Sercia, officially The Republic of Sercia (セルシア共和国 Serushia-Kyouwakoku?) is a fictional Baltic island nation in Time Crisis.


Sercia is a small island located in the Northeastern bank of Europe bordering the Baltic and North Seas. It was founded circa one millennium ago by the Garo Family hoping that their reign of terror will set the ultimate example of a new world order. The genesis of the imperial rule was the mightiest moment of the Garo rule in the island kingdom's history. Years of discontent with the imperial rule's mannerisms led to the Sercian Revolution in modern times, led by William MacPherson.

With William MacPherson making the imperial rule of Sercia invalid, United Nations officials made the Garo Family sign an unconditional armistice stating that they will terrorize Sercia no more. It was possible that there were V.S.S.E. Cooperatives at Sercia bringing the Garo Family's tyranny to the attention of the V.S.S.E., prompting the covert agency to dispatch William MacPherson to overthrow the imperial rule.

With the help of the United Nations and the V.S.S.E., free elections were held. William MacPherson transformed the once-island kingdom into a representative democratic republic. The V.S.S.E., posing as a reserve military unit for the United Nations, promised unconditional support during the time of transition from an imperial dictatorship to a democratic republic.

Notable Events

Circa 2-3 years after the Imperial Overthrow, Sherudo Garo, the last blood relative of the Garo Family (the imperial family which sought to set a new world order example by "bully-ruling" Sercia for about 1 millenia) ordered Wild Dog to kidnap Rachel MacPherson. Extraction of Rachel in her entirety required MacPherson to resign as president and reinstate the imperial rule in Sercia by sunset of the next day. The V.S.S.E. judged that Sherudo wanted William's military secrets to ensure he continued his family's example of a new world order in which they can't afford to occur.

Declaring the Rachel MacPherson incident to be an emergency, Porter Davis sent an encrypted message over cyberspace to Richard Miller, telling the V.S.S.E. Director-in-Chief that if Richard can't handle an emergency alone, then no one can.

Although Rachel was shot by Wild Dog (which angered Richard due to the injuries Wild Dog inflicted upon), she was returned back to President MacPherson by Richard. It was possible that Rachel had to be trained in forms of self-defense to ensure an incident like her kidnap wouldn't happen again.

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