Basic Information
1960 (Exact Date Unknown)



Republic of Sercia

6' 1"
Eye Color

Gray (Arcade version)
Blue (PS version)

Hair Color


Personal Status


Date of Death

August, 1996[1]

Killed by

Richard Miller


Gunned Down


Garo Royal Family[2]



Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis


Throwing Knives

Voice actor(s)

Michael Guinn (Time Crisis)
Jin Horikawa (堀川 仁 Horikawa Jin?) (Sound Ensemble)

Sherudo Garo (シェルード・ガロ Sherūdo Garo?) was the last blood relative of the Sercian royal family who desired to become the president of the newly appointed Republic of Sercia. He serves as the main antagonist and boss of stage 2 in the original Time Crisis.


Garo has short reddish-blonde hair and gray eyes. In the PS version, he has blue eyes.

Garo wears a suit which is a white double-breasted notched lapel coat with four purple buttons, and matching pants. There is an orange collared shirt with a green cravat underneath the coat. He also wears bluish-white shoes.


An expert knife thrower and former Dictator of Sercia, Sherudo was born in the Garo Royal Family, the infamous monarchy that ruled Sercia for over 500 years[2] until said monarchy was overthrown in the Sercian Revolution by William MacPherson, who later went on to be president of the newly-established Republic of Sercia. Garo has spent three months plotting to re-establish his rule, hiring the notorious mercenary, Wild Dog, and his organization to carry out his plan.

Garo abducted the president's daughter, Rachel, and threatened to kill her unless President MacPherson resigned from office and reinstated him into the throne. Unfortuantely for Garo, President MacPherson ended up enlisting the help of the V.S.S.E., who sent the one-man army, Richard Miller, to infiltrate Garo's castle. Richard defeated countless waves of Wild Dog's troops, and then made it to the top of the tower where Garo lay in wait.

Although Garo fought Richard valiantly utilizing throwing knives, his plan was foiled when the agent fatally shot him, finally putting an end to the Garo family's bloodline.


Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
もうすぐこの国も私の手に落ちる この日が来ることをどんなに夢見たことか これは 王政を滅ぼした おまえの父親への復讐なのだ! This nation will soon be mine! Ahhh! The taste of revenge is sweet! Your father will pay the price for destroying the imperial rule! Sherudo Garo, threatening Rachel MacPherson after she has been taken hostage

Stage 2 Boss Fight

Japanese version English version Remarks
私がシェルード この国の支配者となる男だ My name is Sherudo, I rule this nation now! Sherudo Garo, introducing himself to Richard Miller
おまえか、レイチェルを助けに来たという愚か者は せっかくここまで来たんだ私が遊んであげよう So, you are the fool who came to rescue Rachel. Since you have traveled so very far, be my guest and let me entertain you! His words before battling Richard Miller


  • Sherudo is voiced by Michael Guinn who is known as Michael G and is also known to voice Harry Mason from the first Silent Hill, as well as Dracula from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.


Music Theme

Time Crisis 1 Music - Boss

Time Crisis 1 Music - Boss


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