WOLF leader

This man is, as his title implies, the leader of the W.O.L.F. (Western Order Liberation Front) and is only encountered in Captain William Rush's story mode.

The W.O.L.F. Leader is voiced by Rikiya Koyama (小山 力也, Koyama Rikiya) in Japanese, and by Kirk Thornton in English.


The W.O.L.F. Leader wears a green short-sleeved polo shirt with a load-bearing vest over it, brown pants with a brown belt around his waist and black shoes. He also wears shades, a green tuque and green gloves. As for equipment, he has a magazine pouch containing a 20-round magazine on the load-bearing vest. He has a device which prevents the Terror Bites from attacking him on his neck.


The W.O.L.F. Leader (real name unknown) is first heard by Captain Rush inside the W.O.L.F. hideout when he and his grunts are having a heated argument with Hamlin Battalion soldiers over their identity. Frustrated, the W.O.L.F. Leader orders the use of Terror Bites (referred to as sample) which results in a gun battle. When Captain Rush cautiously enters the hideout after that and seeing the carnage, the W.O.L.F. Leader fires a shot at him which misses. Afterwards, he orders his grunts to kill Captain Rush while he escapes to the roof. In combat, the W.O.L.F. Leader wears a device which prevents the Terror Bites from attacking him, fires a HK G36C assault carbine and uses Mite Bites which expand quickly upon proximity of their targets and will explode if not destroyed. Despite these advantages, he is killed at the rooftop. Upon the W.O.L.F. Leader's death, he drops a handset device which is analysed by First Lieutenant Elizabeth Conway and its data shows that a weapon trade-off is going to take place in San Francisco during the afternoon.


Japanese version English version Remarks
お前ら...いったい何者だ?く、くそっ!!サンプルを使用しろ! Hey! Who the hell are you? Damn it! Use the sample! The W.O.L.F. leader confronting some soldiers
まだいやがったか!野郎ども、やっちまえ!! There's another one! Hey! Let's get him! The W.O.L.F. leader, after firing a shot past the ear of Captain Rush
こうなったらコイツを使う知らねぇな! Looks like I'm going to have to use this! The W.O.L.F. leader, when releasing Mite Bites for the first time

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Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 1-5 - FPS

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 1-5 - FPS

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