Basic Information
1973 (Exact date unknown)
United States



Dallas, Texas

Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status



U.S. Internal Surveillance Group's Special Operations Division


Captain, United States Army, member of the U.S. Internal Surveillance Group's Special Operations Division

Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis 4


HK Mark 23, HK G36C assault carbine, Mossberg 590 compact cruiser, Mk 2 hand grenades, knife and double barreled HK69A1 grenade launcher

Voice actor(s)

Akio Ootsuka (大塚 明夫 Ootsuka Akio?) (Time Crisis 4 Japanese)
Christopher Sabat (Time Crisis 4 English)

Captain William Rush (ウィリアム・ラッシュ大尉 Wiriamu Rasshu-tai'i?) is one of the three main protagonists in Time Crisis 4.


Rush is of Irish American descent with brown hair and turquoise eyes.

Rush wears a military uniform which is a blue shirt whose sleeves are folded up to short-length and long blue pants, and brown combat boots. There is body armor over the shirt and knee pads over the pants. He also wears elbow pads and gray gloves. As for equipment, there is a goggle on the body armor, gun holsters attached behind the body armor which house his HK G36C assault carbine and Mossberg 590 compact cruiser, magazine holsters attached to the back of the pants, a sheath containing a knife attached to his lower left pant leg, and a gun holster attached to his right pant leg which houses his HK MK 23 handgun. There is a radio earpiece taped to his left ear and a watch on his left wrist (it is partially covered by the glove).


Rush comes from a long line of military-oriented families who pledged allegiance to the United States (his late father is a Lieutenant General). As a West Point Military Academy Graduate, Rush defined his own character on the battlefield as an important asset of the U.S. special forces. Throughout his service in the U.S. Army, Rush has served in Delta company and Task Force 11. Also, he is responsible for taking down a group of rogue U.S. Marines who has sided with a South American drug cartel. Serving as a member of the U.S. Internal Surveillance Group's Special Operations Division, Rush's patriotism and loyalty to his country is considered to be second-to-none personality although he can be stubborn and emotionless at any time.

Notable Events

Main article: Time Crisis 4

Rush is called by his superiors Lieutenant General Larry Garfield and Brigadier General David Maxwell to investigate a hideout used by an European terrorist organization called W.O.L.F. (Western Order Liberation Front). The group is after a top secret military weapon, but the U.S. Army's Internal Surveillance Group (ISG) is unable to discern the weapon the terrorists are after or whom their contact is, leading the ISG to suspect that it is an inside job. After infiltrating the terrorist hideout in Pier 5, California, Rush discovers that the terrorists have already acquired the top secret weapon and from the handset device obtained from the defeated terrorist leader, they are going to have a weapon trade-off in the afternoon at San Francisco. After being told by Elizabeth Conway about an information leak incident at the airport, Rush heads to the airport to help V.S.S.E. agents Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard before advancing further to stop a truck shipment of Terror Bites and defeat all enemies, They discovered U.S. Army dog tags on the enemies' bodies which reveal that the terrorists are soldiers like Rush himself.

Back at the ISG headquarters, Rush questions his superiors about the identity of the soldiers he had defeated. Lieutenant General Garfield tells Rush that they are from the Biological Weapons Special Operations Unit, or known as the Hamlin Battalion. Soon after, Rush is forced to thwart the enemies' plot to occupy Dam #18 in California by himself despite it being a national emergency. This is because Brigadier General Maxwell is concerned about the reputation of the U.S. military being possibly damaged should the V.S.S.E, by extension other countries, will get involved in the operation if the methods used by the U.S. military to thwart the enemies' plot get out of hand.

