Wild Fang Time Crisis 3



Basic Information




Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Various V.S.S.E. agents (Time Crisis 3 & 5)
William Rush (Time Crisis 4)


Varies by game


Wild Dogs


Wild Dog's apprentice



Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis 3
Time Crisis 4 (Original PS3 Release only)
Time Crisis 5


Feet (All appearances)
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer (Time Crisis 3)
Mauser C96 and Foot-mounted Tractor Beam (Time Crisis 4)
Winchester Model 1887, Foot-mounted Missile Launcher and Solar Generators (Time Crisis 5)

Voice actor(s)

Voice uncredited in Time Crisis 3
Kouji Tobe (戸部 公爾, Tobe Kouji) (Time Crisis 4 Japanese)
Vic Mignogna (Time Crisis 4 English)
Hiroaki Miura (三浦 祥朗, Miura Hiroaki) (Time Crisis 5 Japanese)
Maxwell Powers (Time Crisis 5 English)

Wild Fang (ワイルド・ファング, Wairudo Fangu) is the younger apprentice of Wild Dog. He first appears in Time Crisis 3, as the secondary boss of Stage 3 with his partner Wild Dog. He specializes in delivering superpowered kicks that can strike with enough force to send steel bars, crates, forklifts and other objects flying.


Common feature

Wild Fang wears purple-tinted sunglasses with circular lens but has it angled down, revealing his brown eyes.

Time Crisis 3

Wild Fang wore a pink collared button shirt with a tie and brown suspenders, purple pants and white shoes.

Time Crisis 4

Wild Fang wore a light beige sleeveless coat with dragon symbols and a metal pendent before he removed it to reveal his appearance in the previous game with the change from purple pants to brown vertical-stripped pants.

Time Crisis 5

Wild Fang wears a pink collared button shirt with orange feathers on the collar area and black cuffs. It is opened around his chest. His suspenders are purple and a small case is attached on his left suspender. A purple belt with golden buckle is around his waist with a purple holster on the left side. His pants are white with a purple belt on his left thigh and a black cuff on his lower left leg. His left shoe is black. There are red indicators attached to his chest and solar generators attached to his back.


Time Crisis 3

In Stage 3-1, Wild Dog and Wild Fang engaged in a gunfight with V.S.S.E. agents Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert, but they were defeated together as Wild Fang was shot down and Wild Dog blew himself up.

Time Crisis 4

While Wild Dog battled Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard, Captain Rush battled Wild Fang, who had installed a tractor-beam device onto his right leg. With this device, he was able to remotely grab objects from his surroundings and kick them in every direction. He also used that device to pull objects towards himself then spinning them around at incredible speeds to create a powerful tornado effect. Rush defeated Wild Fang and knocked him into the path of a UCAV. Given his boss's frequent habit of returning from the dead, Wild Fang presumably was still alive despite this painful defeat.

Time Crisis 5

Wild Fang was surprised that the V.S.S.E. agents were "abandoned by their own partner" (Robert Baxter), as the agents, now escorted by Keith Martin, battle Wild Fang in a cave as he is now armed with a modified right leg which can fire missiles and solar generators attached to his back that can create a solar energy orb to burn the cave and destroy the entire United States, only to fail as he collapses upon his defeat, dropping the orb he has charged, which in turn causes multiple explosions and killing him in the process.

Combat Abilities

Like Wild Dog, Wild Fang is also one of the most dangerous combatant. However, unlike Wild Dog, he possesses enormous superhuman abilities that no one cannot be predicated. His speed makes Wild Fang one of the most agile enemy for the protagonist to hit.

Amputation Abilities

Wild Fang replaced his right leg after defeat from Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert in Time Crisis 3. Like Wild Dog, he adopts new tactics for the protagonists to worry about. In a fight with Captain Rush, Wild Fang was equipped with a tractor beam to remotely pull objects and throw it at him. Wild Fang also used that weapon to pull objects towards himself then spinning them around at high speeds, creating a movable shield. However, he was vulnerable for a limited time once he stopped spinning. In Time Crisis 5, Wild Fang's right leg has the ability to fire missiles but does not have the tractor beam ability.


