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V.S.S.E. Special Operations Agent

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Time Crisis 3


Smith & Wesson SW99, Ingram MAC-11, Remington 870 and Webley No. 2 Mark 1*

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Fred Cross (uncredited)

Wesley Lambert (ウェズリー・ランバート Wezurī Ranbāto?) is one of the playable characters in Time Crisis 3, regardless of the edition. Wesley takes control as Player 2.


Wesley has a short blonde hair with full-opened fringe and green eyes.

Despite he wearing no upper underwear, Wesley wears a black jacket with blue colors addition on top (including his collar), a light khaki pants and brown shoes. Wesley also wears a necklace with bone as a pendant.


Wesley joined the V.S.S.E. at the same time as Alan Dunaway, He was a proven marksman of the agency, He's a friendly, quiet, smart, reserved, and cheerful-looking man, and he currently holds a doctorate degree in engineering. Wesley is best known for his own unflappability in extreme situations, where he can make snap decisions strategically. Wesley is also a natural animal-lover/caretaker. Because he and Alan get along extremely well, they are different from other agents/teams.

Crisis Missions

Although Alan and Wesley were V.S.S.E. agents only for 4 years, they were already far and away trustworthy, as they were qualified to act as officers in a simulation fight for newer agents based on the Astigos Island Crisis. Both served as the final test newer agents (up until the Hamlin Battalion incident) must surpass as a part of the undeniably high amount of battery and aptitude of training agents must undergo before becoming fully-pledged V.S.S.E. agents.


Stage 1 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
難破船か...(アラン: ああ...ヤべエ!)ひとまず、あそこに入ろう! Seems to be a wrecked ship... (Alan: Yeah... Uh-oh!) Over there! Wesley Lambert, when he and Alan Dunaway came across a shipwreck before being driven by the Zagorian troops into there

Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
そうか、捕虜と引き換えに降伏を要求されているんだな(アリシア: はい、しかしそんな要求は飲むわけこはいきません)それで単身兄さんを助けに来たのか I see, so they're using the hostages as bait to force the resistance to surrender, right? (Alicia: Yes, but that will never happen.) And so you came all the way by yourself to rescue your brother. Wesley Lambert, explaining to Alicia why she wanted to rescue her brother

Stage 2 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
だいぶ来たが駅はこっちで合っているんだよな(アラン: 俺はお前について来たんだが...)...え?(アラン: どうやらこっちで正解のようだな) Are you sure we're heading the right way? (Alan: Actually, I was just following you...) Wha... (Alan: Well, guess we came to the right place) Wesley Lambert, having doubts about direction when he and Alan were at the riverside

Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
いや、そうでもないぜ(アリシア: アラン!ウェズリー!)早く早く! You sure about that? (Alicia: Alan! Wesley!) C'mon! Hurry! Wesley Lambert, never doubting Alicia Winston and told her quietly to catch up to the train

Stage 3 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
待て!俺達が暴れまわって敵を陽動する。その間に君は兄さんを助け出すんだ Wait! We'll take care of the enemy troops. You go and rescue your brother, OK? Wesley Lambert, holding Alicia who was agitated when Giorgio Zott used his pistol to club her brother while coming up with diversion
き...貴様はワイルド・ドッグ!(アラン: まぁだ生きてやがったのか) Wild Dog?! (Alan: Don't you ever die?!) Wesley Lambert, surprised that Wild Dog, killed in Time Crisis and Time Crisis II, is alive

Stage 3 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
アリシア、俺達はヤツを追う!後は頼んだぞ! Alicia! We're going after him him. Take care of your brother! Wesley Lambert, removing the post from Daniel Winston before chasing Giorgio Zott after Alicia shot the pistol off from the general's hand

Stage 3 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
アリシア!!ゾットが逃げている。追わないと(アリシア: 分かったわ!!ここは私たちにまかせて!!)頼んだぜ!! Alicia! Zott's headed for the missile controls. We gotta stop him! (Alicia: Alright! We'll take care of things here!) Thanks! Wesley Lambert, after Alicia arrived with her brother and the Lukano soldiers before the V.S.S.E. agents caught up to Giorgio Zott in the missile controls


  • Wesley is one-year older than Alan.
  • While the V.S.S.E. agents helped Alicia Winston, he was the one who always fully-attentioned on her life. This is revealed in a cutscene which shows Daniel Winston clubbed by Giorgio Zott, then Wesley held her and told her to rescue Daniel, this indicates that he has feelings for Alicia.
  • His personality is more mature than Alan.
  • Wesley's overall appearance is similar to that of Sherudo Garo, the main antagonist of the original Time Crisis.
  • Wesley's haircut is similar to Nick Carter, a member of the American boyband the Backstreet Boys.
  • His name is later shared by Wesley Gibson, the protagonist of the 2008 film Wanted.
  • As a boss character in the final Crisis Mission, Wesley has 8 visible lifebars.


Music Theme

Time Crisis 3 Music - Crisis Mission - Final Test 1080p HD

Time Crisis 3 Music - Crisis Mission - Final Test 1080p HD

Crisis Mission music theme

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