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Basic Information




Eye Color

Blue (Time Crisis 3)

Hair Color

Black (Time Crisis, Time Crisis: Project Titan, Time Crisis II)
Gray (Time Crisis 3, 4 & 5)

Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Various V.S.S.E. agents


Accidential detonation (Time Crisis)
Helicopter crash (Time Crisis: Project Titan)
Suicide bombing (Time Crisis II, 3, 4 & 5)


Wild Dog Organization
Sercian royal family
Kantaris Organization
Neodyne Industries
Zagorias Federation Army
Hamlin Battalion
Robert Baxter

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis
Time Crisis: Project Titan
Time Crisis II
Time Crisis 3
Time Crisis 4
Time Crisis 5


Mauser C96 (Except Time Crisis 3)
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer (Time Crisis 3)
Stoner 63 machine gun and F1 hand grenade (Time Crisis)
Weapon Arm (Except Time Crisis)
Pansarskott m/86 missile launcher (Time Crisis 5)

Voice actor(s)

Scott McCulloch (Time Crisis & II)
Takashi Taniguchi (谷口 節 Taniguchi Takashi?) (Sound Ensemble)
Christopher Corey Smith (Project Titan)
Voice uncredited in Time Crisis 3 and the Japanese Time Crisis 4
Dave Mallow (Time Crisis 4 English)
Yuujirou Ootsuka (大塚 雄史郎 Ootsuka Yuujirou?) (Time Crisis 5 Japanese)
Bill Sullivan (Time Crisis 5 English)

Wild Dog (ワイルド・ドッグ Wairudo Doggu?) is a recurring primary antagonist who appears in almost every main Time Crisis game series (save for a few not related to the numbered series). He serves as the main antagonist and end-boss of the first Time Crisis, Time Crisis Strike and Time Crisis 2nd Strike.


Common features

Wild Dog wears sunglasses with circular lens of various tint and a brown, floor-length trenchcoat, which he throws off before he fights. However, he does not wear the trenchcoat at all in Time Crisis: Project Titan (in-game appearance) and Time Crisis 5.

Time Crisis

Wild Dog wore a charcoal gray collared button shirt with a red tie and black suspenders, brown pants, black shoes, blue-tinted sunglasses and black fingerless gloves.

Time Crisis: Project Titan

Wild Dog's collared button shirt was red, his tie was black, his suspenders were dark red making his outfit into a shades of red, purple pants and reddish brown shoes. He wore red-tinted sunglasses, a single brown fingerless glove on his right hand and the left sleeve from his red button shirt was folded into a cuff to show his weaponized prosthetic arm. The concept artwork showed him wearing a trenchcoat of unknown color.

Time Crisis II

Wild Dog's trenchcoat and pants were darker, his collared button shirt was navy blue, his tie was pink and his sunglasses was gray-tinted but his shoes, suspenders and fingerless glove remained black.

Time Crisis 3

Wild Dog retained his appearance in Time Crisis II with only his pants had reverted back to original brown in the first Time Crisis, his shoes had changed to dark brown and his sunglasses were red-tinted. His hair was gray instead of black.

Time Crisis 4

Wild Dog's trenchcoat was pale brown before he removed it to reveal his yellow collared button shirt, his pants were now in a shades of brown pinstripped and his tie was white with a single rose design, his suspenders were silver, his glove covered his fingernails, his brown shoes was lighter and his sunglassss were blue-tinted. He gained black facial hair in the form of a goatee.

Time Crisis 5

Wild Dog ditches the traditional collared shirt and tie/suspender combination in favor of a more formal dress suit with a dark pink collared shirt, black tie and black vest (with its back being light gray and has two horizontal straps to secure it) with matching pants underneath matching boots, brown shoulder gun holsters that store his dual Mauser pistols, and a detachable humanoid prosthetic left arm which also has a black fingerless glove fitted on the hand. His sunglasses are purple-tinted. His goatee is longer and gray in color.


