Delta team's weapons are the submachine gun which is a modified KRISS Vector (the magazine is loaded into the pistol grip like the Uzi, the handguard is extended to the foregrip and the stock is fixed) loaded with 60 rounds per magazine with a maximum reserve of 480 machine gun rounds, the bullpup pump-action shotgun loaded with 16 shells per magazine with a maximum reserve of 96 shotgun shells, the sniper rifle which is the same as the one used by Alpha team but loaded with 6 rounds per magazine with a maximum reserve of 60 sniper rounds, the skewer which is a bullpup weapon firing harpoon-like projectiles and loaded with 20 rounds per magazine with a maximum reserve of 160 projectiles, the grenade launcher which is based on the Milkor Mark 14 with a break-open frame and loaded with 6 grenades per magazine with a maximum reserve of 36 grenades, the Balero Cannon which fires a sphere via charging (maximum charging level is three) and loaded with 1 sphere per use with a maximum reserve of 50 spheres, the VIGUM rocket launcher which fires remote controlled rockets with built-in cameras and loaded with 1 rocket per use with a maximum reserve of 8 rockets and 4 Model 24 Stielhandgranates which is only replenished after a stage is completed.

Occasionally, Delta 1 uses machine gun turrets which is based on the General Dynamics GAU-17/A and anti-tank gun turrets (only available in stage 3 and are used for dealing against Raptors) which fire rocket-propelled grenades.


  • Alpha 1 and Alpha 2: the protagonists in the arcade version. Their mission objective is to deliver the coordinates of Guerra's base of operations so that the satellite laser cannon can be fired on him.
  • King (キング Kingu?): leader of Alpha team.
  • Shin (シン Shin?): a member of Alpha team and provides comic relief.
  • Fortune [O'Neil (オニール Onīru?) in the Japanese version]: a member of Alpha team that is in charge of technical staff. He found the kraken's weak point, used the satellite laser pointer to identify Paulo Guerra among the masses of people at Guerra's base of operations and cracked the security system in Girasol factory.
  • Hunt (ハント Hanto?): leader of Bravo team that is in charge of the path finder. In the story mode, he was captured by Guerra who rigged and placed the launch device inside his body. Eventually, the device was disarmed so that he was unharmed.
  • Delta 1: the sole protagonist of the story mode. He was given the mission to eliminate Guerra and was the one who fired the sniper bullet into the robot cockpit, killing him.
  • Casey [Zack (ザック Zakku?) in the Japanese version]: leader of Delta team. He only appears in the story mode. He is a widower who implicitly mentions about wanting to die quickly so that he can meet his dead wife. After the launch device is safely disarmed, he is encouraged to continue living by Hunt.
  • Assault 1~4: Units which support the Delta team in eliminating Guerra. They do not appear in stage 4 of the story mode.


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