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Time Crisis 2nd Strike™
Time Crisis 2nd Strike

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Time Crisis 2nd Strike (タイムクライシスセカンドストライク Taimu Kuraishisu Sekando Sutoraiku?) was released by Namco in September 2010 for iOS. It is the sequel to the spin-off Time Crisis Strike, and a prequel to Time Crisis 4.


As global agent Giorgio Bruno, optimize use of your 4 standard-issue weapons in a race against the clock to stop multiple acts of terrorism.


It starts with a priority transmission from V.S.S.E. mission controller Sarah Martin who said that the Director of DARPA, Walter Burns, was kidnapped an hour ago. Given the importance of the hostage, the President makes it clear that the Director's immediate rescue is to be a small-scale covert operation by giving V.S.S.E. the orders that only Giorgio is to handle the rescue alone.

Arriving at the docks, Giorgio locates the car which hints at the warehouse where the Director is held. After the Director is rescued, it is learnt that DARPA's Network Access Codes were extorted from the Director during his capture. At the same time, a truck carrying prototype weapons developed with DARPA's funding was hijacked by armed assailants. Given the earlier kidnapping of the Director and the subsequent hijacking suggested a link to a stolen access code. Once again, Giorgio is tasked to find that weapons truck which has a GPS transmitter installed and heading east on Waterton Drive.

Despite's Giorgio best efforts in securing the truck located at the offramp, the hijackers have extracted a weapons crate before his arrival. As there are no other vehicle tracks around the recovered truck, it indicates that the criminals are hand-carrying the crate away from the truck through a ravine northeast of the highway. Travelling through the ravine, Giorgio arrives at the weapon crate only to have its contents already extracted and airlifted by the terrorists prior to his arrival. Sarah Martin then informs him that analysis of the stolen DARPA access codes has returned. It showed that someone has exploited the codes to hack into the main computer and erased all information regarding the weapons crate. Fortunately, the V.S.S.E. has managed to pinpoint the source of the hacking to an office building in the Moran district. Arriving at the office building, Giorgio extracts the documents and computers related to the hacking while defeating the terrorists and an attack helicopter.

Back at the V.S.S.E. headquarters with all that is extracted from the office building, analysis of the information on the terrorists' computer indicated that a prototype nerve gas is among the stolen weapons. Unfortunately, the earlier hacking wiped out details of the gas and its capabilities from DARPA's system. Hence, Sarah Martin cross-referenced V.S.S.E.'s database to find anyone who participated in the nerve gas project. She finds one, a research scientist named Dr. Albert Mahony. Fearing that the terrorists are monitoring him, V.S.S.E. transfers Mr. Mahony to a safehouse outside the city and instructs Giorgio to meet him there. Unfortunately, the safehouse is attacked by the terrorists and Mr. Mahony could not be saved. While this might seem to be a dead end for V.S.S.E., Mr. Mahony has specs of the gas hidden in files on his smartphone. Extracting the files, V.S.S.E. learns that the gas is code named "Super-VX" which is an extension of "VX", the deadliest nerve agent known to man. In addition, V.S.S.E. has also found connections between the criminals Giorgio has encountered and a terrorist group named "WD". With the help of CIA which forwarded the schematics of a suspected WD compound, Giorgio infiltrates it through the ventilation system and defeats the terrorists who also have a tank. Seizing the disks and laptops, Giorgio escapes through a tunnel below the compound because the terrorist operatives have surrounded the compound.

Arriving at the surface where a computer forensics van is waiting, the disks and laptops are handed over to the computer forensics who unfortunately have not been able to decrypt the data inside. However, a WD broadcast video originating from the Metro Grey Line, Pine Station several minutes ago stated that WD plans to launch a nerve gas attack on the city. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Giorgio rushes to Pine Station where the terrorists have triggered the device located at the end of the platform to start releasing the nerve gas. Giorgio stops the device and the gas release in time but is informed by Sarah Martin that the nerve gas attack is not WD's primary target. During the stopping of the gas release, the Air Force has lost contact with the crews of three heavy bomber aircraft hauling six live nuclear cruise missiles. Though the methods are not known, there is a strong possibility that WD has obtained a remote military command device and using it to control the bombers. Hence, it is assumed WD's mission is to launch a multi-pronged nuclear attack. Given the enormous damage potential these missiles possess, the President orders V.S.S.E. to find and destroy the remote device. Triangulating its location, V.S.S.E. finds the device being transmitted from a chemical plant under the Barrington expressway and orders Giorgio to proceed immediately. After defeating the terrorists inside the chemical plant, Sarah Martin informs Giorgio that the device is being transmitted from a highway from the chemical plant but before she could continue, the leader of WD, who is revealed as none other than Wild Dog himself (which coincidentally, WD stands for Wild Dog), interrupts, saying that he can press the missile launch button at any time. Giorgio pursues the revived organized crime syndicate and engages the fight against Wild Dog and his remaining terrorist army which includes tanks and attack helicopters. Giorgio narrowly defeats Wild Dog who has pressed the missile launch button, destroys the device and the threat of the missile attack has been neutralized. The game ends with Giorgio welcomed by the V.S.S.E. grunts with aircrafts unleashed the contrail, revealing "Congratulations!".


  • Wild Dog's design is different from that in Time Crisis 4 with a light blue collared shirt instead of yellow, brown tie instead of white and a brown sweater vest instead of suspenders (a version of the sweater vest appears in the form of a more formal dress suit in Time Crisis 5). While his weapon arm still has the rocket launcher at the center just as it is from Time Crisis 4, the number of barrels is not reduced, remaining at six instead of four.
  • Like its predecessor, Wild Dog is the only human boss in the entire game.
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