Wild Dog's first encounter with Richard Miller ended with the former losing his left arm. Wild Dog later replaced it with a mechanical prosthetic which doubles as a weapon. When defeated, he will often blow himself up to evade capture. Despite appearing to be reported KIA, he often comes back to engage the V.S.S.E.. Wild Dog is the only character who is present in every Time Crisis game except Crisis Zone and Razing Storm. The PS2 Time Crisis 3 manual profile described that he rebuilt his body and returned from Hell.


Time Crisis

Main article: Time Crisis

In the country of Sercia, Wild Dog and his mercenary army were hired by the disposed Imperial dictator Sherudo Garo to help him stage a coup against the democratically elected government. In response to the uprising in Sercia, the Vital Situation Swift Elimination (V.S.S.E.) organization sent Richard Miller to stop Wild Dog and Garo. Richard managed to locate and kill Garo. In revenge, the villainous mercenary took the President's daughter Rachel MacPherson hostage and started to make his way to the roof of the castle in order to reach a helicopter and make his escape. Wild Dog began detonating explosive charges in the area in an attempt to kill Agent Miller, but Richard managed to catch up with the mercenary and his remaining soldiers on the castle rooftop. Wild Dog shot Rachel in her right arm as she tried to escape, causing her to fall into the arms of a visibly enraged Miller who responded by fighting the mercenary.

After a lengthy, deadly and dangerous battle, heightened only with Wild Dog utilizing explosives to wound and confuse Miller, the mercenary was shot in the chest, causing him to fly back and drop the remote detonator in his hand. The detonator landed on the floor button first, triggering one final explosion around Wild Dog, presumably killing him.

Time Crisis: Project Titan

Main article: Time Crisis: Project Titan

Wild Dog had survived the explosion at the end of Time Crisis and returned with a machine gun grafted onto his left shoulder in Time Crisis: Project Titan. Richard Miller also returned to stop the assassin Ricardo Blanco, a member of the Wild Dogs. Richard and Blanco engaged in an intense firefight at the assassin's mansion. Blanco was defeated and attempted to make his escape by helicopter, but Wild Dog appeared and gunned him down. Richard failed to stop the mercenary only to discover that Wild Dog was creating an army of robot soldiers deemed "Project Titan." Wild Dog and Richard once again began exchanging fire and once again, the mercenary was defeated. In desperation, he sent his army to kill Richard as he tried to make his escape via helicopter. However, Richard managed to shoot down the helicopter, causing it to crash and destroy the robotic army. Wild Dog was assumed to be killed.

Time Crisis II

Main article: Time Crisis II

During the introduction sequence of Time Crisis II, Christy Ryan reported to V.S.S.E. agents, Keith Martin and Robert Baxter, that Wild Dog was still alive and working for corporate CEO, Ernesto Diaz. When Keith and Robert reached Neodyne Industries satellite launch site, Wild Dog and a group of soldiers confronted them. Diaz later joined in the battle with a M202 FLASH rocket launcher but Wild Dog was eventually defeated, causing Diaz to retreat. As he staggered backwards, Wild Dog exclaimed, "V.S.S.E.! You fools!" The mercenary pulled out a radio detonator and activated an explosive on his person seemingly killing him.

Time Crisis 3

Main article: Time Crisis 3

Wild Dog returned attempting to stop the V.S.S.E. agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert during their assault on the Zagorias base. When the agents encountered Wild Dog, they were surprised by his reappearance and asked "Don't you ever die?" Dog revealed a protege named Wild Fang; a second mercenary dressed very similarly to Wild Dog and used a Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer. Despite his new ally, both mercenaries were defeated together; Fang gunned down with Dog self-destructing. After being weakened by the agents, Dog was dismayed and stated before self-destructing, "beaten by a couple of young punks."

