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Time Crisis Strike™
Time Crisis Strike

iOS, android

Time Crisis Strike (タイムクライシスストライク, Taimu Kuraishisu Sutoraiku) was released by Namco in January 2009 for iOS. It is actually an spin-off and alternate version of Time Crisis 3.


Time Crisis Strike offers Arcade Mode (play through of three stages), One Stage Trial (try one of the stages individually), or Crisis Mission (special challenge modes). Most of the levels are locked and require completion of the earlier levels to move on any spot.


The first stage is titled "Into The Fire", the second stage is titled "To The Core" and the third stage is titled "Showdown".


  • Time Crisis Strike was a re-release of Time Crisis Mobile. Hence, only the handgun is available despite the use of Time Crisis 3 enemies and Wild Dog's design from said game.
  • Wild Dog is the only human boss in the entire game with players battling him in the entire of stage 3. Unlike his appearance in Time Crisis 3, he only has the M134 minigun weapon arm (he also has weapon arms firing RPG rockets and flame-igniting liquid in Time Crisis 3). This trait is later used in Time Crisis 2nd Strike.
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