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Time Crisis: Project Titan™
Time Crisis Project Titan

Flying Tiger Entertaiment


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Time Crisis GunCon / Time Crisis GunCon45


Takashi Sano (supervisor)

Time Crisis: Project Titan (タイムクライシス プロジェクトタイタン, Taimu Kuraishisu Purojekuto Taitan) is a side-story installment to the first Time Crisis, released exclusively for the PlayStation console.


Time Crisis: Project Titan features the same gameplay as the first installment. Players press the reload button on the gun to step out of cover and begin firing. Releasing the reload button puts the players into cover and reloads the gun.

To address the problem of determining which enemy bullets are crisis shots, a crisis shot is an orange bullet which is slightly bigger. Subsequently, Time Crisis II and succeeding games have red bullets with a flash on them to indicate crisis shots.

This game introduces the a new gameplay mechanic that allows the player to move to multiple fixed locations, which are activated by shooting yellow arrows while the player is hiding. Like the WAIT sequences, the player will not be hit by enemy attacks while moving from one location to another. This feature is later refined in Time Crisis 4 with the player merely point the gun to the left or right of the screen to move around, and a modified version using two pedals to allow the player to take cover and attack from different angles is used in Time Crisis 5.


Japanese version English version Remarks
カルバ共和国大統領、ザビエル・セラノが暗殺された!そして、VSSEのエージェント、リチャードに容疑がかけられた。VSSEはカルバ政府へ彼の身柄を引渡すまでに、48時間だけ猶予を与えた。暗殺の背後に潛む真実を暴くべく、リチャードの命がけの行動が始まる たった一人の戦いは刻一刻と時間が過ぎていく! The President of Caruba, Xavier Serrano, has been assassinated. Richard Miller, V.S.S.E.'s top agent, has been implicated in the crime! V.S.S.E. can protect Richard Miller for only 48 hours before they turn him over to the government of Caruba. With his life on the line, Miller must act quickly to determine the truth behind the assassination! Time is running out for the "One Man Army"! Opening narration

It's 2001. V.S.S.E.'s best agent Richard Miller has been framed for the assassination of, Xavier Serrano, the president of Caruba. A videotape with evidence shows someone which looks like Richard with a sniper rifle on a nearby roof. Richard's bosses think he's been set up and they've given him 48 hours to find the real killer. If he doesn't, then they'll send him to the authorities. The Caruban law enforcement and feds already want Richard.

Miller's only hope left is to get hold of Marisa Soleil, code-named "Abacus." She had contacted V.S.S.E. claiming she knows the assassin of Serrano. V.S.S.E. intelligence sources say she is being held captive on a yacht which belongs to Kantaris, the female arms smuggler. Richard must rescue Marisa first to clear his name. The yacht has already set sail into the Sea of Caruba...

Richard must rescue Marisa, uncover and stop "Project Titan"- an evil master plan which is a creation of mass destruction and a new level of terrorism, and reveal the true identity of the president's assassin.

Not only that, Wild Dog and his terrorist troops are also involved. Wild Dog isn't willing to retreat without a fight and this time he'll even prepare to double-cross his allies to prevent Miller from discovering the truth behind his plan.

Once again, the "One Man Army" finds himself in another 'Time Crisis'!


Japanese version English version Remarks
リチャード、なぜ君がこんな事態に陷ったのか、我々は関知しない。ただ、我々は君がワナにかけられただけだと確信している。これは我々が持つ唯一の手掛かりだ 我々はアバカスという名の謎の人物から衛星通信を受け取った。アバカスは君の汚名を晴らす証拠を握っていると言っている。我々の偵察衛星は衛星通信の発信源を追跡した。シグナルはこの船から来ている。しかも、この船は、あのカンタリスグループのものらしい。これが船の座標だ。残念だが我々はこれ以上の手助けはできない。君は何としても暗殺の真犯人を見つけ、汚名を晴らすんだ。君が無罪を証明出來なければ、我々は君をカルバ政府に引き渡さざるを得ない。リチャード、君に与えられた時間は48時間だ!健闘を祈る! Richard, we don't know how you got yourself into this mess, but we think you've been set up. This is the only lead we have. We received a satellite transmission from an informant named "Abacus". Abacus claims to have proof that will clear your name. Our recon satellite tracked the source of the transmission and the signal is coming from this ship. We have suspicions it belongs to the organization "Kantaris". Here are the coordinates of the ship. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further assistance. You must find out the identity of the real killer and clear your name! Without proof of your innocence, we'll have no choice but to turn you over to the Caruban government! Richard, you'll have 48 hours. Good luck! Head of V.S.S.E.'s voice mail to Richard Miller

Following the assassination of the Caruban President, Xavier Serrano, VSSE agent, Richard Miller has been implicated in the crime.

V.S.S.E. can only protect Miller for 48 hours before they turn him in to the Caruban authorities. During this time, V.S.S.E. cannot provide Miller with any assistance, but can only provide one lead — a V.S.S.E. agent named Marisa Soleil (code-named "Abacus") has the information he needs to process his name-clearing spree. Marisa is currently located at a yacht owned by the criminal organization Kantaris. V.S.S.E. leaves Miller with the yacht's coordinates before the agency leaves him on his own. Unless Miller can clear his name within the 48-hour block, the covert agency will have no choice but to disregard the work Richard completed as a V.S.S.E. agent.

After Kantaris kidnaps Marisa, Miller descends into the yacht to take on the yacht clerks of the Kantaris Organization. Rescuing Marisa, Miller finds out that a Caruban kingpin, Ricardo Blanco, was the assassin liable for framing him. An explosive prank by Kantaris forces Marisa and Miller to flee separate ways.

As they part ways, Miller finds unwelcome company from Caruban authorities including Caruban punks.

Escaping the airport by a taxi cab, the driver escorts Miller to Blanco's mansion where a violent gunfight between Blanco and Miller takes place. Seeking answers, Miller disables Blanco, but before Miller starts interrogating him, Wild Dog double-crosses Blanco leaving Richard no hope. However, Blanco tells Miller to go to Rio Oro in order to find the truth.

Infiltrating Rio Oro and surpassing Wild Dog's elaborate traps, Richard suddenly finds President Serrano actually held captive and learns the truth behind Project Titan, him being framed for a crime he would never commit, and why Wild Dog occupied Rio Oro.

Committed to clear Richard's name, Serrano orders Miller to stop Project Titan, Wild Dog's titanium robot army, and settle the score with him at his lair.

Richard, acting on orders under President Serrano, eventually wipes out the sinister Project Titan plot and defeats Wild Dog and ultimately clears his name of all wrongdoings implicated against him.


Richard Miller Marisa Soleil Zeus Bertrand
Ricardo Blanco Kantaris 2 Wild Dog Titan


Time Crisis: Project Titan was developed by Flying Tiger Entertainment, a third-party company in the United States, and was published by Namco as a PlayStation-only title (unlike other Time Crisis games that were released for the arcade first). The game took two years to develop. According to IGN, Namco opted to create a new game instead of porting over Time Crisis II since the specifications of the arcade version and the PlayStation system were so different.


Project Titan currently has an aggregate rating of 69% at Game Rankings. A major complaint about the game was the poor graphics. Ryan Davis said that the visuals were "badly outdated" and the animation "downright bad." Doug Perry simply said that it looked "old, dated, and bad" and that it didn't look any better than original Time Crisis PlayStation port.

In Japan, Famitsu magazine scored the game a 30 out of 40.



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