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Time Crisis 3™
Time Crisis 3

Nex Entertainment (as Nextech)


Pacman-icon Namco


Arcade, PS2 MiniIcon
mobile, iPhone

Arcade System

Namco System 246

Release Date(s)

September 16, 2002 (NA)
April 1, 2003 (JP)
PlayStation 2:
October 21, 2003 (NA)
October 21, 2003 (EU)
November 20, 2003 (JP)


Time Crisis 2 G-con 2 / Time Crisis 2 Guncon 2


Takashi Sano


Hajime Nakatani


Takeshi Miura, Sanae Kasahara, Kaoru Okada, Takuya Yokota

Time Crisis 3 (タイムクライシス3 Taimu Kuraishisu 3?) is the third installment from the Time Crisis franchise. Like the previous game, Time Crisis II, it allows two players to cooperate in a link play environment.

It has the signature pedal system for hiding and advancing and the first in the series to introduce the weapon changing mechanic. It was later ported to the PlayStation 2 and mobile phones, including iOS.


New features

The game incorporates a new type of weapons system allowing the player to switch between the standard Smith & Wesson SW99 9-round handgun, a fully automatic Ingram MAC-11 machine gun that can hold 200 rounds, a Remington 870 shotgun with 50 rounds, and a Webley No. 2 Mark 1* 5-round grenade launcher with powerful splash damage.

Only the handgun has unlimited ammunition, though players can shoot yellow-clad soldiers to gain ammunition for their other weapons. The game also refines the crisis flash system, in which life-threatening shots are brighter, making it easier to identify the crisis shots from pedal-releasing advisories.

PS2 Version

This title was later released for the PlayStation 2, together with a side story featuring Alicia Winston as a player, who is only an unplayable supporter in the arcade version of the game. Gameplay for Alicia is for the most part, the same as the regular campaign, with occasional sections which the player uses an Accuracy International Precision Marksman Sniper Rifle to deal against enemy snipers. For those sections, players zoom in to shoot and move the scope. The scope has arrows indicating direction of movement and turns red for enemy shots. To dodge enemy shots while in sniping mode, players zoom out of the scope. In addition, there are two stages (Stages 11 and 14) which the player only has 5 seconds to shoot an item with only 1 shot. Miss the shot or run out of time in those two sections will result the player having to use a continue to restart.

Unlike Time Crisis and Time Crisis II, the home console port features plot elements, features, and weapons not found in its arcade counterpart. As with the PS2 version of Time Crisis II, players can access the Crisis Mission exercise mode through prolonged gameplay.

Rescue Mission Mode

In rescue mission mode, the maximum ammunition capacity for each special weapon at the start is 100 machine gun rounds, 20 shotgun shells, and 2 grenades. All special weapons are upgraded with constant use and usage for each special weapon is indicated by a bar on top of the ammunition capacity. The maximum level of upgrade is 5 and every upgrade increases the fire rate, maximum ammunition capacity (refueling the special weapon to that amount), and damage power.

Maximum ammunition capacity at levels 1 to 5:

– For machine gun, it is 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 rounds.
– For shotgun, it is 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 shells.
– For grenade launcher, it is 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 grenades.

Like the arcade mode, the player will lose one life when they run out of time, shoot a hostage or civilian, or when they are damaged by red-flashed attacks like: when they get shot, blasted by grenades or rockets, slashed by axes, clawmen, frogmen, knives or swords, caught in a fire by flamethrowers, and hit by objects or physical attacks. If all lives are lost in rescue mission mode, the player will have to restart the entire area instead of continuing from where they are defeated.


Like its predecessor, this game retains the no-miss combo. Hence, the center shot from the shotgun must hit a target to maintain the no-miss combo and the grenade resets it.

For shots on bosses, each non-stun or non-kill shot is worth 100 points. Each stun shot is worth 1,000 points. The kill shot on Victor Zahn and Randy Garrett is each worth 10,000 points. The kill shot on Wild Dog and Wild Fang is each worth 20,000 points. The kill shot on Giorgio Zott is worth 30,000 points. The kill shot on Jake Hernandez during his first encounter is worth 1,000 points and the kill shot during his second encounter is worth 20,000 points.

