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Time Crisis™
Time Crisis
Full name

Time Crisis


Pacman-icon Namco


Pacman-icon Namco


Arcade, PS1 MiniIcon

Arcade System

Namco System Super 22

Release Date(s)

December 1995


Time Crisis GunCon / Time Crisis GunCon45


Takashi Sano (supervisor)


Kazuhiro Nakamura

Time Crisis (タイムクライシス, Taimu Kuraishisu) is a light gun shooter arcade game released by Namco in 1995. It was later ported for the PlayStation in 1997, bundled with the GunCon controller.


Time Crisis is a 3D first person rail shooter, in which the player holds a light gun and goes through the motions of firing at on-screen enemies. Time Crisis is best known for its cover system (shoot & hide), in which players can duck behind cover to avoid enemy fire and reload his weapon. There are 3 stages, each consisting of three areas and a boss fight. Unique features are:

  • A foot pedal which performs multiple functions: when the pedal is released, Players takes cover to conserve lives while reloading the gun. While the pedal is released, Players can't attack. In console conversions, a button command replicates the foot pedal's functions. Players lose a life if they are hit by a direct bullet or obstacle whilst not taking cover, with the game ending if they lose all their lives.
  • A light gun (introduced in Namco's Point Blank) which utilized a special memory chip to synchronize areas of the screen's image as the player moves the gun around. The light gun also features a blowback function which simulates real-life gun recoil.
  • A countdown timer, recharged by clearing an area of enemies, as running down the clock causes an instant game over. In the arcade version, if time is up, players continue from where they left off, but in the PlayStation version, they must start the level from the beginning. Players must take risks, shooting enemies rapidly and hiding only when necessary. A time extension is rewarded when an area is passed. However, the timer goes up to 60 seconds and runs down even during WAIT sequences. There's also time bonuses awarded for shooting certain enemies quickly.
  • The PlayStation port features an exclusive side-story mode, in which of player's performance, such as how quickly they can clear an area, affects the path they takes through the game, resulting in multiple possibilities.


Year 1996, finally the people of Sercia overthrew the Imperial Rule of Sherudo Garo, a cruel dictator who's the last of his family. Then the country's first democratic president was elected, President William MacPherson. Garo had then started allies with a terrorist organization, Wild Dog, so he could take back the country.

Three months later…

Rachel was taking a break on her university campus to enjoy the August sun, until something happened...

A helicopter landed nearby and a man walked out to her and asked her if she was Rachel. He then grabbed her, pulled out a gun, and forced her onto the helicopter and left. Rachel was kidnapped!

During this time, there was a celebration for the country being freed. While President MacPherson was happy, one of his assistants ran in reporting that Rachel was kidnapped by Wild Dog, under the orders of Sherudo! The president of Sercia immediately calls the V.S.S.E. and hopes their top agent will get his daughter back…

The man on the video tape smiled. He held a knife in one hand, Rachel's hair tightly gripped in the other. "Such a lovely face. It would be shame if harm should come to it. President MacPherson, you have until sunset tomorrow to resign and reinstate me as ruler of Sercia and I'll let the girl live." Sherudo's image faded to black. "No way we are letting that madman back into power," the V.S.S.E. team Director said. "That castle is going to be filled with Wild Dog thugs and who knows what else. Can your man handle an infiltration?" Porter Davis pushed the transmit key on his laptop, sending the encrypted data speeding through cyber-space. "Mr. Director, if Richard Miller can't get her out of there alive, no one can."

"Richard, there's an emergency. There's been a kidnapping! It's Rachel, the daughter of the president of Sercia! The kidnapper is believed to be Sherudo, the last blood relative of the royal family. He lives in an old castle on the northwest island. He's demanding military secrets in exchange for Rachel's life! The deadline is sunset. We don't have much time! Get into the castle and rescue Rachel! The organized crime syndicate "Wild Dogs" is also known to be involved. Good luck, Richard," The voice of Porter Davis ends on Richard's laptop computer, and Richard stands up and grabs his gun, loading in the clip fully.