While traveling by helicopter to the dam, Rush is informed by Elizabeth Conway that there are anti-aircraft weapons along the flight path, causing him to travel by foot through a forest to reach the dam. After he destroyed all the anti-aircraft weapons and defeated the enemies, Rush defeats the occupation leader, Frank Mathers who responds by destroying the dam via explosion. Barely escaping from the collapsing dam, Rush discovers from the recovered data found in a hard disk that the occupation of the dam is nothing more than a distraction so that the main unit could steal a large number of Terror Bites from a military research facility. With no leads on the use of the Terror Bites and defeating the Hamlin Battalion being too much to handle by himself, Rush considers deploying a military unit which is rejected by Brigadier General Maxwell who fears that the existence of the Hamlin Battalion will be made public. Rush then requested for the assistance of the V.S.S.E. agents. The request is accepted after Lieutenant General Garfield assured Brigadier General Maxwell that he will take full responsibility for his actions.

While heading to the military research facility in Wyoming, the helicopter is shot down by anti-aircraft weapons, forcing Rush and the V.S.S.E. agents to travel by foot through a cave and a national park to reach the research facility. By the time the enemies along with their leader, Jack Mathers, are defeated, the Terror Bites are already gone. Elizabeth Conway then tells the men that the Hamlin Battalion attacked Buckley Air Force Base near Aurora, Colorado, prompting the men to rush to the base. As Rush, Giorgio, and Evan invade there from the outside, a couple of Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAVs) departed the base without warning. The Colorado National Guard has already been deployed but is little help against the Terror Bites, so Rush decides to lead the Guardsmen toward an entrance. While advancing inside the base, Rush re-encounters the V.S.S.E agents who have earlier defended themselves from Wild Dog (who used a grappling gun to snare the helicopter in an attempt to crash it into a tower) and landed their helicopter safely. While moving along, Elizabeth Conway informs that Wild Dog is inside the base. The V.S.S.E. agents decide to go after the mercenary, leaving Rush and the National Guard soldiers to go on a different route. While Rush defeats more enemies inside the base, Wild Fang, who has installed a tractor-beam device onto his right leg, challenges him to a man-to-man fight. The fight ends with Rush defeating Wild Fang, knocking him into the path of a UCAV.

With Wild Fang defeated, Rush and the National Guard soldiers arrive at the lowest section of the base, defeating more enemies. After Gregory Barrows blows up the stairs that lead to the control panel, Rush orders the National Guard soldiers to form a human ladder for the V.S.S.E agents to climb up. After Barrows is defeated, he gives the V.S.S.E agents the final lift needed to get to the control panel to stop the UCAVs.


  • If the player has 80 or less machine gun rounds while fighting Beetle Terror Bites, Rush will give 80 machine gun rounds. For linked play, both players will each receive 80 machine gun rounds as long as one of them has 80 or less machine gun rounds. This does not happen in stage 2-1/chapter 8 when they first appear but happens in the 4th screen battle.
  • At the start of stage 3-3/chapter 15, the player will receive a maximum of 3 stacks of Rush's machine gun ammunition totaling 297 machine gun ammunition. The amount of machine gun ammunition received is based on player's remaining machine gun ammunition. Regardless, Rush will always give machine gun ammunition unless the player's machine gun ammunition is at maximum capacity.
  • Rush has strong durability as proven in stage 2-3/chapter 10. Despite sustaining many physical injuries and one electrocution injuries due to his weak offense when brawling Jack Mathers, a boss who has complete advantage over Rush in terms of physical ability, he is able to deliver a finishing uppercut to Mathers, effectively killing him.
  • Each of Rush's life unit is determined by an energy bar which decreases by a certain amount from every enemy shot or projectile, and increases if Rush remains still or picks up a recovery item. However, falling from too high a spot which can happen if Rush falls off from Dam 18 will result in instant death regardless of the number of life units. This also applies if Rush uses a firearm in areas contaminated with flammable gas. Finally, Rush can pick up body armor which can absorb enemy hits in a similar way to the energy bar.
  • Rush's default ammunition capacity for each weapon is as follows: 16 rounds inside handgun with 160 reserve handgun rounds, 70 rounds inside machine gun with 250 reserve machine gun rounds, 8 shells inside shotgun with 24 reserve shotgun shells, 3 hand grenades, and 2 rounds inside grenade launcher with 2 reserve grenades. Maximum ammunition capacity of each weapon is as follows: 336 (16 + 320) handgun rounds, 570 (70 + 500) machine gun rounds, 56 (8 + 48) shotgun shells, 6 hand grenades, and 8 (2 + 6) grenades. In addition, all weapons when reloaded will be to maximum magazine capacity except for the shotgun which shells are reloaded one at a time and can be interrupted. Finally, all weapons are refilled, if there is less than default amount after a stage is completed, up to default amount of 160 reserve handgun rounds, 250 reserve machine gun rounds, 24 reserve shotgun shells, 3 hand grenades, and 2 reserve grenades.
  • Rush's maximum equipment capacity is as follows: 1 knife with an infinite number of slashes, 5 UPDs (ultra pulse device) which is a specially designed anti-Terror Bite weapon, and infinite amount for shield which provides protection from all frontal attacks at the expense of visibility from every enemy shot absorbed and being unable to use any weapons.