Enemy And Boss Endurance

Enemy endurance is updated in the form of lifebars (first introduced in Crisis Zone). Enemy soldiers, machine weapons and vehicles, which require multiple hits to kill or destroy (e.g. "Armored" class soldiers, frogmen, clawmen, and "Specialist" class soldiers of flamethrower type) have lifebars. Green lifebars represent enemy soldiers' life while red lifebars represent machine weapons' (e.g. machine guns and cannons) and vehicles' (e.g. jeeps, combat submarines, and tanks) life. For bosses, they have more than one lifebars. A blue lifebar represents the boss will not be killed, but stunned when depleted to zero. When they are on their last lifebar, the color for it will be green. The lifebar will show when the player lands a hit on the enemies, machines or weapons with these lifebars. For the boss, if a lifebar is not shown, the boss is invulnerable but the player can continue shooting at the boss while at that mode to earn more points.

The number of lifebars for the bosses in arcade mode are:

  • Victor Zahn has 5 lifebars
  • Randy Garrett has 7 lifebars
  • Wild Dog and Wild Fang have 15 lifebars each
  • Giorgio Zott has 8 lifebars and has boss invulnerability on his final lifebar

The number of lifebars for the bosses in Rescue Mission mode are:

  • Victor Zahn has 4 lifebars
  • Jake Hernandez has 6 visible lifebars during his first encounter and 7 visible lifebars during his second encounter

Time Bonus And Maximum Amount Of Time Per Area (Arcade Mode)

Area Solo Play (in seconds) Link Play (in seconds)
Stage 1 Area 1 195 200
Stage 1 Area 2 186 191
Stage 1 Area 3 188 193
Stage 2 Area 1 241 251
Stage 2 Area 2 228 238
Stage 2 Area 3 194 199
Stage 3 Area 1 286 291
Stage 3 Area 2 198 203
Stage 3 Area 3 213 218
The time bonus is 1,200 points for every second saved. Max cap at 99,990 points.

Time Bonus And Maximum Amount Of Time Per Stage (Rescue Mission Mode)

Stage Maximum Time (in seconds)
Stage 1 130
Stage 2 100
Stage 3 120
Stage 4 170
Stage 5 145
Stage 6 140
Stage 7 140
Stage 8 130
Stage 9 155
Stage 10 170
Stage 11 3.5
Stage 12 180
Stage 13 190
Stage 14 4.5
The time bonus is 1,200 points for every second saved except for Stages 11 and 14 which is 12,000 points for every second saved.


Arcade Mode

Japanese version English version Remarks
本日、地中海沿岸のザゴリアス連邦が、独立を求めるルカノ国の領土アスティゴス島に一方的な軍事侵攻を開始しました 國際世論による非難にもかかわらず、現在もザゴリアス軍は部隊の上陸作戦を続け、島の占領は時間の問題と考えられています This morning the Zagorias Federation, one of the Mediterranean Coastal nations, launched a unilateral military offensive against Astigos Island, a territory of the nation of Lukano which has been seeking independence. Despite protests from various nations, the Zagorian forces continued their invasion of Astigos, and sources believe it is only a matter of time before the island is completely occupied. The Euro Flash newscaster, reporting on the Zagorian invasion of Astigos Island in the game's opening movie

It's the year 2003. Lukano, a small country facing the Mediterranean Sea, was under the crisis of the invasion of Zagorias Federation Army from the nearby nation Zagorias. The Lukano Liberation Army has been continuing tough battles against ZFA. They caught information that the ZFA distributed tactical missiles in the Astigos Island. If this information is true, it is a fatal disadvantage for Lukano. Daniel Winston, a young leader of the LLA and an elder brother of Alicia, organized a special task force with some soldiers, his co-leader Jake, and himself to confirm the existence of the missiles and destroy them. They sneaked onto the island but caught by ZFA. The war seemed to end with the Zagorias Army winning.

On the other hand the range of the tactical missiles in the Astigos Island covers neighboring countries in the region. V.S.S.E., anxious about the confusion of the world, decided to send two agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert.