Japanese version English version Remarks
リチャード 久しぶりだなそれでは今回の指令を送る 今回の任務は武裝グループカンタリスの武器取引の阻止だ これが湖のほとりにある奴らの本拠地だ 表向きは郊外で経営しているホテルとなっているのだが その実態は奴らの武器製造工場であることが判明した こいつがリーダーのカンタリスだ本名、性別など、詳細は不明 カンタリスというコードネーム以外は分かっていない しかし 奴はワイルドドッグとも取引をしていた危険な存在だ では 健闘を祈る Richard, long time no see. I hope you are ready. Here is your next objective. Your mission is to uncover the plan of the organization "Kantaris". This is their headquarters. The hotel is actually a front for their weapons factory. This is their leader, also known as Kantaris. Intel came up empty on Kantaris. We don't even know a real name or gender. However, we do have positive verification that they are Wild Dog's arms supplier. Good luck, Richard. PlayStation Special Mode Story


Original Story Mode

Japanese version English version Remarks
国の権力を狙う王家の末裔とその背後に立つ巨大犯罪組織 それに立ち向かう一人の男がいた Sometime, somewhere, someone is plotting a government overthrow...a small republic is in danger. It's time for the one man army... Opening narration

The main plot of Time Crisis involves an attempted coup in the fictional republic of Sercia. For a millennium, the Garo family ruled Sercia with an iron fist. In 1995, the V.S.S.E. International Intelligence Agency sent William MacPherson, who successfully toppled the Garo regime and became its first democratically elected president.

The last remaining member of the Garo family, Sherudo Garo, sought to recapture the throne from the hands of President MacPherson. He sends a mercenary named Wild Dog and kidnaps the president's daughter, Rachel. Garo demands military secrets in return for Rachel's safe return or he will kill her by sunset. V.S.S.E. sends its best agent, Richard Miller (also called the One-Man Army) to break in, invade Garo's castle and rescue Rachel. Miller makes his way through the lower levels of the castle only to find a trap set up by Moz, one of Garo's henchmen armed with a clawed hand. After defeating Moz and being directed to the clock tower, Richard works up through the upper levels of the castle and finds Rachel and Garo. Garo pulls out his knives and they battle, which ends when Miller kills him; however, Wild Dog reappears, kidnaps Rachel and drags her away. Miller pursues Wild Dog and it finally ends on a bridge just outside of the castle. Wild Dog begins detonating the castle and is planning to fly away on a helicopter, shooting Rachel in the arm as she tries to escape. After a rough battle, Miller shoots Wild Dog, causing him to drop his radio detonator and becomes engulfed in the destruction, losing his left arm in the process. Later, Richard and Rachel safely make it out and leaves Sherudo's castle going down in flames.

Special Story Mode

The Kantaris deal is a special side-story exclusive to the PlayStation version of Time Crisis. Miller has received orders to infiltrate a mysterious hotel known as Chateau Du Luc, which is operated by Kantaris, leader of the smuggling network of the same name. The V.S.S.E. has received positive verification that Kantaris supplied arms to Wild Dog, and it's Miller's mission to disband this organization. Exactly how this happens will differ depending on the player's performance in this story. Depending on these different routes, Miller may face off against Kantaris' pet cyborg "Web Spinner" in the ballroom, a giant robot in the Lounge, a Spider-like tank in the Parking Lot, or the Kantaris gunship on the Heliport. The story will end with a "Mission Complete" message if the player managed to gun down Kantaris' car, destroyed the robot in enough time so it causes Kantaris to be pushed out of the window, or shoot down the gunship. However, it will end with a "Mission Failed" message if Kantaris managed to get away or remained alive. It is likely that Time Crisis: Project Titan takes place after the mission, if it was failed.


Richard MillerT1 Wild Dog
Sherudo Garo Rachel MacPherson
Mozprofile Kantarisprofile


In 1997, a soundtrack known as Time Crisis Arcade Soundtrack was released. Later another soundtrack known as Time Crisis 3D Sound Ensemble was released. The soundtrack contains audio dramas that depicts events during or before the game, such as Miller's battle against Garo from the game.


The game was met with positive reception, as GameRankings gave the PlayStation version a score of 85.50%.

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 85.50%
Review scores
Publication Score
Allgame 4.5/5 STARS (ARC)

4/5 STARS (PS)

Edge 8 / 10
Electronic Gaming Monthly 7.75 / 10
Game Informer 8.25 / 10
GamePro 4.5/5 STARS
Game Revolution B+
GameSpot 8.4 / 10
IGN 8 / 10
Play Magazine 90%



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