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The Vital Situation, Swift Elimination International Intelligence Agency, abbreviated to V.S.S.E. or simply VSSE, is an organization featured in Namco's Time Crisis franchise.


The origins, foundation, and place of operations of this covert agency is unknown as its existence has been kept obscure by nearly everyone in the world. Those who know of its existence has a fictional security clearance called Eyes-Only Clearance. People who have been given Eyes-Only Clearance are not allowed to tell the outside world what they know about certain things (i.e. Alicia Winston cannot tell the outside world about Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert) but are allowed to access V.S.S.E. files (i.e. Elizabeth Conway from the U.S. Joint Intelligence Division accessed the V.S.S.E. files during the invasion of Colorado Military base searching for information about Wild Dog and Wild Fang in the V.S.S.E. database). V.S.S.E. operates literally as a problem-solving intelligence agency which gathers information regarding terrorists, underground organizations, world-class criminals, and other high-level atrocities through utilization of specialized laptops optimized to encrypt information to protect the obscurity of the agency.

If there is a need to protect the public good, the authority of the V.S.S.E. supersedes the authority of the United Nations and other covert organizations belonging to a particular country (i.e. the United States Central Intelligence Agency). The aim of the V.S.S.E. is to shut down high-level crimes and atrocities in a timely manner. The information gathering is conducted by a group of volunteers, known as "Cooperatives". Cooperatives are civilians who have the privilege to report information to the V.S.S.E. regarding about high-level crimes and atrocities when required. When the crime is proven to be something that needs attention, V.S.S.E. will send out (for the most part) a team of 2 special operation agents to shut the high-level atrocity down (in some cases, the deployment of agents is done by organizations such as the European Union). If the public good has to be protected by a different security task force (i.e. the suppression of the U.R.D.A. by the S.T.F.), then the V.S.S.E. will act as covert intelligence officials for the responsible task force, providing Eyes Only Broadcasts when a crisis is spotted.

V.S.S.E. agents are often paired with different hair colors. Paired agents usually have opposing personality e.g. Robert, Alan, Evan and Luke have brash, impatient, immature and hyperactive personality, when Keith, Wesley, Giorgio and Marc have calm, collected, mature and smart personality. Mostly there is always a blonde agent since Time Crisis II. When a V.S.S.E. agent has black hair, he is often a blue agent. On the other hand, his partner is a red agent with blonde hair. Keith, Robert, Luke and Marc are prime examples. Agents with brown hair are often red agents while their partner are blue agents with blonde hair. Alan, Wesley, Giorgio and Evan are prime examples. Richard Miller is the only agent who works alone and the only one who wears a black leather jacket with his code name (unlike Wesley who wears a black and blue jacket). Luke is the only agent who does not wear a jacket or coat at all but wears a zippered red vest.


The standard V.S.S.E. weapon is the handgun whose models vary from game to game [1]. Most of the V.S.S.E handguns are chambered for the .45 ACP [2] and have flashlight attachment. V.S.S.E agents when paired are equipped with the same handgun model but always in different color. Blonde agents have two-tone handguns with black flashlight while their partners have handguns completely black. Since next-generation agents Luke and Marc deploy gas-actuated handguns (chambered in .50 AE), their handguns are not outfitted with optics (or flashlights) as their two-tone handguns are identical to each other. Keith and Robert in Time Crisis 5 changed handgun model [3] but retained the same Time Crisis II handgun color scheme (Keith's handgun is two-tone while Robert's handgun is completely black).

With the increased enemy militarization, V.S.S.E agents are trained to use enemy weapons [4] or are equipped with additional weapons [5].


The V.S.S.E. sustained a number of instances where their reputation was nearly destroyed either by an enemy interception or by an act of treason. Christy Ryan was captured by Neodyne' associates after Jakov Kinisky found out what Christy's intentions were. Outside supporters (i.e. William Rush) had to help the V.S.S.E. out during the weapons trafficking incident after Elizabeth Conway found out about an information leak that endangered the V.S.S.E. agents on their way to San Francisco, forcing Captain Rush to rendezvous with the V.S.S.E. at the airport in lieu of rescue. Keith Martin was scapegoated by Robert Baxter as a traitor who failed a sour mission from three years ago, in which the late Christy Ryan attempted to complete the audit about the traitor - something Keith was more than willing to chip in. Keith turned out to be loyal as he made Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart realize who the real traitor was.


The section lists the most noticeable members of the International Intelligence Agency.