Rescue Mission Mode

Japanese version English version Remarks
こんばんは10時のニュースをお伝えします まず、地中海情勢です ザゴリアス連邦軍が自主独立を求めるルカノ国の領土アスティゴス島に侵攻を開始して3ヶ月が経過しました 現地情報筋によりますと、島内に残るルカノ独立解放軍が現在激しい抵抗活動を行っていますがザゴリアス軍はすでに島の80%以上を掌握 ルカノ本国を侵攻するための新たな軍人拠点としつつあると伝えられています 国連では事態打開のために多国籍軍投入を検討していましたがこの地域は各国の利害が複雜に絡み合うことから調整に難航しており その間に戦局はザゴリアス連邦の一方的な勝利に終わる樣相を呈しています さらに本日、ザゴリアス軍は戦闘中にルカノ国独立解放軍の指揮官ダニエル・ウィンストン氏と副官ジェイク・ヘルナンデス氏および数名の解放軍兵士の身柄を拘束したと発表しました ザゴリアス軍はウィンストン氏とヘルナンデス氏の身柄と引き換えにルカノ独立解放軍に対して全面降伏の要求をしています Good evening. It's time for the Ten o' clock news. First, an update on the Mediterranean crisis. It has been three months since the Zagorias Federation launched an invasion of Astigos Island, a territory of the neighboring nation of Lukano. Despite heavy resistance from the Lukano Liberation Force, the Zagorias army has already seized 80% of the island, and according to sources on Astigos, they are preparing to use this site as a strategic base to advance onto Lukano. The United Nations is currently reviewing the possibility of deploying a multinational military force. The complex political interests lying in this region have been hindering negotiations. Reports indicate that it will be a matter of time before the entire nation of Lukano would come under Zagorian control. In other breaking news, the Zagorian army has announced today that they have captured the Lukano Liberation Force's leader Daniel Winston and second-in-command Jake Hernandez, along with several Lukano soldiers, and have called for a negotiation with the Lukano Liberation Force to return the prisoners in exchange for their surrender. The Euro Flash newscaster, reporting on the Zagorian invasion of Astigos Island in the rescue mission mode's opening movie

Alicia, hearing her brother has been taken prisoner by the Zagorias Federation Army, sneaks onto Marano Beach at night alone to rescue him. Armed with four conventional weapons and her sniper rifle, along the way she must combat the Zagorian forces along side with Alan and Wesley.


Japanese version English version Remarks
VSSEはザゴリアス軍が島内に戦術ミサイルを配備したとの情報を入手、これは当事国のみならず、周辺諸国に対しても大きな脅威になりうると判斷し、2人のエース・エージェントを送り込んだ V.S.S.E. has learned that the Zagorias Army has deployed tactical missiles on Astigos Island. That will be a threat not only to Lukano, but to the surrounding nations as well. Two of their best agents were sent in to remove this threat. Opening narration

One morning in the Mediterranean coast, Giorgio Zott, leading the Zagorias Federation Army invades and occupies 80% of Astigos Island after three months of invasion despite protests from other nations. The Lukano Liberation Army soon discovers that the Zagorias Army had placed tactical missiles onto Astigos Island, but Lukano's investigators are kidnapped by one of the Zagorian Forces. Eventually, Daniel Winston and second in-command Jake Hernandez, leaders of the Lukano Liberation Army are also captured. Daniel's sister, Alicia, goes on an overnight attack at Marano Beach only to find out that Lukano's suspicions were true.

This prompts Alicia to leak the information to the V.S.S.E., in which they dispatch four-year agents, Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert, to remove what they believe is a threat. Alan and Wesley are nearly killed twice by Victor Zahn, an enemy in a VTOL, they are rescued by Alicia, then the 3 of them battles Zahn in a car chase, and defeats him with the bomber going down in flames, and then exploding. Soon, she directs them to the area where the missiles are located. However, an ambush by Zagorian forces separates Alicia from the agents, who then proceeds to the missile silo. During this time, Alicia meets up with Jake, who tells what happened to he and Daniel, saying that he was the only one to escape with an evil grin on his face.