Time Crisis 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
お初にお目にかかる...俺はワイルド・ファング 以後よろしく...なっ! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wild Fang, and it's a pleasure to meet...YOU! Wild Fang, introducing himself to the V.S.S.E. agents

Time Crisis 4

Japanese version English version Remarks
お見事!よく避けたね しかしだぁ...ウゼエンだよ テメエラァ!! Pretty good... you dodged it. But you know what? You're startin' to get on my nerves! Wild Fang, before attacking Captain Rush and the National Guard soldiers
さぁて タイマン勝負とイコウかぁ!! It's just you and me, man to man! Wild Fang, after isolating Captain Rush from the National Guard soldiers
ウルフキック! Wolf Kick! Wild Fang, attempting to use his kick attack against Captain Rush

Time Crisis 5

Japanese version English version Remarks
相棒にフラれるってのは無様だね 俺の名前はワイルドファング お前たちにはここで死んでもらうよ! Abandoned by your own partner, what a shame. The name's Wild Fang... I'm here to put an end to you! Wild Fang, introducing himself to V.S.S.E. rookies Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart, who are now escorted by Keith Martin. The partner in question is Robert Baxter.
このクズどもが! You worthless fools! Wild Fang, firing his leg missile against the player
これが避けられるか?食らいな! Try and dodge THIS! Take that! Wild Fang, attempting to use his Wolf Kick against the player
その程度か? That all you've got? Wild Fang, mocking the V.S.S.E. agents after his first health bar is depleted
勝ったような目で見るんじゃねえ!(ルーク: おいおい......マジかよ)これで終わりだ! Don't act like you've won! (Luke: Whoa whoa, are you kidding me?) Now you'll meet your fate! Wild Fang, inside a cave after being blasted back by a missile
これでお前らも終わりだ! Here's where your story ends! Wild Fang, inside a cave after activating the solar generators
もう少しで完成するぞ! It's almost finished! Wild Fang, if he charges the solar generators to at least 70.0%
地獄を見せてやる! I'll show you the fires of hell! Wild Fang, if he charges the solar generators to 100.0% and fires the solar orb (first quote)
絶望しろ! Bask in despair! Wild Fang, if he charges the solar generators to 100.0% and fires the solar orb (second quote)
もう一度だ! Here's another! Wild Fang, inside a cave after activating the solar generators once again (first quote)
もう一発食らいな! Ready for another?! Wild Fang, inside a cave after activating the solar generators once again (second quote)
この俺様が貴様らごときに...... Beaten by punks like you... Wild Fang, after being defeated for the third time
楽しいことだ 最後まで見られないのは残念だが......向こうで待ってるぜ! Something fun, my friend. Only wish I could have seen it all.... But I'll be waiting for you on the other side! Wild Fang, responding to Keith asking about Robert's plans, before dying once again


  • Rumours claim that Wild Fang is also Wild Dog's right hand man, making him the Chief Enforcer and Second in Command of the Wild Dogs syndicate.
  • His Japanese voice actor for Time Crisis 5 (Hiroaki Miura) voiced the two V.S.S.E. agents from Time Crisis 4 (Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard).
    • On a related note, his English voice actor for Time Crisis 5 (Maxwell Powers) is previously the system voice for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and its updated arcade version Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited. He will later went on to be the system voice for The King of Fighters XIV.
  • Unlike Wild Dog who has his death signatures (by suicide bombing), so far Wild Fang has no death signatures. In addition, he is the only recurring antagonist who is not killed by a V.S.S.E. agent (William Rush killed him in Time Crisis 4).
    • He is also defeated by Captain Rush without being gunned down as Rush defeats him by executing roundhouse kick to him, causing him to fall down to the UCAV. While Jack Mathers share the trait of being bested in melee combat by Rush, he was actually finished by an uppercut.
  • Aside of having no death signatures, Wild Fang also does not have signature music.


Music Themes

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