Chapter 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
(ガーフィールド: ラッシュ大尉 久しぶりだな)ご無沙汰しております ガーフィールド中将閣下 マクスウェル准将閣下 (Garfield: Captain Rush... It's been a while.) Yes it has, Lieutenant General Garfield. Brigadier General Maxwell. William Rush, when being called to meet with Lieutenant General Larry Garfield and Brigadier General David Maxwell
どういうことだ?テロリスト以外の勢力がここにいるのか?...一体、何が起きている?(ベス: わかりません、同士討ちでしょうか...気をつけてください、まだ倉庫内に多数の生体反応があります) What's going on here? Is there some group here besides the terrorists? What happened here? (Beth: Were they fighting amongst themselves? Please be careful. I'm getting multiple readings from inside the warehouse.) William Rush, after hearing a fight outside the black warehouse

Chapter 3/Stage 1 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
俺は統合監察部のラッシュ大尉だ 君達と同じく、極秘兵器の不正取引を追っている I'm Captain Rush from the Joint Intelligence Division. I'm investigating the weapons trafficking just like you guys. William Rush, introducing himself to the two V.S.S.E. agents
さっき襲ってきた虫が、我が軍が開発した極秘兵器、通称テラーバイトだ(ベス: 次の角を左です)既に一部が流出して奴らに悪用されている 次の取引はなんとしても俺達が阻止せねば The creature that just attacked you is a biological weapon developed by our military, codenamed "Terror Bite". (Beth: Take a left at the next corner.) Looks like they've already got their hands on a few specimens. No matter what happens, we've got to stop the next trade. William Rush, explaining the type of weapon that the "terrorists" used to attack the two V.S.S.E. agents
大丈夫か? Are you okay? William Rush, helping the V.S.S.E. agents if any multi-screen battle was failed
この弾を使え Here, use this. William Rush, tossing machine gun ammo to the V.S.S.E. agents when fighting Beetle Terror Bites (first quote)
予備の弾を渡す Take my extra ammo. William Rush, tossing machine gun ammo to the V.S.S.E. agents when fighting Beetle Terror Bites (second quote). He also says this at the start of stage 3-3/chapter 15 if players are low on or out of machine gun ammo
最新鋭の強化装甲だと!?マシンガンを使え!接近してきたらショットガンをぶち込め!!なぜテロリストがこんな装備を持っているんだ!? High-tech reinforced armor? Use the machine gun! Use the shotgun when the enemy gets close! What are terrorists doing with equipment like this? William Rush, when he and the V.S.S.E. agents encountered armored enemies for the first time. In the Japanese PS3 version, the second line along with its audio are absent but the line appears if the English voice is selected.