Discovering that he betrayed Lukano and the resistance for the love of money, she battles him with Zagorian forces and civilians around the streets, defeats him, and then tries to ask him where Daniel is, but he manages to escape, running away in a Jeep. Later, Alan and Wesley rejoins her on a train to the missile base. The group is nearly killed when another one of Zott's henchmen, Randy Garrett, destroys a bridge and almost fall into a chasm. Alan and Wesley battles Garett, while Alicia kills enemy snipers from the far right of the bridge that are about to kill both of them, soon Alan and Wesley kill Garett, causing him to fall into the chasm, and all of them safely reach the missile base. Here Alicia and the agents spot Daniel and Zott on top a tower. They soon split up again, with Alan and Wesley fighting Wild Dog and his new apprentice, Wild Fang.

After Alan and Wesley defeat "the Wild pair", Wild Dog appears to commit suicide by once again detonating himself. They catch up to Daniel, but is caught by Zott, threatening them to drop their handguns or else he's killing Daniel. Up at the tower again, Alicia rescues her brother by sniping Zott's gun out of his hand, and rescuing the soldiers captured by the Zagorian Army. Soon, Alan and Wesley engage in a fight against Zott inside the missile base. After they kill him, the missiles launch. They use Zott's rocket launchers to stop the missiles by firing at the roof of the base and safely burying them, almost at the cost of their lives. At the same time, Alicia battles and ultimately kills Jake, who had attempted to escape with a nuclear warhead, restoring dignity to her army. In the PS2 version, the game's true ending is revealed: their mission complete, Alan and Wesley leave Astigos Island, which the resistance army is able to liberate by returning 90% of the island back to the Lukano governent in just one month of conflict and force the Zagorian Federation Army out of the nation for retreating, putting an end to the Mediterranean crisis.

Japanese version English version Remarks
こんばんは ルカノ国政府はザゴリアス連邦軍の侵攻をうけていたアスティゴス島がルカノ独立解放軍により解放されつつあると発表しました 本日までに島の領土の90%近くを奪還したとのことです 当局によると10日前の大規模な戦闘でザゴリアス軍の最高司令官ジオルジョ・ゾット将軍が死亡 アスティゴス島ではすでに解放された街の人々が1ヶ月ぶりの平和と自由を祝っています 島内にいるザゴリアス軍のわずかな残存部隊もルカノ独立解放軍の攻勢により、撤退を余儀なくされており 今回のザゴリアス軍の侵攻はこれで終結するものと見られています Good evening. The Lukano government has announced that Astigos Island is regaining control from the invading Zagorian Federation army. According to a government spokesman, as of today the Lukano Liberation Force has succeeded in restoring control of 90% of the island back to the Lukano government. It has also been reported that the Zagorian Commander in Chief, General Giorgio Zott, was killed in action during a major military campaign ten days ago. While the people of Astigos Island celebrate their freedom and peace after one month of conflict, the remaining Zagorian troops are being forced to retreat by the Lukano Liberation Force, putting an end to this Mediterranean crisis. The Euro Flash newscaster, reporting on the success of the Lukano Liberation Force in defeating the Zagorias Federation Army and putting an end to the Mediterranean crisis. In the Japanese version, the third and fourth lines in-game are swapped. In the English version, the word "Giorgio" in-game is misspelled as "Georgio".


The game was later ported to the mobile phones with the name Time Crisis Mobile (3D) and later re-ported in 2009 to the iPhone OS, as Time Crisis Strike.


The game was met with positive reception upon release. GameRankings gave it a score of 81.21%, while Metacritic gave it 81 out of 100.

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 81.21%
Metacritic 81/100
Review scores
Publication Score
Edge 6/10
Electronic Gaming Monthly 7.5/10
Eurogamer 8/10
Game Informer 7.5/10
GamePro 5/5 STARS
GameSpot 7.6/10
GameZone 8.6/10
IGN 8.4/10
Official PlayStation Magazine (US) 4.5/5 STARS
X-Play 4/5 STARS


  • The stages, locations and buildings are inspired from a real-life European country, Greece (e.g. Zagorias is adapted from the real-life town of Zagori, Greece).
  • The game uses the Time Crisis II PS2 engine.
  • The soundtrack on the PlayStation 2 version is updated from the arcade version.




Opening Sequence
Arcade Mode
Arcade/Rescue Mission Mode
Rescue Mission Mode
Crisis Mission Mode

Attract Mode

Time Crisis 3 Opening

Time Crisis 3 Opening

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