Time Crisis 4

Main article: Time Crisis 4

Wild Dog returned in Time Crisis 4 fighting the agents, sporting two new modifications to his gun-arm; a grappling hook and tractor beam. He used his grappling hook to pull down a helicopter carrying the V.S.S.E. agents Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard at the Colorado Air Force Base but was stunned before he could destroy the helicopter. Afterwards, he retreated into a hangar where he had set up several traps for the two agents. Wild Dog used his tractor beam to throw objects at the two agents during their firefight. The mercenary was once again defeated by V.S.S.E. agents. The battle had damaged his tractor beam and overloaded it causing several objects to bury him. As Giorgio and Evan inspected the debris, Wild Dog pulled his detonator out of the rubble and blew himself up again.

Due to V.S.S.E. agents seemingly fighting Wild Dog in just about every mission, the directorship opted to add a simulated fight against Wild Dog as a part of the agency's ongoing program of strengthening new and existing agents through Crisis Mission exercises. In this case, the V.S.S.E. recruit had to fight Giorgio and Evan before fighting Wild Dog (under the guise of "X"). Richard played the part of Wild Dog for this final test to ensure that the recruit was capable of fighting Wild Dog in the real world, and as gratitude for passing all tests, assures them that they will face Wild Dog in the real world in the near future.

Time Crisis 5

Main article: Time Crisis 5

Wild Dog resurfaces again in Time Crisis 5, hiding out in an enemy fortress fronting as a luxury resort hotel. Prior to the events of Time Crisis 5, Wild Dog is discovered to be in possession of an important silver briefcase. The briefcase belonged to an internal V.S.S.E. auditor, who was tasked in trailing a traitor within the V.S.S.E. ranks. Before the results of the investigation could be released, the auditor was murdered and the briefcase was lost.

Robert Baxter, returning 2P protagonist from Time Crisis II, attempts to breach Wild Dog's hangout from outside but is ultimately unsuccessful. The aging mercenary makes his escape throughout the resort, with Robert and V.S.S.E. agents Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart in pursuit.

Wild Dog successfully evades the V.S.S.E. agents, commandeering a behemoth Quadruped Armored Vehicle. The first boss battle has two tiers. The lower level of the quadruped armored vehicle attacks with eight charging cannons, firing projectiles at the V.S.S.E. agents, and three non-functioning twin turrets. The main body of the quadruped is the second level, in which the quadruped attacks with 20 auto-repairing rocket launcher silos and three non-functioning twin turrets while the main beam cannon charges and spins towards the pursuing V.S.S.E. agents.

After defeating the quadruped, Wild Dog's hand emerges from the hatch triggering a detonator. Instead of self-destructing, the detonator triggers a jet pack, allowing his escape. A V.S.S.E. helicopter, operated by radio support Catherine Ricci, arrives to take the V.S.S.E. agents in pursuit of Wild Dog.

Wild Dog lands his jetpack on a speeding train, operated by enemy forces. The cyborg mercenary's modified mechanical arm takes on a more humanoid appearance, allowing him to wield dual Mauser C96 pistols. As the train speeds towards an escape, the V.S.S.E. helicopter is distracted by various enemy troops, including attack helicopters, HACS, and vehicles armed with mounted missile launchers. The train disappears into a tunnel, where Wild Dog flees on foot through a sky bridge towards another building. After the V.S.S.E. helicopter leveled the building rooftop of enemy forces, Wild Dog appears from the debris on an escaping armored vehicle. Wild Dog then successfully uses a Pansarskott m/86 to land a direct hit on the V.S.S.E. helicopter, delaying the pursuit.

Unable to continue through the air, the helicopter deploys two motorbikes for Luke and Marc, allowing the pursuit to continue via high-speed chase. Wild Dog is supported by waves of enemies on bikes and trucks, and another quadruped similar to the one used by Wild Dog before. With Wild Dog in sight of the V.S.S.E., the cyborg hurls debris at the V.S.S.E. agents using a tractor beam equipped to his arm, an ability first seen in Time Crisis 4. The agents are able to avoid the obstacles and defeat Wild Dog, who falls inside the hatch of his escape vehicle. The tractor beam overloads, causing the vehicle to roll and explode.

