Mantis Terror Bites

Terror Bites (テラーバイト Terābaito?) are the code-name of a biological weapon that was secretly developed by the Hamlin Battalion and serve as the game's central plot encounting in Time Crisis 4.


There is not much information about the Terror Bites in the military database because only a select few in the U.S. military know about them. Also, the development project was stopped and most of the records were destroyed (this latter information is all that Lieutenant General Larry Garfield knows. Hence, it is not known when the project was restarted and by whom). Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Barrows, who was unhappy about his lack of treatment and authority, ordered the Hamlin Battalion to turn against the United States and utilize the Terror Bites as part of Barrows' plan to destroy the country shortly after the weapon was approved for use.


Captain William Rush first encountered the Terror Bites when a group of W.O.L.F. terrorists attempted to use a sample on him; however, the Terror Bites devoured the terrorists before Rush fended them off. V.S.S.E. agents Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard experienced this thrice in the airport: first when they left the arrival's terminal; again when an attack helicopter crashed in, causing the mosquitoes to be released from the helicopter; and once more when the Hamlin Battalion soldiers released the beetles on the V.S.S.E. agents, forcing them to defend themselves.


There are four different types of Terror Bites:

  • Beetle Bites (スカラベ型テラーバイト Sukarabe-gata Terābaito?): First appearing in the Prologue (arcade mode) and in Chapter 1 (FPS mode), these Terror Bites are shaped like beetles and are a swarming enemy. If they get on the player, they will latch onto them and start draining them of health. The machine gun is the preferred weapon of choice by the game and Rush whenever this type of Terror Bite appears, but the shotgun or grenade works just as well.
  • Mosquito Bites (羽虫型テラーバイト Hamushi-gata Terābaito?): First appearing in Stage 1 Area 1 (arcade mode) and in Chapter 1 (FPS mode), these Terror Bites, like the Beetle form, are small enemies resembling wasps and are another swarming enemy. If they get on the player, they will latch onto them and start draining them of health. The shotgun is the preferred weapon of choice by Rush, although a well-placed grenade can destroy the entire swarm at once.
  • Mite Bites (ダニ型テラーバイト Dani-gata Terābaito?): First appearing in Stage 1 Area 3 (arcade mode if players succeed in the third screen battle), Stage 2 Area 2 (arcade mode if players fail in the third screen battle) and in Chapter 1 (FPS mode), these Terror Bites are shaped like a flat surface. However, they expand quickly upon proximity of their targets and will explode if not destroyed, causing the player to lose one life unit. There are 5 of these in the arcade mode with two in Stage 1 Area 3, two in Stage 2 Area 2 and one in Stage 3 Area 3 (requiring more hits to destroy), but many in the FPS mode (each having lower endurance). The machine gun is the preferred weapon of choice but the shotgun or grenade works just as well.
  • Mantis Bites (カマキリ型テラーバイト Kamakiri-gata Terābaito?): First appearing in Stage 2 Area 3 (arcade mode) and in Chapter 12 (FPS mode), these are the largest Terror Bites and are shaped like a praying mantis. When destroyed, they will each release 3 offspring which are weaker then the original host and can only travel forward. They are very agile and attack by slashing at the player. If the big one slashes the player, they lose one life unit. If one small offspring slashes the player, they lose about 1/3 life unit. There are 10 of these in the arcade mode with four in Stage 2 Area 3 and six in Stage 3 Area 3, but many in the FPS mode. The handgun or machine gun is the preferred weapon of choice when they are jumping and the shotgun is the preferred weapon of choice when they are on the ground. Each offspring requires one shot to destroy it.


The Terror Bites are controlled and directed by specific radio frequencies. The W.O.L.F. Leader, Wild Dog, some of the terrorists, Hamlin Battalion soldiers, specific members of the Hamlin Battalion, as well as Barrows, wear devices that emit a pulse that deters the Terror Bites, ensuring that they are not attacked by accident. Specific members of the Hamlin Battalion use devices that actually control the movements of the Terror Bites. Captain Rush can use an item called the UPD (ultra pulse device) which is a specially designed anti-Terror Bite weapon. The UPD emits sound waves which eliminates all Terror Bites within range of its user for a period of time. Also, killing the Terror Bite operator or putting a stun shot on Gregory Barrows' fourth or fifth (x6 or x5) lifebar will cause all the bettle or mosquito Terror Bites he operates to be destroyed.


Japanese version English version Remarks
く、くそ!きやかった!サ、サンプルを使えっ! Damn! They're coming in! Use the sample! Introduction of Terror Bites by W.O.L.F. terrorists
例の兵器を使用します 許可する Request permission to use the weapon, sir. Permission granted. Introduction of Terror Bites by the "terrorists" (Hamlin Battalion)
さっき襲ってきた虫が、我が軍が開発した極秘兵器、通称テラーバイトだ(ベス: 次の角を左です)既に一部が流出して奴らに悪用されている 次の取引はなんとしても俺達が阻止せねば The creature that just attacked you is a biological weapon developed by our military, codenamed "Terror Bite". (Beth: Take a left at the next corner.) Looks like they've already got their hands on a few specimens. No matter what happens, we've got to stop the next trade. William Rush, explaining the type of weapon that the "terrorists" used to attack the two V.S.S.E. agents
何だ、この虫は!軍の極秘兵器...なのか?悪夢だ、ありえない!こいつらに勝てる武器をくれよ... What are these bugs?! Is that the top secret weapon? It's like some kind of nightmare! We need better firearms! Initial reaction of the National Guard about the Terror Bites


  • Stage 1 Area 2, Stage 3 Areas 1 and 2 (Chapters 4, 11 and 13 respectively) are the only levels where players do not fight any Terror Bites. Although the Terror Bites appear and attack the National Guard troops in Stage 3 Area 1/Chapter 11, they cannot be shot down by the players.
    • Also, Stage 3 Area 3/Chapter 15 is the only level where players fight all types of Terror Bites.
    • Stage 1 Area 3/Chapter 5 is the only level where players fight different types of Terror Bites depending on the outcome of the third screen battle. The mite bites are used if the player succeeds, otherwise the mosquito bites are used if the player fails.
  • Wild Dog and Wild Fang are the only bosses that do not use any Terror Bites to attack the players.
  • The lifebar regenerates to full if the player moves to the next area after being attacked by Terror Bites that drains player's lifebar (beetle, mosquito or small mantis offspring).
  • The mantis bites are the only Terror Bites which are not operated by Terror Bite operators in the arcade mode. They also do not appear in Crisis Mission.


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Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 1-4 - FPS - Terror Bites

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 1-4 - FPS - Terror Bites


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