  • Richard Miller - The One-Man Army, as this catch-copy implies, is the only agent qualified to work alone.
  • Keith Martin - One of the V.S.S.E.'s senior agents. His pride was shattered between the events of Time Crisis 4 and Time Crisis 5 but with the help of the next-generation agents (Keith did not like Luke as he thought he was a real pain) was able to redeem himself. He and Robert were the army of two in Time Crisis II.
  • Robert Baxter (Work disregarded during Time Crisis 5) - Robert used to be a senior V.S.S.E. agent, but when he shifted the drug protection failure blame to Keith Martin, he sought to erase the V.S.S.E., prompting Christy Ryan to launch an audit. Christy attempted to cooperate with the V.S.S.E. in good faith but Robert murdered the auditor to keep his act of treason secret, but the secret is out. He and Keith were the army of two in Time Crisis II.
  • Christy Ryan (Late) - Christy operated as both an International Affairs representative, in which she would masquerade as administrative assistants for the enemies, or as an internal information auditor when required to investigate possible acts of treason. Christy believed that Keith was used for a nasty agenda 3 years prior to Time Crisis 5, so she teamed up with the embattered Anglo Agent to find out what really happened. As she sought to report to the V.S.S.E. to submit her audit in good faith, she was murdered and her briefcase containing her auditor work was lost. Keith recovered the briefcase, but before Robert was able to intercept the case, Keith was able to convince the next-generation agents that Robert was the traitor, signaling that the embattered agent and Christy kept their word to complete the information audit in good faith.
  • Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert - A 2-person team since 1999. They were natural friends even before they were hired into the V.S.S.E.. Recognized for their natural friendship, in which the V.S.S.E. viewed as a plus.
  • Giorgio Bruno - A V.S.S.E. agent who previously had a troubled childhood, but was rescued by an Italian Authority. He vowed to live a righteous life, and did so by operating as an Italian NOCS officer during his pre-V.S.S.E. days. Previously working alone, he was partnered with Evan Bernard, and even though Giorgio and Evan were partners for only 1 year (not to mention they were not natural partners as opposed to Alan and Wesley), they are a loyal pair.
  • Evan Bernard - A V.S.S.E. agent who hails from a line of fishermen. Although a trusted V.S.S.E. Agent, he was partnered with Giorgio Bruno to further nourish Bruno's path of righteousness.
  • Sarah Martin - Serves as air support for Giorgio in his solo missions.
  • Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart - Next-generation V.S.S.E. agents with superhuman speed. Luke and Marc were issued gas-actuated .50 AE handguns to satisfy V.S.S.E.'s ever-growing stringent battery and expectations of their agents' performance. While Luke is brash and impatient, Marc acts with a cool head.
  • Catherine Ricci - Serves as air support for Luke and Marc. Aghast when Luke and Marc admitted to Ricci that they were duped by Keith, she tried to run Robert over with her chopper to prevent the traitor from launching a drug-filled missile, pushing the missile away from the aircraft in the process. She survived the impact.
  • VSSE Trainees - New and mysterious characters, looking forward in the Crisis Missions, facing off new challenges and enemies, proven themselves to become full-time agents in the future.


Time Crisis

Japanese version English version Remarks
リチャード 緊急事態だ 我がセルシア共和国大統領の娘レイチェルが誘拐された 犯人は北西の島に古城を構える悪しき王家の末裔シェルードだ 奴はレイチェルの命と引き換えに軍事機密ファイルを要求してきた 要求の期限は日沒だもう時間がない 至急奴の城に潛入レイチェルを救出してくれ 尚この事件にはあの巨大犯罪組織ワイルドドッグが手を貸しているようだ では 健闘を祈る Richard, there's an emergency. There's been a kidnapping! It's Rachel, the daughter of the president of Sercia! The kidnapper is believed to be Sherudo, the last blood relative of the royal family. He lives in an old castle on the northwest island. He's demanding military secrets in exchange for Rachel's life! The deadline is sunset. We don't have much time! Get into the castle and rescue Rachel! The organized crime syndicate "Wild Dogs" is also known to be involved. Good luck, Richard. Opening Eyes Only Broadcast to Richard, featuring the voice of V.S.S.E. head Porter Davis
リチャード 久しぶりだなそれでは今回の指令を送る 今回の任務は武裝グループカンタリスの武器取引の阻止だ これが湖のほとりにある奴らの本拠地だ 表向きは郊外で経営しているホテルとなっているのだが その実態は奴らの武器製造工場であることが判明した こいつがリーダーのカンタリスだ本名、性別など、詳細は不明 カンタリスというコードネーム以外は分かっていない しかし 奴はワイルドドッグとも取引をしていた危険な存在だ では 健闘を祈る Richard, long time no see. I hope you are ready. Here is your next objective. Your mission is to uncover the plan of the organization "Kantaris". This is their headquarters. The hotel is actually a front for their weapons factory. This is their leader, also known as Kantaris. Intel came up empty on Kantaris. We don't even know a real name or gender. However, we do have positive verification that they are Wild Dog's arms supplier. Good luck, Richard. Eyes Only Broadcast to Richard from the Head of V.S.S.E. at the start of the Special Stage