The seemingly indestructible Wild Dog emerges from the hatch, taunting the V.S.S.E. agents with the briefcase. The cyborg's mechanical hand then launches into the sky, flying off with the briefcase in tow. Robert Baxter unsuccessfully attempts to shoot down the hand, striking the briefcase instead. The agents then turn their attention to Wild Dog, who defiantly exclaims "You'll never catch me!" Before the agents could approach their downed enemy, the mercenary pulls out his signature detonator and evades capture again via self-destruction. The briefcase within the cyborg's mechanical hand is later retrieved by an unknown assailant after ambushing some soldiers with his own katana.

During Wild Dog's post-mortem, Robert, Luke, and Marc successfully catch up to the unknown assailant holding the briefcase, whom Robert recognizes as his "old comrade" Keith Martin, in an underground factory. Keith thought that "the Dog's drudges weren't enough" to keep Robert waiting for the case, as Robert impatiently demands the case in his hands. Keith eventually revealed the mastermind behind Wild Dog as his old friend Robert within the case, meaning that throughout the entire game, "the Dog's drudges" were just keeping the V.S.S.E. at bay for Keith to find the identity of the mastermind. This implies that even though Wild Dog warmly welcomed Robert at the very beginning of the game, there were some things that neither Wild Dog nor Robert agreed upon.

Although Wild Dog appeared in the first half of Time Crisis 5, it is implied that even he was not aware of the contents of the briefcase, neither he was aware who the True Mastermind behind the treason was, making him a pawn of a cat and mouse game of sorts. More so, Dog usually appears in the final stage of the game, but per the game's canon, he's fought in both the initial release and the True Mastermind release of the game – which means he is not fought in the final stage for this chapter. As of the first release of Time Crisis 5, Dog remains at large and at the V.S.S.E.'s most wanted list and still on the loose. It is unknown whether he seeks revenge against the V.S.S.E. throughout his many encounters with various V.S.S.E. agents through the years.

No one knows if he ever makes his return.

Combat Abilities

Wild Dog is the most dangerous combatant due to his work as a mercenary and a assassin. He is proficient in the use of various weapons, explosives and martial arts, often using all his combat skills together in his battle with V.S.S.E. agents. He is also a fast opponent, constantly moving, which makes him hard to shoot. At the time of Time Crisis, Wild Dog used dual Mauser C96 handguns, grenades, and martial arts. During the events of Time Crisis 4, Wild Dog's age seems to catch up with him, as he is forced to employ stealthier tactics rather than resort to martial arts and gunplay. In Time Crisis 5, he seems to become smarter as he does not merely hurl debris at the V.S.S.E. agents with his tractor beam during his battle (knowing that they can just flank him while doing so, leaving him vulnerable to attack), instead using them as shields for longer periods of time (even going as far as blocking one side with debris for a considerable length of time) while firing his Mauser C96 handgun and only hurling the debris at a specific timing.

Amputation Abilities

Wild Dog lost his left arm after V.S.S.E. agent Richard Miller defeated him at the end of Time Crisis. After that incident, Wild Dog has a cybernetic weapon-arm installed, which is first seen in Time Crisis II but chronologically first used in Time Crisis: Project Titan, and adopts new tactics to compensate for his handicap. Wild Dog made numerous upgrades to his weapon-arm from time to time to accommodate new weapons and equipment. Even with the weapon-arm handicap after Time Crisis, Wild Dog was still proficient in his Mauser C96 utilization with his right hand. In Time Crisis 3, Wild Dog used a Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer with a 20 round magazine before reverting back to Mauser C96 in 4 and 5.

