New VSSE Trainees are unnamed playable characters in the Crisis Missions of Time Crisis 3 and Time Crisis 4.

Time Crisis 3

After the threat of the Zagorias Federation Army neutralized, V.S.S.E. carried out a series of tactical exercises in Astigos Island. The trainees were tested against Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert.

Time Crisis 4

After the Hamlin Battalion incident, V.S.S.E. carried out another series of tactical exercises in conjunction with the U.S. military using the places where the incident occurred. The trainees had to defeat Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard first before finding out who the mysterious man known as "X" was. Though "X" turned to be Wild Dog, it was in fact Richard Miller in disguise. According to Miller, data taken from the recent battle with Wild Dog was used to replicate his special equipment. It was possible that the new V.S.S.E. Trainees would fight the real Wild Dog sometime later.

The Hamelin Battalion's devastating coup d'etat was an unprecedented case involving biological weapons that has been developed in secret. A major crisis was averted due to the efforts of the VSSE agents. The unexpected and varied attacks from the enemy made their mission extremely difficult, but they emerged victorious because of the support provided by Captain Rush and First Lieutenant Conway. After the incident, the VSSE decided to add a series of tactical exercises to its training program to better prepare its agents for battle. These exercises were organised in coordination with the U.S. military and have been set in areas where previous battles actually took place. There are several VSSE agents and a few members of the U.S. military participating in these exercises. One such member is known only as "X". His amazing skills have earned him the highest scores in most missions. But strangely, no one has ever seen his face and his identity is shrouded in mystery.... After completing all of the missions, I was called over by Giorgio and Evan. They're the two agents who were assigned to that terrorist incident. They've been doing extremely well in these exercises. According to them, assigning special missions for rookies is protocol. Evan: "So, you want to know who this unrivalled "X" is? Then you'll have to take us down first." "X" turned out to be Wild Dog. He's fought against VSSE agents for years. I suppose you could call him the sworn enemy of the VSSE. What is he doing here? Wild Dog stood up and took off his mask to reveal a familiar face. Without thinking, I took a step back and saluted. Richard Miller. The most respected agent in VSSE's history. According to Richard, data from previous battles with Wild Dog was used to recreate his special equipment. This last mission was a chance to test both me and his new gear. Richard: "Good job. I'm glad to have someone like you in our next generation of agents. One day you'll fight Wild Dog for real. It's just a matter of time...."
~ Time Crisis 4: Crisis Missions backstories as taken from the official game
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