Seekers (シーカー Shīkā?) are futuristic cybernetic enemies in the Time Crisis series. They first appeared in Razing Storm before returning in Time Crisis 5.


Razing Storm

They appear in the story mode, first seen in the Almada Penitentiary. They are armed with laser guns and attack in drones. Submachine gun is very effective against Seekers although well-placed shotgun shells or sniper rifle bullets will clear one seeker per shot.

Time Crisis 5

They appear in greater numbers and will fly for a length of time. Once they fly long enough, they will fly close and swing around to fire their guns. Even though machine gun is stated to be used against Seekers, well-placed shotgun shells will clear more of them quickly and a well-placed grenade will destroy an entire swarm. Players will get machine gun ammunition from the seekers regardless of any weapon used to destroy them.

In-Game Appearance

Seekers make two appearances during the whole Time Crisis 5 arcade series: in Stage 1 Area 2 and in Stage 5 Area 2.


Japanese version English version Remarks
シーカー!マシンガンで一掃して! Seekers! Clean up with the machine gun! Catherine Ricci, upon the V.S.S.E. agents encountering seekers
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