Wild Dog's first cybernetic arm was little more than a Gatling gun attached to a metal stump during the Project Titan incident, and was later replaced by an improved model (called the Machine Gun Arm, it was a five-barreled gun which fired 7.62 mm caseless ammunition (dispensing the need for an ejection port), had an overall length of 415 mm of which the barrel measured 270 mm, and weighed 5,230 g) during his time working for Neodyne Industries. During the Astigos Island invasion, Wild Dog is able to use varying types of weapon arms such as those firing RPG rockets and flame-igniting liquid (each requiring a separate weapon arm) while upgrading his existing machine gun arm to a M134 minigun (a six-barreled gun). During the Hamlin Battalion incident, Wild Dog attempted to dispense the need for separate weapon arms by mounting the rocket launcher at the center of the Gatling gun arm and adding a grappling hook. However, the number of barrels on the Gatling gun arm is reduced to four, the flame thrower is not added and an object-lifting electricity grafted in a hand-held tractor beam required a separate weapon arm. In Time Crisis 5, Wild Dog has increased his hand-held tractor beam from one to three, allowing more items to be lifted and used as shields. Said tractor beams are retracted into a fully-functioning left arm and hand when not in combat, and Wild Dog can also fire his hand like a rocket in the event of possible capture. However, the other weapon arms are not used.


Time Crisis

Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
侵入者です(シェルード: なに!)大丈夫ですよ このワイルドドッグの部下がすぐに仕留めます We've been invaded! (Sherudo: What!) Never mind. My men will gun him down... Wild Dog, warning Sherudo that someone has arrived to rescue Rachel MacPherson

Stage 3 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
よくも私の雇い主を...これでこの仕事はパーだ しかし このままでは終わらせられん この女を使ってこのままひと仕事する事にしよう きさまはここでお留守番だ How could you? You killed my boss! What do I do now? I can't let things end this way! Since I have the upper hand, having the girl and all...I'll press my luck. You wait here! Wild Dog, angry that his boss Sherudo Garo was killed

Stage 3 Boss Fight

Japanese version English version Remarks
もう終わりにしよう これでな!動くな!きさまは この城といっしょにあの世へ行きな あばよ Let's end this once and for all...just to be sure.... Freeze! Both you and this stinking castle can burn for all I care! So long. Wild Dog, before confronting Richard Miller for the final battle

Time Crisis: Project Titan

Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
邪魔者は皆殺しだ!次は、リチャード!貴様だ! I'll kill you all! You're next, Miller! Wild Dog, now with a machine gun grafted onto his left shoulder, appearing from a helicopter and gunning down Richardo Blanco

Stage 3 Boss Fight

Japanese version English version Remarks
私の新しいおもちゃをどう扱うか、楽しみだな、リチャード! Let's see how you fare against my new toy, Miller. Wild Dog, releasing a drill tank on Richard Miller.

Stage 4 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
やあ...ミラー君、来てくれて光栄だよ。今から君はプロジェクトタイタンについて知ることになる。だが...私を止めるには遅すぎたようだ!ダイモス!フォボス!客人と遊んでやれ...!! Ahhh... Mister Miller, how nice of you to join us. You must've known about Project Titan well enough. But you're too late to stop it! Deimos and Phobos, there is something for you to play with. Wild Dog, when Richard Miller first meets him inside Rio Oro before activating two of his robots and dispatching them against Richard Miller

Stage 4 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
地獄に...!!落ちろ!!! Prepare to die! Wild Dog, before battling Richard Miller


Japanese version English version Remarks
バカめ!これで勝ったと思っているのか?ボタン1つでロボットアーミーが始動する!今度こそ邪魔はさせん!! Fool! You think you've won? This remote control will activate my robot army! No one can stop me now! Ha ha ha! Wild Dog, taunting Richard Miller after being defeated by him

Time Crisis II

Japanese version English version Remarks
VSSEめ...これで道連れだ! VSSE! You fools! Wild Dog, before committing suicide for the first time

Time Crisis 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
驚いたか? Surprise, surprise... Wild Dog, now revived under a new body, ready to fight the V.S.S.E. agents
この俺がお前らのような若造にやられるとはな... Beaten by a couple of young punks... Wild Dog, before committing suicide for the second time

Time Crisis 4

Japanese version English version Remarks
コウルサイ蝿ドモダ! A bunch of annoying little flies... Wild Dog, before battling the V.S.S.E. agents in the UCAV hangar
貴様ラハ、ココデオ留守番ダ Make yourselves comfortable. Wild Dog, after trapping the V.S.S.E. agents by firing a rocket at a gondola
ソレハ見タ! Take this now! Wild Dog, after activating his tractor beam