Chapter 4/Stage 1 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
もうすぐ取引現場だ(ジョルジョ: あのトラックだな)逃げる気か?追うぞ!! We're getting close to the trade site. (Giorgio: That truck, right?) You're not getting away! William Rush, before he and the V.S.S.E. agents began chasing a truck containing Terror Bites to stop the weapons trade
(ベス: この先、トンネルです!!)逃げ込まれたら追跡不可能だ!その前にトラックを止めるぞ!このライフルで、タイヤを狙撃しろ!トラックを止めるんだ!(ベス: 追跡可能時間、あと僅かです!!) (Beth: A tunnel's up ahead!) If they go in there we won't be able to track them! We've got to stop the truck before it reaches the tunnel! Shoot the tires with this rifle! You've got to stop that truck! (Beth: There's not much time left to catch them!) William Rush, when the V.S.S.E. agents began using sniper rifles
よし、やったぞ!! Yeah! We did it! William Rush, after the V.S.S.E. agents shot the truck's back tires with sniper rifles

Chapter 5/Stage 1 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
うぉっ!片手で対戦車ライフルだと?何者なんだ?! Whoa! An anti-tank rifle, one-handed? Who is this guy? William Rush, surprised by Marcus Black's ability when the latter uses an anti-tank rifle to blast a vehicle in front of him
トラックは破壊された、最低限の証拠は押された。あとはボスを倒すぞ!! The truck was destroyed, but I managed to get some evidence. Now we just need to finish off their leader! William Rush, if players fail the third screen battle
ボスが逃走する!!追うぞ!! The enemy leader is escaping! Get him! William Rush, if players succeed the third screen battle
...アメリカ軍の兵だと!?(エヴァン: こいつもだぜ)(ジョルジョ: こっちの奴らもみんなそうだ こいつら、テロリストなんかじゃない)馬鹿な...敵は...俺と同じアメリカ軍だっていうのかっ!?(ジョルジョ: 更なる調査が必要だな) He was from the U.S. military?! (Evan: This one, too.) (Giorgio: And all these guys over here. They're not terrorists.) I can't believe it... You mean... We were fighting against our own men? (Giorgio: Looks like we're gonna have to do some more investigation.) William Rush, discovering that the "terrorists" are U.S. military soldiers after looking at Marcus Black's dogtag

Chapter 6

Japanese version English version Remarks
これは一体どういう事ですか!?敵はテロリストなんかじゃない!自分と同じ米軍兵士です!!(ガーフィールド: その通り、わが軍の部隊だ。) Sir, what is going on?! The enemy aren't terrorists! They're soldiers from our military! (Garfield: Yes ... You're correct. They're a unit from the U.S. military.) William Rush, telling his superiors that the enemy were in fact soldiers from the U.S. military
...その部隊の名は?(ガーフィールド: 陸軍・生物兵器部隊、通称ハーメルン大隊だ。)ハーメルン大隊... What's the name of this unit? (Garfield: The Biological Weapon Special Operations Unit, otherwise known as the "Hamelin Battalion".) The Hamelin Battalion... William Rush upon learning the unit's name
奴ら、ダムを乗っ取り、何を始めるつもりだ?中将、これは既に国家規模の非常事態です。至急、対応部隊の投入を...(マクスウェル: 大事になれば、VSSE、ひいては他国にもこの顛末が知られてしまう。事は内密に処理したい。大尉、これには軍の、そして米国の威信がかかっている。君には占拠されたダムを単独で奪還してもらう。)了解しました。管制機のバックアップは、引き続きお願いします。 Occupying a dam? What are they trying to do? Lieutenant General, this is a national emergency. We've got to send our forces... (Maxwell: If this gets out of hand, then the VSSE, and by extension other countries, will get involved. We need to be discreet about this. Captain, I think you know that our military's reputation is at stake here. I need you to regain control of that dam on your own.) ...Yes, sir. Please arrange for backup from the Air Surveillance Center. William Rush's reaction about the Hamlin Battalion occupying Dam #18 in California

