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Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert


Shot and then killed in plane explosion


Zagorias Federation

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Time Crisis 3


FN P90, GAU-22/A Gatling cannon, Mk 2 hand grenades and rocket pod (rescue mission mode)

Victor Zahn (ビクター・ザン Bikutā Zan?) is the boss of Stage 1 in Time Crisis 3.


Zahn has spiky red hair and turquoise eyes.

Zahn wears a white singlet, yellow-brown pants of digital jungle camouflage folded in military style with a belt around his waist, and brown combat boots. There is a bandoleer running across his right shoulder and black knee pads over the pants. He also wears brown gloves. As for weapons, he is armed with FN P90 and Mk 2 hand grenades which are fitted on the bandoleer. In the arcade mode, he can also use a General Dynamics GAU-22/A Gatling cannon and in the rescue mission, use a rocket pod in addition to the Gatling cannon.


Zahn is first seen over the wrecked ship Alan and Wesley are in during Stage 1 Area 2, commenting on their inevitable efforts, he drops bombs at the ship in order to speed up it's demise. He then ambushes them in his VTOL plane, however before he is able to finish the two agents, Alicia Winston saves them by allowing the two V.S.S.E. agents to jump into her jeep, thus starting the fight.

As the fight begins Alan and Wesley are forced to destroy the numerous weapons that are installed on Zahn's VTOL plane along with waves of normal enemies in jeeps (and dirt bikes in the Rescue Mission). After they destroy all of the weapons on the front and sides of the plane Zahn makes his appearance, starting the true fight.

After fighting Zahn normally, Zahn retreats, utilising more and more weaponry against the V.S.S.E. agents, from his FN P90 to Mk 2 hand grenades and even a Gatling cannon. In Stage 4 of the "Rescue Mission", Zahn uses a rocket pod to shoot Alicia Winston. Despite being against the odds, Alan and Wesley or Alicia finally beat Zahn, who drops the grenades he is using in the plane, blowing it up and ultimately killing himself.


Zahn's main strength lies in his truly vast arsenal of weapons. Fist and foremost is his VTOL plane, which accommodates half of the fight. The plane has a total of 1 Gatling cannon, 6 heavy machine gun turrets and 2 rocket pods, with the rocket pods and Gatling cannon on the wings and nose of the plane respectively and the other 6 turrets divided equally on the sides of the plane. All the Gatling cannon and heavy machine gun turrets have extremely high fire rates while the rocket pods have 100% accuracy when aimed at Alan or Wesley respectively but the rockets can be shot down, both kinds of turrets are especially deadly when firing. In the Rescue Mission, the rocket pods on the aircraft are absent during gameplay.

Zahn himself has a number of weapons he uses throughout the fight also, his main weapon is a FN P90 which has fairly high accuracy and fire rates, making it a cause for concern. His other weapons consist of Mk 2 hand grenades, which he will throw either directly or in an arc, which will hit both Alan and Wesley, and a Gatling cannon, which has 100% accuracy and an insane rate of fire, thus forcing the player to take cover if the Gatling cannon is being focused on the player (otherwise, it has 0% accuracy if Zahn wildly fires the Gatling cannon). In the rescue mission, Zahn will throw the Gatling cannon at Alicia once his lifebar is depleted. At one point, Zahn uses a rocket pod with 100% accuracy just on Alicia. However, the rockets can be shot down.

Zahn otherwise is a fairly weak boss in comparison to others, as he is stationary most of the time and does not have a great deal of health. To increase the challenge, he is accompanied by a large amount of normal enemies, who will constantly interrupt the fight and will assist Zahn on occasion.


Japanese version English version Remarks
引っかかったなVSSEの若造共め Like sheep to the slaughter... Victor Zahn, before dropping more bombs to the wrecked ship V.S.S.E. agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert are in
ここまでだ! You're finished! Victor Zahn, confronting V.S.S.E. agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert who have survived the explosion
死ねぇーー! Say goodbye! Victor Zahn, before firing rockets from his V.T.O.L meant to kill the V.S.S.E. agents


  • The VTOL aircraft flown by Zahn is based on the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.
  • Despite Alicia, Alan and Wesley participate in defeating Zahn, their methods of doing it are different. From Alicia's point of view, Alan and Wesley never appear while from their view, Alicia is seen driving with her head down.
    • Alicia's objective is to destroy the VTOL's engines while Alan and Wesley's objective is to destroy the weapons on the VTOL.


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Time Crisis 3 Music - Showdown - Arcade - Stage 1 - Area 3 Boss 1080p HD

Time Crisis 3 Music - Showdown - Arcade - Stage 1 - Area 3 Boss 1080p HD

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