Time Crisis 5

Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
よく来たな! How nice of you to come! Wild Dog, inviting Robert Baxter

Stage 1 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
しつこいハエどもめ! Pesky little flies! Wild Dog, when fleeing from the V.S.S.E. agents

Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
ひゃははは!ここで死ね! Bahahaha! Die where you stand! Wild Dog, before getting into a behemoth quadruped armored vehicle
ブンブンうるせえんだよ! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I'm tired of you! Wild Dog's catchphrase
ちょこまか動くんじゃねえ!まとめてぶっ殺してやる! Stand still for a second! I'm gonna blow you away en masse! Wild Dog's taunt

Stage 2 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
あーーー!しつけーーーなーーー! Don't you ever give up?! Wild Dog, annoyed that the V.S.S.E. agents are in pursuit for the briefcase

Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
ひゃははは!アディオース! Bahahaha! Adios, muchachos! Wild Dog, after hitting the V.S.S.E. helicopter with a Pansarskott m/86

Stage 3 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
ふざけやがって!ぶっ殺してやる! Who do you think you are? I'll squash you like bugs! Wild Dog, as he activates his tractor beam weapon after the V.S.S.E. agents get closer to his escape vehicle
ひゃははは!オレは誰にも捕まらねえ!はっ! Bahahaha! You'll never catch me! Ha! Wild Dog, before committing suicide for the fourth time


  • Wild Dog is heavily inspired by Philip Kwok's portrayal as Mad Dog from the 1992 Hong Kong action film Hard Boiled; both hold grudges towards the main character after being wounded (Mad Dog lost an eye to the main character, while Wild Dog lost an arm).
  • It is possible that Wild Dog started to age faster after his last battle with Richard during the Project Titan incident since Time Crisis: Project Titan and Time Crisis 3 has a one year gap.
  • Wild Dog's signature death (suicide bombing) started from Time Crisis II. In Time Crisis, he accidentally killed himself by releasing his grip on the detonator, the button hitting on the castle floor after Richard Miller defeats him. In Time Crisis Project Titan, he was shot down by Richard Miller while escaping via helicopter, making it the only time which Wild Dog does not use his detonator to blow himself.
    • This alone marks Richard Miller being the only V.S.S.E. agent that did not witness his death through suicide bombing.
  • It is still unknown how he manages to survive after blowing himself up every time he gets defeated by different V.S.S.E. agents.
  • Wild Dog is the only V.S.S.E. enemy that knows the V.S.S.E. more than the other villains due to his every single encounter with every agent and the V.S.S.E. files that he obtained from the traitor.
  • Wild Dog was the main antagonist of the first Time Crisis game (and Project Titan) but worked with and for other primary antagonists in later installments of the franchise, even in Time Crisis 5, in which its True Mastermind Revision unmasked that he worked with and for the primary antagonist all along (despite some disagreements between himself and Robert Baxter).
  • Wild Dog's army only acts as the henchmen when he is in charge or when his boss has no army, his army also works as the henchmen for Kantaris.
  • Whenever he is fought the music from the first game is played but remixed to fit the tone of the various games. The leitmotif isn't played in Time Crisis: Project Titan. Although Wild Dog's leitmotif is played during the highway boss fight in Stage 3 of Time Crisis 5, it is overlapped by the constant highway noise and the noise Dog's tractor beam emits not to mention the poor quality of the cabinet's speaker system.
  • In the first Time Crisis until Time Crisis II, Wild Dog was voiced by the late Scott McCulloch who is known to voice Chris Redfield in the first Resident Evil and its Director's Cut.
  • Wild Dog and Luke O'Neil are voiced by the same Japanese voice actor in Time Crisis 5 (Yuujirou Ootsuka).
  • Wild Dog's voice from Time Crisis until Time Crisis 3, had a deeper voice. In Time Crisis 4, his voice became slightly old but a gruffy voice. In Time Crisis 5, he sounded very old and cranky when facing off the rookies. This is due to change of different voice actors in his aged appearance.


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