Chapter 7

Japanese version English version Remarks
あれが占拠されたダムか...突入するぞ! So... That's the dam, huh? I'm going in! William Rush, before investigating the dam
貴様ら、何を考えているんだ!? Just what in the hell do you think you're up to? William Rush, questioning Frank Mathers' motives
こんな事をして、一体何になるんだ!? Look, just tell me what you're trying to accomplish here! William Rush, threatening Frank Mathers to spill out his motives
たいした言い分だが その実、こそこそ兵器の密売で小遣い稼ぎか? Pretty big words... ... For a bunch of guys sneaking around selling weapons for pocket change. William Rush, telling Frank Mathers that the Hamlin Battalion's "rational" actions are nothing more than a cover to survive through illegal means (selling weapons to terrorist organisations)
既に連中の手でダムが1つ破壊されています。自分一人の手には余る任務です。是非、正規部隊の投入を...(マクスウェル: 前にも言ったはずだぞ、大尉。大掛かりな対応をすれば、部隊の存在が明るみに出てしまう。...それが出来ないからこそ、君と新型管制機を組ませたのではないか。君に、異議を申し立てる権限まで与えたつもりはない。) They've already destroyed a dam. This is too much for me to handle myself. If you could deploy a military unit, then... (Maxwell: Didn't I make myself clear, Captain? If we don't handle this discreetly, the existence of the Hamelin Battalion will be made public. That's exactly why we sent you out there with the Air Surveillance Center. I don't recall giving you the authority to question my orders.) William Rush, requesting military assistance in the aftermath of the destruction of Dam #18 by the Hamlin Battalion
...ではせめて、VSSEの2人を同行させてください。 Could I at least have the assistance of the two VSSE agents? William Rush, after Brigadier General Maxwell refused to have any other group within the U.S. military to be involved in the matter so that the Hamlin Battalion would not be known to the public

Chapter 8/Stage 2 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
昨日俺達が阻止した取引は、氷山の一角に過ぎなかった 敵の正体は我が軍の生物兵器部隊だ(ベス: 通称ハーメルン大隊と呼ばれている極秘部隊よ)敵は何らかの大規模な軍事行動を起こすために、大量のテラーバイトを盗み出そうとしている なんとしても奴らより先に研究所に到着するんだ 特殊部隊所属の生え拔きの軍人が国を裏切るとは どう考えても、俺には奴らの行動が理解できん!! That weapons trade we stopped yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg. The Bio-Weapon Special Ops Unit is behind this. (Beth: Also known as the Hamelin Battalion. They're a top secret military unit.) They're trying to steal the Terror Bites to use in a large-scale military operation. It's imperative that we get to the facility before they do. Special Ops elites betraying their country? I just can't understand why they would do something like this. William Rush, upon discovering the Hamlin Battalion's next action
ライトで敵を探して攻撃しろ!岩陰に注意しろ!(ベス: 電波状況が安定しません)俺達だけで何とか乗り切るぞ 暗闇から襲ってくるぞ! Use the flashlight to find enemies and attack! Keep an eye out for enemies hiding behind the rocks! (Beth: I'm having difficulty getting a signal.) Looks like we're on our own this time. The enemy may come out from the darkness! William Rush, when he and the V.S.S.E. agents entered the dark part of the cave
出口だ!!流砂か!飲み込まれるぞ!!敵!こんなときに!自力で這い上がってくれ!! It's the exit! Quicksand! It's pulling you in! Not now! Pull yourself up! William Rush, when he and the V.S.S.E. agents reached the exit only to have Hamlin solders attacking them
こっちも片付いた 行こう I took care of 'em. Let's get outta here. William Rush, if players succeed the fourth screen battle as the V.S.S.E. agents succeeded climbing back up on their own

Chapter 9/Stage 2 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
次から次へと...このまま突っ込むぞ! They're coming one after another... Charge! William Rush, telling the VSSE agents to advance even under enemy fire
ついて来い!うぉーーーーーーー!(ベス: 無事ですか?応答願います)俺に構うな!先に奴らを片付けてくれ! Come with me! Heyaaaah! (Beth: Are you okay? Please respond.) Don't worry about me! Take care of them first! William Rush, when he fell into a trap
ぐっ!俺じゃない、敵を撃て! Ow! Shoot the enemy not me! William Rush, when the V.S.S.E. agents hit him accidentally when he was still hanging upside down
すまん、助かった 借りができたな Thanks for the help. I owe you one. William Rush, after getting down from cutting the rope that caught his ankle