Time Crisis: Project Titan

Japanese version English version Remarks
リチャード、なぜ君がこんな事態に陷ったのか、我々は関知しない。ただ、我々は君がワナにかけられただけだと確信している。これは我々が持つ唯一の手掛かりだ 我々はアバカスという名の謎の人物から衛星通信を受け取った。アバカスは君の汚名を晴らす証拠を握っていると言っている。我々の偵察衛星は衛星通信の発信源を追跡した。シグナルはこの船から来ている。しかも、この船は、あのカンタリスグループのものらしい。これが船の座標だ。残念だが我々はこれ以上の手助けはできない。君は何としても暗殺の真犯人を見つけ、汚名を晴らすんだ。君が無罪を証明出來なければ、我々は君をカルバ政府に引き渡さざるを得ない。リチャード、君に与えられた時間は48時間だ!健闘を祈る! Richard, we don't know how you got yourself into this mess, but we think you've been set up. This is the only lead we have. We received a satellite transmission from an informant named "Abacus". Abacus claims to have proof that will clear your name. Our recon satellite tracked the source of the transmission and the signal is coming from this ship. We have suspicions it belongs to the organization "Kantaris". Here are the coordinates of the ship. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further assistance. You must find out the identity of the real killer and clear your name! Without proof of your innocence, we'll have no choice but to turn you over to the Caruban government! Richard, you'll have 48 hours. Good luck! Eyes Only Broadcast to Richard from the Head of V.S.S.E.

Time Crisis II

Japanese version English version Remarks
(クリスティー: もしもしクリスティーです。奴らの計画に関する情報を入手しましたが...エージェントはまだですか?)キースとロバートを送った。無敵の2人だ。(クリスティー: 彼等を!) (Chrsity: It's me, Christy. I found some data on the satellite network. Haven't the agents left yet?) Keith and Robert are on their way. No one can beat them. (Chrsity: Keith and Robert?) Head of V.S.S.E., dispatching Keith Martin and Robert Baxter in the Neodyne Industries incident

Time Crisis 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
情報提供に感謝する 二人の優秀なエージェントがそちらに向かっている 接触時間は0800時、マラノビーチに到着することになっている(アリシア: 了解しました。直ちに現地に向かいます)二人のデータを送る なお、二人には君のことは話していない 君に連絡が入ったときには二人は既に出発していた 今は無線連絡出来ない状況なのだ Your information is appreciated. I have sent in two of our best agents for support. They will be landing on Marano Beach, rendezvous is at 0800 hours. [Alicia: Yes, sir. I'll head for the beach right away.] We're transferring their profiles to you now. Unfortunately, they left before we could provide them with information about you. Currently, we have no way of contacting them. Head of V.S.S.E., after Alicia Winston informed the agency that the Zagorias Federation Army brought tactical missiles to Astigos Island

Time Crisis 4

Japanese version English version Remarks
エージェント諸君、新たな任務だ アメリカで極秘兵器がテロリストの手に渡る 至急、調査に向かえ We have a new mission for you, gentlemen. A top secret weapon is about to fall into the hands of terrorists in the United States. Head there at once to investigate. Head of V.S.S.E., when Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard arrived at the airport
ジョルジョ、エヴァン、聞こえるか?君達の情報が漏れた そいつらは今回の事件のテロリストだ 応戦せよ! Giorgio, Evan, can you hear me? There's been an information leak regarding your involvement. They're the terrorists involved in this incident. Return fire! Head of V.S.S.E., when the "terrorists" began attacking the agents at the airport
アメリカ軍のラッシュ大尉が今そちらに向かっている 彼と合流してくれ Captain Rush from the U.S. military is heading in your direction as we speak. Meet up with him. Head of V.S.S.E. telling the agents to meet up with William Rush
...何が起こっている?通信...妨害され...... What's going on?! I'm losing connection... Head of V.S.S.E., when the "terrorists" used their special "weapon" at the agents



  1. Strayer Voigt Infinity [a M1911 variant] in Time Crisis, HK Mark 23 in Time Crisis II, Smith & Wesson SW99 in Time Crisis 3, STI's M1911 in Time Crisis 4 and IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX in Time Crisis 5
  2. The exception being the IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX chambered for the .50 AE
  3. From HK Mark 23 with a LAM module to HK 45 handgun without any attachments
  4. Keith and Robert in Time Crisis II can use NDI submachine guns seen in stages 1-2 and 2-1. In Time Crisis 5, Luke and Marc can use M4 Carbines, Kel-Tec KSG shotguns and HK XM 320 grenade launchers found in Wild Dog's mercenaries armory seen in stage 1-2. Also, Robert in said game uses a HK MP5K submachine gun taken from an enemy with bulletproof shield
  5. Since Time Crisis 3, the machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher are the basic special weapons. In Time Crisis 4 and Time Crisis 5, helicopter mounted weapons and sniper rifles are used
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