Chapter 10/Stage 2 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
貴様ら、何を企んでいる!!愛国心はどこへ行った!? What are you trying to do? Where's your patriotism? William Rush, confronting Jack Mathers
今まで見た事が無いタイプだ!注意しろ!本体を倒しても子供をばら撒くぞ!! I've never seen anything like it before! Be careful! Watch out for its offspring! William Rush, when Mantis Terror Bites were first used
でかい図体して逃げ回りやがって! Have I got you running scared, big guy? William Rush, telling Jack Mathers that he is acting like a coward which is not like what he was in the past
俺は奴の背後に回る しばらく奴をひきつけておいてくれ I'll attack him from behind. Keep him distracted for a while. William Rush, before re-positioning himself while the VSSE agents kept Jack Mathers busy
貴様ぁ!!合衆囯への忠誠心はどうしたぁ!! You! You're a disgrace to your country! William Rush when surprising Jack Mathers

Chapter 11/Stage 3 Area 1

Japanese version English version Remarks
この基地の地下には、軍が試験中の最新鋭無人爆撃機がある 高度なステルス性を持って兵器だ巡航核ミサイルを搭載している 奴らの狙いはそれだ UCAV prototypes are being stored beneath this base. They're state-of-the-art stealth bombers loaded with nuclear cruise missiles. That's what they're after. William Rush, explaining to the V.S.S.E. agents the reason why the Hamlin Battalion takes over the Colorado Air Force Base
俺は州軍を率いて、地下の格納庫へ向はう!!お前達は上から敵を攻撃してくれ!! I'll take the National Guard troops to the underground silo. You guys attack from above. William Rush, splitting up with the VSSE agents so that he can help the National Guard troops
こちら、ラッシュ。聞こえるか?敵に行く手を阻まれている 空から攻撃してくれ!(ベス: 更に敵增援を確認 ラッシュ大尉の援護願います) This is Rush. Can you hear me? Enemies are blocking my way. Commence attack from above! (Beth: I've identified additional enemy reinforcements. Please cover Captain Rush.) William Rush, requesting air support from the VSSE agents

Chapter 12

Japanese version English version Remarks
急いで無人爆撃機を停止させるぞ!VSSE!状況は? (エヴァン: 生きてるぜ。) I'm going to stop the UCAVs! VSSE! What's your condition? (Evan: Well, we're alive...) William Rush, after breaking through the enemy outside so that the National Guard troops could gain entry to the facility
ベス、州軍部隊にも、地下格納庫を目指すよう伝えてくれ。(ベス: 了解しました。全部隊に伝達します。) Beth, have the National Guard troops head to the underground silo, too. (Beth: Yes, Captain. I'll send the order immediately.) William Rush, before entering the facility

Chapter 13/Stage 3 Area 2

Japanese version English version Remarks
待て!!無地に突破できたようだな。(エヴァン: あんたもな。) Wait! Looks like you made it out. (Evan: You, too.) William Rush, after he and the National Guard troops run into the V.S.S.E. agents unexpectedly

Chapter 15/Stage 3 Area 3

Japanese version English version Remarks
こいつは俺達が抑える お前らは爆撃機を止めるんだ! Leave them to me. You guys stop that bomber! William Rush, when he and the National Guard troops arrived at the UCAV catapult
登れ!!爆撃機を止めるんだ!! Climb! Stop those UCAVs at all costs! William Rush, ordering the National Guard troops to form a human ladder after Gregory Barrows blows up the stairs that lead to the control panel
奴を倒さなければ、この国は火の海になってしまう!!この国の未来を守るんだ! If we don't stop him, the entire country will go down in flames! We can not let that happen! William Rush, warning the V.S.S.E agents to quickly stop Gregory Barrows when the UCAVs are near their targets
爆撃機を止めてくれ!!この国を救ってくれー!! Stop the UCAVs! Save this country! William Rush, giving the V.S.S.E agents the lift they need to get to the control panel to stop the UCAVs
ギリギリだったな... Man, that was close... William Rush, after the V.S.S.E agents stopped the UCAVs


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